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So how will Rika's JuicePicker help you: No more web searches! Quickly pick the right juice recipe. Pick recipes according to your favorite ingredients (nutritionally color coded) Pick recipes according to your family's nutritional needs (use color coding) Pick recipes according to available ingredients (easily confirm nutritional colors) Complete instructions for quick preparation with each recipe. Favorite function lets you quickly find your favorite recipes next time round. Easy recipe printing for future reference. Without any prior nutritional knowledge, you can ensure your family gets the main color groups daily. Lots of useful juicing and nutritional tips. Here are just some of the more than 100 recipes you can access with Rika's JuicePicker: Super-Easy Apple Juice, Berry Good-For-You Juice, Super-Easy Watermelon Juice, Super-Easy Start-With-Greens Juice, Full Of Beans Juice, Beauty Treatment Juice, Calm With Greens Juice, Cucumber Slim-Down Juice, Craving Buster Juice, Pineapple Zzzing Juice, Healthier-Hair Tonic Juice, Easy Energy Boosting Juice, Morning Pick-Me-Up Juice, Superhero Soda Juice, Digestive Detox Juice, Glowing Skin Cocktail Juice, Turn-Back-The-Clock Tonic Juice, Lagging Spirit Lift Juice, Yum-Berry Juice, Parsnip Immune Kick Juice, Rika's All-Color Combo Juice, Love-My-Body Juice, Body-Armour Juice, Spicy-But-Nicy Juice, Wheatgrass A-La-Fruit Juice, Sugar-Habit-Go Juice, Body Cleanse Juice. Read more here...

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The Ultimate Makeover Nutrition Preprogram

Week 1 During the first week, ease yourself into eating regularly and preparing most of your meals. Give up fast food this week, and begin to create time to cook and brown-bag your lunch. I also want you to give up soda and fruit juice, including diet varieties. Instead, switch to herbal tea or club soda with a lime or lemon. Finally, get in the habit of eating regular meals, including three main meals and two small snacks. If you're a breakfast skipper, get into the habit of eating breakfast before you start the main program.

Sugar The Nitty Gritty

Carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are sugars known as monosaccharides. They are found in fruits, fruit juices, honey, jellies, jams, soda pop and table sugar. Complex carbohydrates are nothing more than multiple chains of simple sugars linked together to form to form a complex or longer chain carbohydrate. In general, complex carbohydrates are those found in nature wild rice, yams, potatoes, beans, corn, peas, oatmeal, rye cereal and bread made with only unmilled whole wheat flour. These carbohydrates illicit a lesser insulin response than manufactured carbohydrates white bread, white rice, cookies, pastries, and all the fat free carbo-rich products like fat free cookies, cakes, potato chips, pretzels and cold cereals. Manufactured carbs release, calorie for calorie, more insulin than natural carbs.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

Fruit is healthy, right Not so fast cantaloupe boy. Fruit contains fructose which will raise triglyceride levels. Fruit juice is pure sugar and can easily add hundreds of empty calories to your daily consumption. What's worse, is that fruits such as peaches and pears have been shown to impair thyroid function. Don't get too nervous. An occasional piece of fruit is fine, (bananas are good for the thyroid) just don't go overboard thinking lots of fruit is the answer to fat loss. I could never understand the 4-6 servings of fruit a day recommendation. What's a serving A piece of fruit Hell, if I ate 6 pieces of fruit every day I'd never leave the bathroom. But I digress.

Do not drink Bottled Juice

Remember the Masi lesson of quality not quantity. Bottled juice is more convenient but it's a dead food, don't bother with it. Fresh juice on the other hand is alive with all the goodness and nutrients of fruit. If I'm training at home I keep a fresh glass of Spartan Sports Drink or a glass of diluted fresh juice ( juice water) with me to sip on during the session. This gives me a constant supply of natural sugars and energy helping to get me through my workout Try it, you'll be amazed. Would you like some more proof This is a very simple test that will convince you forever. Go buy a bottle of Orange Juice from the local store. Pour a glass. Now use a hand juicer to squeeze 2 fresh oranges, which should make about a glass. Take a drink from both glasses one at a time. The bottled juice will taste acidic. The fresh juice will be sweet and taste much better. Trust your body and stick to the fresh stuff. So I try and drink a glass of mixed vegetable juice at night. In fact even if you do...

