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In this high-quality, fluff-free, no-B.S. program, youll be taken by the hand as I walk you through: Brand New kettlebell challenge workouts that you can do any time, any place, with just a single kettlebell and your own body weight. Get a smoker of a workout Fast when you learn the simple secrets I uncover in this program. Workouts that give you maximum bang for your buck high intensity sessions that make every second count! Get into elite condition and burn Tons of body fat at the same time. Common mistakes people make with their challenge workout programming and how to fix them. Keep your training targeted, while you still have fun with these unique training techniques. A Bonus Hybrid Kettlebell Strength plan to go along with your challenge workouts. I outline a complete kettlebell routines to make sure all your bases are covered, and that you have everything you need to reach your goals as fast as humanly possilble. Q&A All of your common kettlebell challenge training questions, answered. Want to know how to work around an old injury? The best way to do cardio without running? How to fit in your workouts around a busy schedule? Its all here! Read more here...

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Kettlebells for a Fit Diver

You get immediate access to the digital copy of the latest edition. In the book you will learn about: Debunking strength and cardio So evident, their true nature gets overlooked. How to select the proper kettlebell size No more random rules! The foundations for successful and safe kettlebell lifting What you thought was common sense may not be. Detailed week-by-week, day-by-day, step-by-step training program to guide you from novice to proficient through fun and effective workouts. Detailed descriptions and pictures of featured exercises. Strategies and tools to get 2, 3, or more cycles out of the system. Debunking 8 myths in diver fitness. Debunking the misunderstanding of flexibility. Read more here...

Kettlebells for a Fit Diver Summary

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Performance Based Comparison of Kettlebell Methods

One manner of lifting is clearly more economical than the other. The rigid style is useful for caloric expenditure, but its mechanics don't allow for prolonged work periods. The fluid style adopts the mechanics that allow for greatest sustained output, which is the whole purpose of kettlebell lifting in the context of performance. This brings the focus of kettlebell lifting back to the basics.

Good Morning Stretch Kettlebell

Clean the bell to your shoulder to start with. Maximally tighten your body on impact. It is not just about shock absorption bracing for the weight will make the kettlebell feel like a toy in your hand and your muscles will be powerfully loaded for action. You should have taken a breath before you even cleaned the weight 75 of your lungs' vital capacity is optimal, according to Prof. Arkady Vorobyev. Hold your breath until you fix the bell overhead. If you breathe with the kettlebell on your chest, you will lose tension. Obviously, if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, or some other health concerns, this may not be an option. Consult with your doctor on the breathing pattern most appropriate for you. There are many ways to make the military press easier or harder. If you cannot strictly military press a given size kettlebell you have the following options. Another variation calls for the bell to land on the back of your arm. Push your elbow back as far as possible while...

Rodionov Kettlebell Leg Workout

Vip Exercise

Kettlebell weight The initial position for the snatch stand in front of the kettlebell, with the kettlebell between the feet and slightly forward. The contestant picks up the kettlebell, swings it back between his legs (.zamakhj, and snatches the kettlebell overhead to a straight arm in one uninterrupted movement. The snatch may be performed with or without a knee dip. Having fixed the kettlebell in the top position for one second the competitor lowers it on his forearm following the judge's command. He makes the next swing back from that position without touching the floor with the kettlebell. The competitor carries on based on the judge's count. The snatch is not registered if the competitor failed to lock out his elbow, pressed out the kettlebell to the finish, or touched the platform with his knee or free hand. The exercise is completed if the participant let go of the kettlebell, stopped to rest with the kettlebell hanging, left the platform, or made more than one extra swing...

Kettlebell Sumo Jump Squat

Hold the kettlebell in front of you at arm's length with feet in the wide sumo-style base. Lower the weight to the floor as you bend your knees and lower your hips with your torso tall. Explode up off the ground and absorb the load all the way back down to repeat for your next repetition. Kettlebell swing Kettlebell alternate swing

Kettlebell Alternating Swing

Coaching Points For Kettlebell Swing

Hold the kettlebell in one hand and lower to the power position with your shoulders forward, hips back, and forearm in contact with your inner thigh. Swing the dumbbell using your hip extension to drive the weight up. At the highest point of the swing the weight will feel weightless at this point switch hands in midair and immediately decelerate the weight back to the starting position with the other arm. One repetition is a swing with both arms.

