The emergence of kettlebell lifting as a viable fitness method

With the growth and popularity of kettlebell lifting as a mode of effective exercise, it is time to get a clear view of what has transpired over the past seven years, when kettlebells have been marketed to the American public.

In the early days, virtually all the educational information about kettlebell lifting was coming from one source. This information was—and still is—presented as the "Hard Style" or RKC ("Russian Kettlebell Challenge") school. It is a school of thought as well as a school of technique. With the techniques comes also a particular approach to the lifting that suits the types of goals that a student will realistically set and meet.

I will refer this particular approach to kettlebell lifting hereafter as the rigid style (RS).

In contrast to the RS approach is a less promoted, yet more traditional manner of lifting kettlebells. It is not new; rather, it is a long-established approach that emphasizes kettlebell as a primary tool for strength-endurance and repetition ballistic lifting. This traditional style has most closely been associated with Girevoy Sport, which consists of lifting competitions contesting the jerk, the snatch, and the clean and jerk. Maximum repetitions are

Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness Fundamentals

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