Spartan Diet Principle on Dairy

2) Because of the poor quality milk and because dairy products must be kept for long periods of time they are 'pasteurized' . This means the milk is heated-up to kill all the 'germs' for our health. It is similar to what happens to fruit juice when it is heated up. It also kills most of the beneficial enzymes and micro-nutrients contained in the milk. Not only that but the heat changes the chemical structure of the protein in the milk making it harder to digest and more likely to cause allergies. It also makes the minerals harder to use by our bodies, which is why people can still get osteoporosis drinking pasteurized milk.

Step 5 Putting it all together

Fruit would be next and would be applied to your total carbohydrate intake. An average piece of fruit (think apple or banana) is about 20-25 grams of carbs or so. With fruits like grapes or raisins, you'll have to look it up and track it yourself. As mentioned in the last chapter, I think dried fruit is a poor choice, a very small volume can contribute a ton of calories. Fruit juice, as stated, is a horrid choice as far as I'm concerned it's a glass of concentrated sugar water without any of the fiber or bulk that makes whole fruits such a good food choice.

Making A Grocery List And Checking It Twice

Fruit juices are a challenge to choose because they are put on the shelves with dozens of brands of fake juice. You must read the labels to make a smart choice. Avoid juices that contain high fructose corn syrup, sugar and additives like artificial colors and flavors. Natural apple, cranberry and grape juices are available in most grocery stores.

Day Fruit Fast to Start the New Year

Fruit Fruit Juice Fast 1 Day a Week Month This is a regular test of discipline and a rest for the body from any heavy digesting. This habit will bring great health and a longer life. Make no mistake it is a big commitment but if you put your mind to it you can do it. Sometimes I choose to do this day with only juice. For now eating fruit and drinking fresh juice will be fine for you.

Spartan Diet Principle on Fruit Vegetable Juice

Fruit Juice I use to advise the use of any kind of fresh juice as part of the program. I've changed my mind a little on this topic. Because of this I don't drink fresh fruit juice as part of my regular diet. Unless it's a lower sugar fruit like watermelon or diluted with water such as the Spartan Sports Drink below. Or unless I'm on a juice fast. Now I make Fruit Smoothies rather than juicing. This means I juice a few apples or oranges for example. Only a couple. Then I pour this juice into a blender and add some whole fruit such as banana, apple, strawberries, pear, kiwi, anything you have on hand really. I also add some coconut cream for it's added beneficial fat. Add icecubes in hot weather. Now blend and you have a much thicker drink with the benefits of raw fruit plus it's fiber. Add extra water if needed.

Sugar Insulin and Fat Dynamics

Remain chronically elevated making it almost impossible to get lean. This occurs when one follows either a diet that is extremely low in fiber or when a person obtains the majority of his calories from fast-to-digest simple carbohydrates like soda, jams, refined white bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, pretzels, fat free chips, imitation fruit drinks and fruit juices. These foods rapidly digest into glucose which promotes a quick collection of glucose in the blood surging glucose levels above 110. The result An insulin spike. A really big insulin spike

Whats Wrong With Carbohydrates

If you mean what's wrong with a spear of broccoli or a bunch of spinach, the answer is nothing, they're magnificent foods. When I speak negatively of carbohydrates, I'm referring to the unhealthy ones-those lurking in the sugar bowl and the bin of white flour, along with milk, white rice and processed and refined foods of all kinds. I also must include concentrates, such as fruit juices.