Above squatting with two different sized kettlebells

Police Kettlebell Workout

With kettlebells and strong man training I do a lot of combo hybrid work, many ideas of which hit me when watching your combo DVD Try doing a clean and press, then a front squat with the sand bag for 2 minutes non stop Or try doing 5 reps of each of the following 1 arm at a time with kettlebells 1 arm swings, 1 arm military press, 1 arm snatch, 1 arm squat, 1 arm row - talk about full body work I can't do this with dumbbells alone but if you give me one kettlebell or one sand bag I can work strength, strength endurance, power endurance and much more The mental benefits of each are also awesome The toughest athletes can benefit greatly from high rep kettlebell snatches Train an athlete and have them carry logs, push trucks and drag sleds and watch their confidence soar Just taking about this training gets me psyched kettlebells.

Stairway To Shredded The Ultimate Kettlebell Dumbell Ladder Superset For Anaerobic Endurance Fat Loss And Personal

This is not a workout for the faint of heart, literally and figuratively. It involves placing a 1-pood or 36-pound kettlebell (if you don't have a kettlebell, use a 35 pound dumbbell instead), a 53-pound kettlebell or 1.5 pood (if you don't have access to one, use a 55-pound dumbbell instead), and 2-pood or 72-pound kettlebell or (70 pound-dumbbell in the alternative) all in a straight line about two feet apart from each another. Then after warming-up, begin as follows snatch the 35-pound weight three times with the left hand, and then do the same with the opposite hand. Next move to the 55-pound weight and snatch that 3 times with the left hand, and then repeat with the right hand. After that is completed go to the 70-pound weight and do the same. Not done yet Now go back and repeat everything, but now you'll merely do either kettlebell cleans or dumbbell cleans for sets of three After everything is said and done, and you're through choking on your lung, you will have rested for 60...

The emergence of kettlebell lifting as a viable fitness method

With the growth and popularity of kettlebell lifting as a mode of effective exercise, it is time to get a clear view of what has transpired over the past seven years, when kettlebells have been marketed to the American public. In the early days, virtually all the educational information about kettlebell lifting was coming from one source. This information was and still is presented as the Hard Style or RKC ( Russian Kettlebell Challenge ) school. It is a school of thought as well as a school of technique. With the techniques comes also a particular approach to the lifting that suits the types of goals that a student will realistically set and meet. I will refer this particular approach to kettlebell lifting hereafter as the rigid style (RS). In contrast to the RS approach is a less promoted, yet more traditional manner of lifting kettlebells. It is not new rather, it is a long-established approach that emphasizes kettlebell as a primary tool for strength-endurance and repetition...

Doublekettlebell clean

Set two kettlebells on the ground in front of you, handles on the diagonal (photo 1). 2. Take a slightly wider stance than you would to clean one kettlebell. 4. Keeping your head up and back straight, extend your legs and pull (i.e., hike) the kettlebells up in a backward arc between your legs (photo 3). 5. Once the kettlebells reach the back end of the arc, explosively extend your knees and hips to drive the kettlebells forward and up, cleaning them to the rack position (photos 4, 5, and 6). Caution It is imperative that you unwrap and tuck your fingers as the kettlebells reach the rack position (photo 7). If you forget, it will be a self-correcting, since tucking your fingers will keep them from accidentally getting crushed between the two handles. Trust me, it will only happen once

Double Kettlebell Push Press and Jerk

A fun and challenging drill is to perform as many push presses as you can in one minute. Another way to change it up is to push press one kettlebell for one minute, then switch hands and perform as many reps as possible for one minute repeat.A third way is to turn the push press into a thruster by adding a front squat before it. For an interesting change-up the next time you do Fran, try the thrusters with two kettlebells instead of a barbell.

