The Advanced CKD for fat loss

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Advanced trainees frequently want to know how to optimize the CKD for fat loss. This chapter presents a routine which incorporates all of the information presented in the previous chapters. The goal of this routine is to co-ordinate training to take maximal advantage of the peculiar format of the CKD. This goal incorporates the following factors:

1. Deplete muscle glycogen in all bodyparts to approximately 70 mmol/kg by Tuesday to maximize fat utilization by the muscles but not increase protein utilization.

2. Maximize growth hormone output (which is a lipolytic hormone) on Monday and Tuesday with the combination of multiple, long sets, and short rest periods.

3. Maintain muscle mass with tension work outs on Monday and Tuesday.

4. Deplete muscle glycogen to between 25 and 40 mmol/kg on Friday to stimulate optimal glycogen supercompensation.

5. Stimulate mass gains during the weekend of overfeeding with a tension workout or utilize a high rep depletion workout to deplete glycogen completely.

Three possible formats for this routine appear in table 1.

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