Alternative foods No 2 Substitute sweeteners

1 Neotame This free-flowing, water-soluble sweetener is derived from amino acids (the building blocks of protein, the nutrient that stars in Chapter 6). In 2002, the FDA approved Neotame for use as a tabletop sweetener (the stuff you put in your coffee), as well as use in jams and jellies, syrups, puddings and gels, fruits, fruit juices, and non-alcohol beverages. To date, more than 113 animal and human studies have shown absolutely no adverse effects.

Glycemic Index

Even though many people consider the glycemic index as the parameter for selecting carbs, I don't believe that the GI is always as critical a factor as it's believed to be. Fructose, for example, has a lower GI than white rice. But, in my opinion, commercial fructose, which appears in many commercial foods, processed foods, and health bars, is one of the most dangerous and destructive sources of carbs. White rice, with its higher GI, is a far superior choice. Fruit juices and certain vegetable juices (like carrot juice) have a relatively high GI, but since they come from natural, live (raw) foods (I'm referring to juices that are freshly squeezed) the body can usually handle them very well. Freshly prepared juices contain digestive enzymes that help metabolize naturally occurring sugars into energy. Live (raw) natural fruits and vegetables also load the body with essential nutrients that support overall metabolism. So, even though fruits and certain veggies have a relatively high GI,...

How to Take Creatine

There are a number of theories as to the best way of supplementing with creatine, some say take in fruit juice some say take with a hot beverage so it dissolves and is absorbed more easily some advocate a loading and maintenance phase some say only five grams a day. Studying all the data, and from experience, it appears the following may be optimal A creatine serving should be in a hot drink (tea coffee) with a teaspoon of sugar with some fruit or fruit juice. Take it with a loading and maintenance phase, as clinical studies have clearly shown more benefit here (Greenhaff, et al 1993).


Also, the way in which glutamine is taken is debatable. Many quality MRPs are fortified with extra glutamine, and also some quality protein powders contain added glutamine over and above the source of the protein. It is probably best to consume a small amount of additional glutamine throughout the day. This is helped by spreading out consumption of MRPs, and by consuming some glutamine with meals. Studies have shown that 50 - 85 of supplemented glutamine is not absorbed (Phillips 1997), due to other amino acids competing for intestinal receptor uptake in absorption, so I would take one dose of one to two grams at least half an hour away from other protein sources. Take glutamine with carbohydrate, e.g. mixed in fruit juice. Glutamine has its place for the more advanced bodybuilder, in aiding recovery.


Next on the agenda are infomercials the symptom of a healthy economy and a failing public education system, and the primary purveyor of SB in the modern world. This very second, a 30-minute TV program is in progress that is predicated on the assumption that you are stupid. Depending on which one you watch, you will be told that sitting in a little rotating chair will give you six-pack abs, that juicing all your vegetables will give you six-pack abs, that jumping rope dancing to very specific types of music pretending to kickbox turbojamming (all of which feature things called moves ) will give you six-pack abs. You might be encouraged to buy an Ab Roller, Ab Lounger, Ab Belt, Ab Energizer, AbTronic, Ab Rocker, Ab Doer, Ab Force, Ab Swing, Ab Rocket, Ab Flex, Ab Dolly, Ab Away Pro, Ab Lifter Plus, Abrageous, FastAbs, HipHop Abs, or 6-Second Abs by the promise that they will give you six-pack abs. The iGallop really looks like fun Like riding a horse and will give you six-pack abs. You...

Protein Sources

Weight Gainers Weight gainers are protein shakes whose protein source consists mainly of whey proteins (mostly concentrate with some isolate as well). Some also include other proteins such as milk proteins and or egg. These products are characterized by their extremely high carbohydrate content typically in the form of maltodextrin (a high glycemic complex carb) and fructose (simple sugar originating from fruits). Weight gainers were very popular back in the 90s but their popularity has died mainly because most people do not have the fast metabolism of a hardgainer so as a result, a high carbohydrate diet applied on a person with over 10 body fat typically leads mostly to fat gains instead of muscle mass gains. For hardgainers however, and bodybuilders who are below 10 body fat, these products be very useful for getting in the amount of quality calories required to gain quality muscle. They are best when used for the mid-morning, mid-afternoon and post workout meals as the...