Arthur Saxon Training

Oldtimer Exercise Sidepress

The initial position for the bent press is identical to that of the side press with the possible exception of letting the weight ride more on your back than your side if your flexibility allows it. At no point should you lean back or you would injure your back Lean slightly forward. Also note how the forearm supporting the weight, the kicked out hip, and the straight leg underneath form a solid column that supports the kettlebell. And do not forget to keep your whole body tight. Having reached the lowest position of the bent press, curl another, lighter, kettlebell to your shoulder. Note how the elbow jams inside the knee to gain leverage. Keep your eyes on the heavier kettlebell whenever you can. Slowly stand up always contract the glutes and military press the second bell. Getting out of this position with two different sized weights is a bear. Consider dropping the weights if the surface allows it, or have a comrade take one bell from you.

Hettlebellx Iii The Red Hriiiy

The Red Army, too pragmatic to waste their troopers'time on pushups and situps, quickly caught on. Every Russian military unit, even outposts remote as the planet Mars, has a gym. For some strange reason, maybe because it makes your sweaty basement dungeon look like a yuppie health spa, it is called a 'courage corner' (I wish it was a joke). Every courage corner, including the permafrost-crusted cave in one of the units I served in, is equipped with K-bells. Ditto for the men-of-war. Kettlebell snatches are an integral part of the Russian Navy's tough pentathlon. The Weightlifting Yearbook states, The Girevoy sport turns boys into men, physically strong and full of stamina. Strength and endurance are the basis of kettlebell lifting. A blend of these attributes gives birth to a new one strength-endurance. Gireviks kettlebell lifters are known for their ability to change I can't into I'll take it to the limit . All these qualities are necessary in different life situations, but...

Key differences in approach

In the fluid style, the muscles of the girevik (kettlebell lifter) have to be able to recover ATP stores while holding the KB. This means that he or she is working while resting. This quality of resting under load is a demand unique to kettlebell lifting among the competitive lifting sports.

Matching methods to goals

So, why use kettlebells This is a relative question because what we are really asking is why we would select a kettlebell instead of something else (dumbbell, barbell, a can of soup, or something else). The kettlebell is a tool that that is used specifically for the development of work capacity via ballistic repetition. That is its greatest gift. Sure, we can juggle and do tricks with kettlebells, but it is the combination of endurance and strength training that gives them a place among basic strength and conditioning tools. If your goal is to lift a weight as heavy as possible one time, is the kettlebell the best implement to choose Most likely not, in that you will be limited by how big the kettlebell can be and by its shape. Sure you can have a 200-pound kettlebell, but it becomes cumbersome beyond a certain size. Traditionally, 48 kg is the heaviest a KB will weigh, unless you move into kettlebells for circus stunts. Anything heavier than 48 kg requires the mold to be larger, and...

Developing capacity

In the broader scope of strength and conditioning training with kettlebells, we regularly mix the dosages and durations of the sets. We may wish to go very, very fast for a shorter period of time, to train power, or more slowly for a more extended period, to train muscular stamina and cardio-respiratory endurance. The interesting nature of kettlebell training is that you can go from slow to fast (i.e. pick up the pace later in the effort), but you cannot go from fast to slow. You have to learn how to go slow first. This is very important, because, going very fast out of the gate will deplete your energy stores quickly, and once this happens, your set is over. On the other hand, by pacing yourself you can sustain your output over an extended period of time. As your conditioning improves, you will be able to increase the rpms for the period of time that you are working, but you are already accustomed to working, at some level, for the duration. Even if you are training for...

Table Dp Edj1tij1ts

The History of the Russian Kettlebell How and Why a Low-Tech Ball of Iron Became the National Choice for Super-Tech Results Vodka, pickle juice, kettlebell lifting and other Russian pastimes page 13 The first official kettlebell competition Poods an old Russian weight measure standard weights for competition how Pavel earned his national ranking. Why Soviet science considers kettlebells to be one of the best tools for all around physical development Voropayev's study Lesgaft Physical Culture Institute validates KB's for general strength, strength endurance, general endurance, work capacity and balance. Kettlebells in the Red 19 The Red Army catches on every Russian military unit equipped with K-bells KB's a favorite for the Russian Navy the perfect physical conditioning for military personnel the vital combination of strength and endurance Girevoy sport delivers unparalleled cardio benefits why Spetznaz personnel owe much of their wiry strength, explosive agility, and stamina to...

