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You'll Learn: This Delicious Super Food Straight From Your Fridge is Loaded With Special Compounds that reverse free radical kidney cell damage. This food (freely available from a grocery store near you) has tremendous antioxidant activity. Antioxidants soak up and destroy free radicals. Free radicals are what cause much of the damage in inflammatory, degenerative and kidney diseases. The Popular Test Used By Korean Doctors which is barely used in America to check for potent kidney destroying toxins. Ridding your kidneys of these toxins is very easy but you first have to discover if you have them. The Essential Fatty Acid has shown in hundreds of people through multiple studies to put out inflammation and correct heart complications seen in kidney disease. This Miracle Nutrient Featured in the prestigious medical Journals of Nephron, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology, Renal Physiology and other double blind studies to produce significant results in reversing kidney problems, lowering blood pressure and study participants reported a boost in energy and focus. This Naturally Occurring Amino Acid Discovered by Russian scientists in the 1920s and published in over 100 studies worldwide has shown to slow down and possible stop kidney disease, improve your red blood cells (which are malfunctioning in renal disease), and increase mood and decrease fatigue. The National kidney Disease Foundation recommends suffers of renal disease get tested and supplement their diet with this nutrient. But very few medical professionals are actually doing this. The Delicious Tropical Fruit that is cultivated in the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Australia and parts of Africa that is toxic and poisonous to an injured kidney. If you have any decrease in kidney function you must stay far away from this fruit that is abundant in the spring and summer seasons. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Kidney Diet Secrets

Discover the scientifically proven, research-based Kidney Focused Diet on how to Immediately Stop the progression of your kidney disease Starting Today! Put a stop to the kidney-damaging products and habits. that you are taking in your body on a daily basis. Save thousands of dollars. from expensive drugs, costly doctor consultation fees, and unnecessary surgeries. Enjoy your life back. and never worry about your kidney disease again. Heres a sneak preview of whats inside: A simple and straightforward 3-step plan to conquer your kidney disease whether it be kidney failure, kidney stones, diabetic kidney disaese, chronic kidney disease There is no way it will go back once you Really beat it from its roots. A Diet Workbook that you can use to follow the Kidney Diet Secrets on your own pace, on your own schedule, and your own preferences. It makes everything toddler-easy! The huge mistakes that you are doing almost on a daily basis that hurt your kidneys and help the progression of your kidney disease. You need to stop doing them today! If you are already on an advanced stage, find out which dialyisis diet is right for you to be able to manage it yourself. The Vitamins that acts as poison to your kidneys. All too often, 80% of kidney patients take these on a regular basis. Herbal medicines -Will it help your kidneys or not? Mysteries uncovered and myths are busted Find out the real answer. 10 Household items that is present in your kitchen cabinet that you need to get rid off. These are the items that lower kidney function immensely. 100 Simple, straightforward, and fool proof Kidney Disease Recipes you can implement starting today! Continue reading...

Kidney Diet Secrets Summary

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Weight Loss and Good Health The Atkins

The advice offered in this book, although based on the author's experience with many thousands of patients, is not intended to be a substitute for the advice and counsel of your personal physician. If you are currently taking diuretics, insulin or oral diabetes medications, consult your physician before starting Atkins. You will need to reduce and then closely monitor your dosage as you lower your blood-sugar level. People with severe kidney disease should not do Atkins. The weight loss phases of the Atkins Nutritional Approach are not appropriate for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Protein Myths And Realities

Regarding the potential for protein to stress the kidneys, though research suggests that people with pre-existing kidney disease should avoid high protein diets, no data has ever shown kidney function to be compromised in healthy adults and the above review study confirms this finding. A recent study that examined the renal (kidney) function of athletes who follow a high protein diet- that is, protein intake well above the US RDA - found no negative effects on the kidney function of these athletes.

