Strength Tips

It is important to instantly contract your abs, glutes, and armpits (lats) when you receive the kettlebell. This action is similar to that of taking a body punch; exhale on contact. You can practice heavy kettlebell cleans to help improve your skill at loading the tension for the press.

Recruit your grip.

o Crush the handle of the kettlebell, especially at the sticking point. o Make a fist with the free hand in one-arm presses, especially at the sticking point. o Try squeezing a gripper or a ball in the free hand. I found this practice to be extremely helpful in overcoming sticking points (photos 5 and 6).

Recruit your biceps.

o Keep your forearm vertical at all times.

o Don't press a kettlebell straight up but slightly to the side and spiral it upward. It makes for a more efficient use of your shoulder and biceps strength. o Practice "bottom up" presses (photos 7-10).

Recruit your lats.

o Keep the weight of the kettlebell on the heel of your palm. o Practice "see-saw" presses. Press one kettlebell overhead while having the other in the rack position. Actively pull down the overhead KB while simultaneously pressing the racked KB. This is not an alternating press. As one comes down the other is going up, passing each other at about head height (photos 1113).

o Try alternating sets of clean and presses with sets of weighted pullups.

Photo 5

Photo 5

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