Hnmpinni persdurl

Russian Get Exercise

Shortly after we became friends, Steve learned about my kettlebell past and asked many pointed questions. A few weeks later the wrestling champ welded handles to a couple of steel balls and took on his new kettlebells with a vengeance. The following is Steve's recent letter that includes a couple of powerful routines, reprinted with his gracious permission. Your training ideas are awesome and the kettlebells are a great conditioning tool for a martial artist. Below are some indoor circuit routines that I have found very useful. The circuit is done with no rest between exercises for one set of the above repetitions with kettlebells that weight about 23.6 kilograms or 52 pounds each. The workout is under 15.00 and I attempt to lessen the time every workout. Zack and Steve Maxwell are ready to take on their kettlebells. Zack and Steve Maxwell are ready to take on their kettlebells. The Turkish Get Up Lie on the floor and press out one kettlebell The Turkish Get Up Lie on the floor and...


Russian Kettlebell

The swing is a great way to learn your way around a kettlebell and get prepared for the more difficult snatch. Pick up a kettlebell with both arms, keeping your knees slightly bent, your back arched, your head up, and the weight on your heels. Good Form Pick up a kettlebell with both arms, keeping your knees slightly bent, your back arched, your head up, and the weight on your heels. Good Form Pick up a kettlebell with both arms, keeping your knees slightly bent, your back arched, your head up, and the weight on your heels. You can even pull it straight up, if you feel confident that you can reverse the movement before the kettlebell flicks over and hurts your wrists (the handle may not be wide enough for two hands in that position). If you do get that high make sure that you do not lean back that applies to all kettlebell drills across the board. When it comes to high rep ballistics, the armed forces manual recommends inhaling when the body is opening up and encourages rib cage...

Steve Cotter

There is an art to kettlebell lifting and it begins with selecting a formula for success. This article aims to highlight differences among kettlebell training methodologies and to help you understand these differences so you can maximize the productivity of your kettlebell lifting practice.

The King Of Cardio Strength Training

The setup for a complex is pretty simple. Chose two or more exercises using the same implement and load (i.e. barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, cable, etc.), then choose your number of repetitions, sets, and load. Your exercises are then performed in a back-to-back fashion. For example, if you choose to perform a barbell front squat and a push press for 3 sets of 10 repetitions, you would perform all 10 reps of your front squats, then immediately transition to 10 repetitions of the push press. This would be l set. I generally like to prescribe at least three exercises in a complex, and the number of repetitions per set depends on the load that you will be using. A few simple rules need to be adhered to when performing complexes

AC Where can people read more about your theories and programs

Right now I spend a great deal of time doing kettlebell seminars around the country and overseas. In the last 2 1 2 years I have done 43 seminars. These workshops are open to the public and I offer two levels. Level 1 for beginners and intermediate and Level 2 for advanced trainees. In addition to seminars, I offer online personalized training program services. I tailor programs for people based on their goals, lifestyle, stress levels, and what access they have commitment to. AC And what is your kettlebell background MM I got certified in Kettlebell training by Pavel Tsatsouline back in Feb 2002. In 2003 I earned the status of Senior Kettlebell Instructor and I have taught at the last 7 kettlebell certification courses. I am responsible for re-certifying all KB instructors on the west coast. AC You use non-traditional methods in your training such as kettlebells a lot. What can you tell the reader is the extra benefit from these methods as compared...

Challenge Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

Kettlebell Soviet

Both the Soviet Special Forces and numerous world-champion Soviet Olympic athletes used the ancient Russian Kettlebells as their secret weapon for xtreme fitness. Thanks to the kettlebell's astonishing ability to turbocharge physical performance, these Soviet supermen Now, former Spetznaz trainer, international fitness author and nationally-ranked kettlebell lifter, Pavel Tsatsouline, delivers this secret Soviet weapon into your own hands. You NEVER have to be second best again Here is the first-ever complete kettlebell training program for Western shock-attack athletes who refuse to be denied and who'd rather be dead than number two. Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you hack the fat off your meat-without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting The Russian Kettlebell thalleide RAISE FOR THE KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE In The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Pavel Tsatsouline presents a masterful treatise on a superb old-time training tool and the unique exercises that yielded true...