Side Bar 1 Are high protein diets bad for you By Will Brink

Regarding the potential for protein to stress the kidneys, though research suggests that people with pre-existing kidney disease avoid high protein diets, no data has ever shown kidney function to be compromised in healthy adults and the above review study confirms this finding. A recent study that examined the renal (kidney) function of athletes who follow a high protein diet- that is protein intake well above the US RDA - found no negative effects of a higher protein intake on the kidney function of these athletes (Jacques, R., 2000).

What The Heck Is Diabetes

If someone you love has ever struggled with the scourge of diabetes, you know what a devastating disease it can be. In the year 2000, diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. But chances are that this demonic disorder probably contributes to many more deaths it's a leading cause of heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke, and its other complications include blindness, amputation, impotence, and nerve damage. It's also highly preventable and the Abs Diet and the Abs Diet Workout are near-perfect prescriptions.

What does the research say

The study also found that the group getting the 7-keto DHEA had increases in the thyroid hormone T3, without significant changes in testosterone, estradiol (estrogen), liver and kidney function tests, blood sugar vital signs, or overall caloric intake over the eight-week study.

The Science of Creatine

What happens when all the ATP in cells has been used up Where do we get our energy from then Well, this is where CP comes in, and creatine replenishes AMP to ATP, by transferring the phosphate in creatine phosphate back to the adenosine in AMP and ADP. At this point creatine becomes creatinine, which is removed by the blood and excreted via the kidneys. In the clinical setting, creatinine levels are measured to assess physiological parameters such as kidney function. Creatine supplementation raises creatinine levels, although it is completely non-toxic to the kidneys (Robinson, et al 2000).

Taking in Extra Water and Electrolytes As Needed

After this, things begin spiraling downhill. When your water loss reaches 10 percent of your body weight, your tongue swells, your kidneys start to fail, and you're so dizzy that you can't stand on one foot with your eyes closed. In fact, you probably can't even try Your muscles are in spasm.

Regimen to jumpStart Weight Loss

And, just in case you actually did the unthinkable and skipped the beginning of the book to get to this chapter, let me repeat one important health warning None of the weight loss phases of Atkins is appropriate for pregnant women or nursing mothers, and people with severe kidney disease should not do Atkins at all.

Nonsense Garbage Junk Bullshit

High protein diets cause the formation of the toxic ammonia called urea. This ammonia-based substance strains your kidneys and liver. When insufficient levels of carbohydrates are consumed, the body is forced to utilize protein for energy. When protein is required for energy, it is no longer available to build and replenish muscle. This creates a negative nitrogen balance in the body causing muscular atrophy to occur. Atrophy refers to a decrease in both the size and strength of the muscle. We MUST AVOID MUSCULAR ATROPHY.

Electrifying News on High Blood Pressure

We know from many studies that people who eat a low potassium, high sodium diet are more likely to have high blood pressure. We know that if you already have high blood pressure, eating less sodium helps bring it down. We know that uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, and strokes. What we still don't know is exactly why sodium has such an impact on your blood pressure.

Creatine safety issues fact or fiction

Elevated creatinine is often a blood indicator, not a cause, of kidney dysfunction. That's a very important distinction, and several short- and long-term studies have found creatine supplements have no ill effects on the kidney function of healthy people.9,10 Though it makes sense that people with pre-existing kidney dysfunction should avoid creatine supplements, it is reassuring to know that creatine supplements were found to have no ill effects on the kidney function of animals with pre-existing kidney failure, showing just how non-toxic creatine appears to be for the kidneys.9-11

Diuretics And Betablockers High Blood Pressure Medications

At the top of the no-no list are the diuretic medications, which work by preventing your kidneys from doing one of their most important jobs reabsorbing the minerals your body needs. Blocking the kidneys' ability to reabsorb sodium and chloride takes salt out of the body and lowers blood pressure by lowering the fluids that stay in the body. But those blocked kidneys also lose their ability to retain valuable minerals not only potassium, but magnesium, calcium, chromium, zinc and many others. Prescription diuretics induce mineral deficiencies that can cause many problems. Numerous studies demonstrate that diuretics aggravate diabetes, elevate blood sugar and increase insulin levels, triglycerides and body mass index (the measure for obesity). For all these reasons, I insist that my patients on diuretics discontinue them and replace them with L-taurine, the natural amino acid that is a powerful diuretic but has no ill effects on kidney function.