Temperature control

Exposing food to high heat for a sufficiently long period of time reduces the natural population of bacterial spoilers and kills microbes that otherwise may make you sick. For example, pasteurization (heating milk or other liquids such as fruit juice to 145 to 154.4 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes) kills nearly all disease-causing and most other bacteria, as does high-temperature, short-time pasteurization (161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds).

Outside Your Home

If the eating establishment is one you patronize often, talk to the waiter or the maitre d' and make it crystal clear that you're on a plan that permits no sugar in any manner, shape or form. This way you can root out hidden sugar in salad dressings or even in such prepared dishes as tuna fish salad. Sometimes fruit juices are used in cooking as a sugar substitute, which are equally unacceptable.

Eating guidelines

While difficult, it is conceivable to overeat fruits, especially if you go with stuff like grapes and raisins. Dried fruit is a nightmare (by removing the water content, you remove most of the bulk and fiber) calorically, canned fruit almost always has extra sugar added and I think fruit juice is horrid food from most standpoints. You've taken out the bulk and the fiber and managed to concentrate the calories horribly. So go to your produce section in the grocery store and stick with whole fruits and that means eating the skins (where the fiber is) too. As I'll mention below, a single piece of fruit makes a good addition to your normal meals and, unless you go really nuts, you'll be hard pressed to overeat fruit.


More importantly, some pigments used to paint or glaze the pots contain lead. To seal the decoration and prevent lead from leaching into food, the painted pots are fired (baked in an oven). If the pots are fired in an oven that isn't hot enough or if they aren't fired for a long enough period of time, lead will leach from ceramics when in contact with acidic foods, such as fruit juices or foods marinated in wine or vinegar.

The First Stages

Eight to ten weeks out (or as appropriate) commence the pre-contest diet properly. The basis of this next stage of preparation is to continue to consume high protein foods as before, and cut carbohydrate intake right down, whilst maintaining a regular intake of starchy foods. This is similar to Figure 8 in Chapter 15, for those people who wish to lose fat whilst gaining weight, but the protein intake will be higher, and you will need to be more disciplined. It is still possible to gain muscle during this time. Fruit and fruit juice intake should also be low, due to the simple sugar content, so make up for this by consuming plenty of non-starch vegetables, to ensure a good intake of vitamins and minerals. Red meat now and again is also useful for variety and great protein quality.


I very rarely use a water only fast for more than one day. The kind of fasting we use as Spartans is called Juice Fasting. A fruit-fast means you only eat fresh fruit or drink fresh juice or water. Make sure you eat or drink enough so you don't go hungry. You can still keep up exercise during this period because you are not sick. I have tried fasting on water only and with juice only and with fruit and juice. Going on a water-only fast is not the best way to do it. It still gives the body a rest but a lot of muscle tissue can get lost. Fresh juice supplies the body very easily with energy and so spares the body from having to burn up muscle tissue.

Dietary fiber

20.66 Ensuring adequate water intake is easy. Consume enough water evenly distributed over the course of each day to produce at least four clear urinations each day (in addition to colored urinations). Until you produce your minimum of four clear urination a day, gradually increase your intake of plain water, juicy fruits, fruit juice, and perhaps even milk. (If you already drink a lot of milk, your water intake may already be adequate.) Liquids need to be pleasant tasting if you are to drink more of them. Get a water filter if your tap water does not have a pleasant taste or drink bottled water that tastes good. Reducing or, better, eliminating coffee, tea and alcohol consumption will make a big contribution to net water intake.

What to Drink

It's extremely important to drink a lot of fluids throughout the day, primarily water. Vegetable juices that are freshly prepared in a juicer are the best choice to complement your water intake throughout the day. Fruit juices, made to order in a blender with no additives, are good to have too. However, because of their sugar content, fruit juices should be your second choice. Minimize or avoid using fruits with a high-glycemic index, like grapes, apples or oranges because they contain too much sugar.

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