AC Who else in the field has influenced or helped you What are the best tips you learned from them and can pass on to

After a warm up, we use a variety of tools free weights, body weight, Russian kettlebells and some form of strong man work (sleds, truck pushing, sand bags & sledge hammers). Workouts are typically full body, sometimes there is an emphasis on lower body or upper body. If the emphasis is lower body we include some bodyweight training for upper body, or vice versa. 4A) pull ups (hold med ball between legs for added weight) 4 x 6 - 12 4B) 2 hand Kettlebell swings 4 x 8 - 10 reps 3B ) 1 arm DB row or barbell row (sometimes using Kettlebells for 1 arm rows) 4 x 5 - 10 reps As you know, I bother you a lot for training information Ha Ha I also call Brian Grasso who is very technical and thorough, especially for times when I am evaluating an athlete's weakness he is great at deciphering what a certain movement means with regards to muscular weakness or imbalance. Joe DeFranco is awesome, Louie Simmons is amazingly knowledgeable and I could talk to the man forever. The methods of Pavel...

Sandbag Training Makes Sense

Consider the craftsmanship involved in constructing a dumbbell, barbell, or kettlebell. These training tools are carefully assembled according to precise measurements. The weight is evenly distributed and carefully balanced to allow for fluent lifting. Many athletes have developed awesome power and strength from these traditional tools of the trade. Unfortunately, the strength developed through conventional lifting is not always applicable to real life combat. I am not suggesting that you discard your weight set, but I highly advise the addition of a sandbag training routine.

Variable Resistance

However, not all resistance motions we perform result in reduced torques as the load is accelerated. If the load moves farther from the joint center, the torque can increase even if the load is being accelerated. For example, in the middle part of kettlebell swing to overhead, the torque will be very high even though you already have the kettlebell moving fast (this because the load's is a full arm's length from your shoulder). So in nature if loads have to be moved from close to farther away from the body you will get, yes, variable resistance.

Introduction To The Worldfamous Tabata Protocol

On this protocol since it does fit into the concept of timed intervals. The biggest difference between these Tabatas and the density sessions (and even the 30 30 intervals) that I have described in this chapter is the rest intervals. Tabatas rely on negative rest intervals these are rest periods that are actually shorter than the work intervals. Needless to say, this results in extremely difficult interval repetitions as the session progresses. Because of this, I personally prefer to use little to no external load when performing Tabatas. In the next chapter I will talk about my favorite exercise sequences for Tabatas and different progressions, but in this chapter I want to give three examples of using external loads (kettlebell, barbell, and dumbbell) in a Tabata protocol. Remember that you will perform eight rounds of 20 seconds of all-out work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes. KETTLEBELL

AC Can you describe a typical training session consist of for your clients

Although I'm known as a kettlebell coach I do include any tool that will improve the performance of my athletes. I do like to keep the pace fast and use heavy doses sandbags, kettlebells, medicine balls and bodyweight drills. Rarely do we perform any one movement by itself. I usually combine drills to shorten rest time, work opposing muscle groups or actions or to work on weak areas between more complex drills.

AC Can you tell the reader your educational or previous training background

Since then I have interned with Charles Poliquin, become a C.H.E.K Level 1 Instructor, become certified by USA Weightlifting as a club coach, obtained my CSCS from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, become certified as a Russian Kettlebell Instructor, and was one of the first to become a certified Z-health instructor. Whew, that wiped me out

Beyond the Garage

Personal training sessions before joining classes. Some affiliates do this sort of thing and some don't. During these sessions we cover nine fundamental movements in CrossFit (air squat, front squat, overhead squat, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, clean, shoulder press, push press, push jerk). We also go over using the gluteham developer, kettlebell swings, thrusters, use of the AbMat, and maybe a couple other odds and ends. These sessions have been crucial I can't imagine having a client join a class without receiving this training first. We have found it indispensable.