Is eating so much protein bad for you

Large amounts of protein can put a strain on your kidneys. Uric acid is toxic by-product created from protein digestion (note Most foods we eat stimulate the production of uric acid, not just protein. Foods like white flour, sugar oatmeal, spinach, mussels and alcohol all do this). Your kidneys and liver convert this toxin into less harmful substances (urea and ammonia) and excrete the substances in the urine. When you have a lot of urea in your system, your kidneys will have to work harder to keep your system clean. Frequent urination is a sign that your body is working harder to metabolize the excess protein. There has been no major long-term study on the effects of a high protein diet on individuals or athletes with healthy kidneys. There was however, a study done in 1982 with patients who already had kidney problems. The high protein intake, did of course further degrade their kidney functions. Those with a history of kidney or liver problems should probably not be on a high...

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome NMS

First described in France in 1960, over 1000 cases were recorded in the 1990s despite no accepted diagnostic criteria. This may explain some contradictory findings, such as an incidence ranging from 0.07 to 2.2 and the association with other disorders, such as MH. NMS develops over 24-72 hours of administration of neuroleptic drugs and can develop 10-20 days after discontinuation. The mortality rate has dropped from reports of 76 in 1970 to 11 in 1984, renal failure being a high mortality indicator. Three major symptoms indicate a high probability of NMS hyperthermia, muscle rigidity and raised CK levels reflecting rhabdomyolysis. Treatment is with a dopamine agonist, e.g., bromocriptine and or dantrolene and the avoidance of dehydration.

Vitamins And Minerals

DHEA This testosterone precursor is produced by the adrenal cortex which sits atop your kidneys. Although it can be converted into testosterone and add to the total amount of testosterone in the body, no one really knows if or how well it works in building muscle. The testosterone boost produced is probably too small to see any real results. Most bodybuilders report feeling more energetic while using 50 to 100 mgs a day split into 2 doses. 25 to 50 mgs upon rising in morning and another 25 to 50 mgs 2 hours before training.

Cycles And Effects An Opinion

Kidney damage is possible with some AAS. The discontinued Finajet actually caused athletes to urinate a dark colored or bloody secretion. Some authority somewhere will dispute this, but I for one have witnessed the event. Since the kidneys are filters for toxic by-products, it stands to reason c17-alfa-alkylated oral steroids could alter or damage the kidneys. Most AAS users drank at least one gallon of water daily.

Dont Underestimate the Danger

I fear that many of you think of diabetes as a rather innocuous condition that requires very little self-denial. Oh, well, you may say, if my blood sugar is out of control, I can take a pill to control it. Or if you are further along the path to diabetes, you might even say, I'll just have to take insulin and watch the way I eat. Don't flirt with that radically incorrect viewpoint. Diabetes can be an innocuous condition all right, but only if you eat appropriately. If you don't, diabetes can be a heartbreaking scourge. It's the largest single cause of new cases of blindness in the United States. It's also the leading cause of kidney failure, a giant stepping-stone toward heart disease, and can so severely damage the circulatory system that eighty-six thousand Americans yearly suffer amputations.' I won't catalogue any more horrors. Instead, heed my many years of clinical experience If you are at risk for diabetes, you have to make a lifetime pledge to stay away from those foods known...

Nutrients for Correcting Imbalance

The second most important nutrient for individuals with blood-sugarfinsulin imbalances is vanadium. Most research, done with vanadyl sulfate, has shown benefits in combating both insulin resistance and lack of insulin. A typical dose range of vanadyl sulfate is 30 to 60 mg daily. Vanadyl is one of the very few nutrients that may place stress on the kidneys, so I always recommend that kidney function be monitored when using it.