Sandbag Situps

Sandbag Situps

Turkish Get-Up - The sandbag Turkish Get-Up is one of the most difficult exercises you will ever perform. Lie on your back with a sandbag held in extended arms. Your goal is to stand up without bending the arms. You can turn to the side, to get to one knee, and then proceed to stand. This challenging movement can serve as a finisher to any workout. This exercise is commonly performed with a dumbbell or kettlebell. The sandbag version is MUCH more challenging. Start with a light bag.

About the Editor

Mike Hanley is a strength & conditioning coach based out of the East Coast of the United States. He is certified by USAW as a sports performance coach as well as a certified kettlebell instructor. Mike specializes in program design for high school athletes as well as middle aged men & women. His training methods include a mixture of powerliting, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell training as well as many other methods to produce significant strength & performance gains. Mike has also worked closely with autistic teenagers as well as senior citizens both in the rehabilitative & fitness arena.

Advanced Complexes

I find kettlebells to be exceptional for training aerobic and anaerobic energy systems concurrently. The basic lifts such as clean and jerk and snatch are full-body, multiplanar movements performed while on your feet, so in addition to working the entire neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory systems, they teach valuable athletic skills. Steve Cotter, Director, International Kettlebells & Fitness Federation, ADVANCED KETTLEBELL INTERMEDIATE KETTLEBELL

Old School Training

When I think of the next section of cardio strength training, all I can think of is old school. No, not the movie, just the types of exercises you will be performing. Going back to the research done on the Tabata Protocol, we know that performing exercises in a negative rest fashion (rest periods that are shorter than the work periods) is very difficult. Due to the intensity of these exercises, I normally recommend doing them using only body weight as resistance. If I do prescribe a load, it will be something relatively light like a medicine ball or a light kettlebell that will enable you to really push the pace on your reps yet still come back to perform set after set.

Clean And Press

In the starting power position, pull the kettlebell up and quickly flip the weight over so that it is resting at your shoulder, touching both your deltoid and forearm, with your elbow down. From here, sink your shoulder and hip on that side and forcefully drive the weight overhead. Lower the weight back down to the starting position for the next rep. Complete all repetitions on one side before moving to the other side.

Overhead Squat

Pistol Squat

Press the kettlebell overhead with the weight resting on the outside of your forearm. With your feet a little wider than hip-width apart, descend into a deep squat while looking up at the weight. Push your hips slightly toward the kettlebell side to allow a slight rotation as you squat. Keep your hips back and your heels flat on the floor throughout the entire movement. Complete all the r p tions on the first side and then move to the other side.

Dumbbell Swing

I fold a dumbbell (a kettlebell is OK too) with both hands and get into an athletic stance. Let the weight drift between and behind your legs and then explosively swing it up to eye level Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds, and then go back to the medicine-ball squat thrust press.


In addition, I have found that kettlebell dumbbell swings are also an excellent supplement to planche training. This was something I discovered quite by accident I used dumbbell swings to rehab the lower back of one of my athletes and after a 6-week period we found that he could now perform a solid straddle planche where previously this had been beyond his reach. In retrospect, he had the shoulder girdle strength, but not the lower back strength necessary to reach full extension.

Strength Tips

It is important to instantly contract your abs, glutes, and armpits (lats) when you receive the kettlebell. This action is similar to that of taking a body punch exhale on contact. You can practice heavy kettlebell cleans to help improve your skill at loading the tension for the press. o Crush the handle of the kettlebell, o Don't press a kettlebell straight up but slightly to the side and spiral it upward. It makes for a more efficient use of your shoulder and biceps strength. o Practice bottom up presses (photos 7-10). o Keep the weight of the kettlebell on the heel of your palm. o Practice see-saw presses. Press one kettlebell overhead while having the other in the rack position. Actively pull down the overhead KB while simultaneously pressing the racked KB. This is not an alternating press. As one comes down the other is going up, passing each other at about head height (photos 1113).

Sets and reps

There's no magic number or set regimen for working your kettlebell press. Do as many as you can with perfect form. If your tension is high, your reps should be low, in the range of about three to five. Multiple sets of singles or doubles are great for building pure strength. The sport of kettlebell lifting is one of strength endurance more than pure strength, and kettlebell work is particularly good at developing your ability in this realm. While training with world kettlebell champion Valery Fedorenko, I witnessed him press the 32-kg bell for 35 reps with each arm nonstop in ten minutes. That was motivating So, here's another approach to developing strength endurance. Let's say you can perform five reps with the biggest kettlebell in your arsenal. Set up in front of a big clock, pace yourself for the greatest number of reps you can perform in one minute then switch hands and repeat. Learn to pause and relax in the rack position. Instantly generate maximal tension needed for the...

More Complex Tools

In addition to barbells, dumbbells, and kettle-bells, you can also perform complexes with body weight, medicine balls, cables, and even one of my new favorites, suspended rings. Strength coach Frank Addelia is a kettlebell, ropes, and TRX suspension system expert. Once a week we get together to play in what my assistant coach Dan Corbet and I like to call these sessions, the Frank-enstein workouts. The results have been a whole

Alternating Swing

Hold the kettlebell in one hand and lower to the power position forward, hips back, and forearm in contact with your innerthigh. Swingthe dumbbell usingyour hip extension to drive the weight up. At the highest point of the swing, the kettlebell will feel weightless. At this point, switch hands in midair and immediately lower the weight back to the starting position with the other arm. One repetition is a swing with both arms.

The rack

Once the kettlebells are cleaned from the ground, a comfortable and solid rack position is essential for effectively performing a double overhead press, push press, or jerk. A good rack position has the following characteristics 2. Elbows are directly over the hips. It's best to actually rest your elbows right on the bony part of the hip (photo 8). This will allow you to relax between reps, letting much of the weight of the kettlebells be supported by your body rather than your arms. If your body type doesn't allow your elbows to rest on your hips, make sure the backs of your arms are glued to your torso. 3. The web of your hand should be deep into the corner of the kettlebell. The handle itself should be diagonally across your hand, resting on the base of your palm. Your wrist should be straight or just slightly flexed.

Push press

Start by cleaning two kettlebells to the rack position (photo 9). 2. Unlock your knees and hips to dip slightly, keeping your torso upright and the kettlebells firmly racked. Your knees will move slightly forward but not past the toes (photo 10). 3. Powerfully push the floor away, extending your legs and hips, and open your chest. It is this explosive movement that will propel the kettlebells overhead. Note that the legs will then straighten powerfully, but there is no rebend, or double dip, in the push press when you drive the kettlebells overhead (photo 11). 4. The arms move straight up from the rack. There is no need to rotate your palms forward as your arms extend. As the kettlebell passes eye level push your chest slightly forward. As your chest moves forward, keep your knees locked and do not bend them until it's time to lower the kettlebell. Be sure your knees and elbows are straight at the termination of the lift. 5. Lower the kettlebell back to the rack position. This should...

The future

Jeremy Thiel began Olympic weightlifting at the age of 12, power lifting at the age of 15, and kettlebell training at 22. Jeremy is the co-founder of CrossFit Central in Austin, Texas, and has over eight years of experience training large groups. He is a level-3 CrossFit trainer, an Olympic weightlifting coach, and a Trigger Point Ultimate practitioner. Jeremy has trained thousands of high school athletes through his youth strength and conditioning company, PowerPlant Athletics.

QA With Coach Staley

In the case of kettlebells, Indian clubs, etc., the answer to the above questions will vary from case to case. You'll need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete if, for example, you conclude that flexibility is your weakest trait, and you're considering the use of a particular method such as kettlebells, you need to determine to what degree kettlebell training will enhance your flexibility as compared to other methods. In other words, find your weaknesses as an athlete, and then find the best way to develop that weakness. I'm not saying that kettlebells and other devices methods don't have merit, but rather, the effectiveness of any device, paradigm, or method is directly correlated to the degree to which it improves your weakest link as an athlete.

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