Bodybuilding in Long Term III Health

I have come across bodybuilders with chronic kidney disease and cases of severe digestive disorders which meant major bowel surgery, who have still managed to get back into training and have redeveloped great physiques. They do have to take more care with their diet, but careful planning, and trying things slowly has lead to improvements. Remember that bodybuilders are a highly motivated bunch.

Supplemental Creatine

Creatine is a nitrogenic compound naturally manufactured in the liver from the three amino acids Methionine, Arginine, and Glycine and is transported to the muscles via the circulatory system. Creatine is transformed into phosphocreatine and is stored in the muscle. (Also called Creatine Phosphate or CP) The conversion of Creatine to C.P. is aided by the enzyme Creatine Kinase (CK) in bonding the Creatine to a high energy phosphate group. Once C.P. is stored in a cell, it remains until it is used as a high energy source called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Normally the body produces about 1-2 grams of Creatine daily, and of course, metabolizes about 2 grams daily also. The average person stores over 100 grams of Creatine in muscle tissue and in the liver. When C.P. is utilized in natural ATP regeneration, one of the by-products is called Creatinine which is then removed by the kidneys and eliminated in urine. Since Creatinine levels are checked as an indicator of proper kidney...

Secondary periodic paralysis

Chronic renal failure (Cumberbatch and Hampton, 1999) There have been many case reports of primary and secondary renal tubular acidosis (RTA) associated with hypoPP (Koul et al., 1993 Bresolin et al., 2005). Renal tubular acidosis probably due to autoimmune tubulointerstitial nephritis may occur in Sjog-ren's syndrome and an association with periodic paralysis has been described (Raskin et al., 1981). In some of these cases the muscle symptoms were the presenting complaints (Soy et al., 2005), even leading to respiratory arrest (Poux et al., 1992 Fujimoto et al., 2001). Habitual toluene inhalation (glue sniffing) can also cause RTA and may present with paralysis (Bennett and Forman, 1980).

Defects of other nuclear encoded proteins with effects on the respiratory chain

Primary CoQ10 deficiency is associated with heterogeneous clinical presentations. The first described form was an encephalomyopathy with exercise intolerance, episodic myolglobinuria, ataxia and seizures (Ogasahara etal., 1989 Sobreiraetal., 1997 Boitieretal., 1998). The others include a predominantly cerebellar form with ataxia and cerebellar atrophy (Musumeci et al., 2001 Lam-perti et al., 2003), a fatal infantile encephalomyopathy with renal failure (Rotig et al., 2000 Rahman et al., 2001b Salviati et al., 2005), Leigh syndrome (Van Mal-dergem et al., 2002) and a form characterized by isolated myopathy with (Lalani et al., 2005) or without recurrent myoglobinuria (Horvath et al., 2006). Mitochondrial myopathy with ragged red fibers, occasional cytochrome c oxidase deficient fibers and lipid accumulation is observed in some cases, but this is not a consistent finding. Correct diagnosis is important since treatment with CoQ10 is often beneficial. The genetic defect in two siblings...

Isolated mitochondrial myopathy in infants

The fatal myopathic form has been associated with mitochondrial depletion syndrome (MDS MIM 251880) and mutations in the thymidine kinase-2 gene (TK2 Saada et al., 2001 Mancuso et al., 2002 Carrozzo et al., 2003 Vila et al., 2003 Tulinius et al., 2005). The clinical course is severe with increasing muscle weakness and wasting with early death in almost all cases. The fatal variant may also be associated with cardiomyopathy (Rimoldi et al., 1982 Tulinius et al., 1991 Darin et al., 2003 Holmgren et al., 2003) or nephropathy (DiMauro et al., 1980). MDS has also been associated with a multiorgan disorder affecting mainly the brain and liver with mutations in the deoxyguanosine kinase gene (DGUOK Mandel et al., 2001a). Although an increasing number of genetic defects resulting in COX deficiency have been described, the molecular basis of the majority of cases remains unidentified (Darin et al., 2003).

Misconceptions Of Muscle Soreness

If the levels of lactate encountered during strenuous exercise remained present for days after the exercise session, as the gym lore might have you believe, then your remaining time on this planet would be short lived unless you had access to a dialysis machine. Acid-base balance is tightly regulated by the body, and any long-term derangement can be potentially very harmful. The burn you feel during a set is associated with lactic acid buildup DOMS is not. Note that the burn dissipates relatively quickly following the conclusion of a set.

Clinical presentation

Concomitant unexplained, unexpected, increasing heart rate. Indeed, MH is often referred to as a metabolic storm, although it is useful to group the clinical signs into metabolic effects and muscle effects (Table 5.4). MH does not start to develop after removal of the triggering agents, so does not commence postoperatively. A postoperative pyrexia occurring after normal anesthesia and the immediate recovery period is therefore not indicative of MH (Halsall and Ellis, 1992). However, muscle damage caused during a MH reaction takes time to develop and associated signs, e.g., rhabdomyolysis renal failure will occur up to 2-3 days after the event and may be the only apparent signs of MH. renal failure

A question

Somewhat difficult to understand is why ketogenic diets have been readily accepted as medical treatment for certain conditions but are so equally decried when mentioned for fat loss. Most of the criticisms of ketogenic diets for fat loss revolve around the purported negative health effects (i.e. kidney damage) or misconceptions about ketogenic metabolism (i.e. ketones are made out of protein).

Why An EBook

Freedom of style Any writer does better when he uses his own voice. For example, in a mainstream publication I might have to say, Many professional bodybuilders use dangerous drugs to augment their muscular development. But in my own e-book I can say, Pro bodybuilding is awash in the grotesque, unbridled use of every type of drug imaginable. Steroids represent less than 5 of the drugs bodybuilders actually use today. The full truth is they use up to 30 prescription drugs at the same time and at 500 of the recommended safe dose. They take drugs intended for diabetes, cancer, dwarfism, pain, bloating, cardiology, hematology, impotence and on and on Athletes and regular folks are dropping dead every year and a huge meltdown is coming because the real health effects (tumors, heart and kidney failure, etc.) appear to take about 15 years to show up. Soon you'll be hearing about the failing health of the great names in bodybuilding from the 80's and 90's if you haven't heard already. Try...

Analytical Methods

The analytical methods employed in the aforementioned studies involve a series of purification steps to facilitate the study of characteristics of the purified enzyme. Typically, these involve a number of steps extraction, ammonium sulfate precipitation, and chromatography (ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion). In addition, dialysis and concentration steps are used to prepare the samples for the following purification step. Activity measurements, protein determinations, and SDS-PAGE are employed to monitor the purification process. For activity measurements, a number of different substrates can be employed.74,112,113 To quantify proteasome content in crude tissue extracts in studies involving large amounts of samples, the techniques described earlier are too labor intensive. Aubry et al.115 reported on two immunological methods (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA and radial immunodiffusion) to quantify proteasome content efficiently in crude tissue extracts.

Before You Begin

You are probably raring to start Atkins and begin losing weight. But there are two medically important steps and several practical preparations that will lay the groundwork for your success. First, a crucial warning People with severe kidney disease (creatinine over 2.4) should not do any phase of Atkins unless ordered to do so by their physician. Also, pregnant women and nursing mothers may do the Lifetime Maintenance phase but should not do any of the weight loss phases of Atkins.


The study also found that the group getting the 7-keto-DHEA had increases in the thyroid hormone T3 without significant changes in testosterone, estradiol (estrogen), liver and kidney function tests, blood sugar vital signs, or overall caloric intake over the eight-week study.

Tip 4 Protein

Regarding the potential for protein to stress the kidneys, though research suggests that people with pre existing kidney disease avoid high protein diets, no data has ever shown kidney function to be compromised in healthy adults. A recent study called Do Regular High Protein Diets Have Potential Health Risks on Kidney Function in Athletes examined the renal (kidney) function of athletes who follow a high protein diet. The study failed to find any negative effects of a higher protein intake on the kidney function of these athletes (Jacques R. Poortmans and Olivier Dellalieux. International Journal of Sport Nutrition, 2000,10).

Omega3 and Omega6

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances made from fatty acids. They regulate many activities in your body, including inflammation, pain, and swelling. They also play a role in controlling your blood pressure, your heart, your kidneys, and your digestive system. Prostaglandins are important for allergic reactions, blood clotting, and making other hormones.

Kearns Sayre syndrome

Kearns-Sayre syndrome (KSS) was first recognized as a distinct clinical entity in 1958 (Kearns and Sayre, 1958). It is defined by the triad of PEO, pigmentary retinopathy and onset before age 20 years, with at least one of the following additional features cerebellar syndrome, cardiac conduction block or cerebrospinal fluid protein greater than 100 mg dl (Berenberg et al., 1977, Rowland et al., 1983). It is the most common clinical phenotype associated with single large-scale deletions of mtDNA (Holt et al., 1988 Zeviani et al., 1988). Other, less common phenotypes of single large-scale mtDNA deletions are PEO without other hallmarks of KSS (Moraes et al., 1989), and Pearson syndrome (Rotig et al., 1990 1995). Sporadic cases presenting with non-autoimmune Addison disease (Boles et al., 1998), intestinal pseudo-obstruction associated with encephalopathy and cardiomyopathy (Campos et al., 2000), childhood-onset neuropathy and cirrhosis (McDonald et al., 2002), hypoparathyroidism and...


This molecule is nephrotoxic in all animal species studied. For example, OTA is considered as responsible for a porcine nephropathy that has been studied intensively in the Scandinavian countries 166,167 . This disease is endemic in Denmark where rates of porcine nephropathy and ochratoxin contamination of pig feed are highly correlated 168 . OTA is suspected to play a role in this human syndrome, because the renal lesions observed in pig kidneys after exposure to OTA are quite similar to that observed in kidneys of patients suffering from BEN 169-171 . BEN is a progressive chronic nephropathy that occurs in populations living in areas bordering Danube River in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia 172,173 .

DHEA Eternal Youth

You have two adrenal glands, each about the size of a grape. Your adrenals sit on top of your kidneys and produce a number of different steroid hormones. The hormone they make the most is dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA for short. Your body converts DHEA into other steroid hormones, including small amounts of testosterone and estrogen, as

Anabolic Steroids

Unfortunately, steroids were found to have some severe side effects. Moodiness and an unhealthy aggression toward others that could extend to violence (known as roid rage) were widely reported in sporting journals. Links to heart disease, liver cancer, kidney disease and sterility were also discovered. With the evidence mounting, there was little choice but to shut down their use in the international sporting arena.

Clinical phenotypes

Lactate is the product of anaerobic glucose metabolism and accumulates in the body fluids when the aerobic metabolism in the mitochondria is impaired. Hyperlacta-temia is therefore a marker of mitochondrial disease. Hyperlactatemia also accompanies several other metabolic disorders, e.g., glycogen storage disease and disorders of the fatty acid and amino acid metabolism, or may be the consequence of for example impaired circulation, hypoxia or hepatic or renal failure.

Relevant Vocabulary

THE NEVER ENDING CYCLE In many cases, an athlete will simply ignore warnings that steroids should not be utilized for more than 8 to 12 weeks without an off-cycle period. Numerous athletes will use steroids for up to 6 months, a year, or even longer. This practice is dangerous and ineffective as well. The prolonged use of steroids puts stress on the liver and kidneys. This damage often shows no symptoms, until substantial impairment has taken place. Health problems such as cholestatic hepatitis, jaundice, hepatic neoplasms, and kidney failure have arisen in patients who took anabolic and androgenic steroids for prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, steroids often fail to exhibit any anabolic effects after as little as 6 weeks. The positive nitrogen balance that is a primary benefit of using steroids, diminishes after 6 to 8 weeks. The continued use of the steroids is therefore ineffective (6).

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