Thunder On The Prairie

WHO: Bryan McKernan WHERE: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada WHAT: '67 Plymouth Satellite

Bryan's B-Body is a 45,000-mile original that sold new in Canada with a 318 Poly instead of the new-for-'67 LA-series 318. That's been replaced by a 512-inch (stroked 400) B-engine from 440Source, which wears Edelbrock Victor heads, a Comp Cams solid-lifter camshaft, and an 850-cfm Demon atop an R.P.M. intake (to be replaced by a Victor intake once Bryan gets an R023 scoop for hood clearance). Headers are two-inch tti's, with a mandrel-bent dual exhaust's all good for over 600 hp on the dyno.

The transmission's a 727 with a B&M Holeshot 3500 converter and a TF2 shift kit. In back, a 3.91-geared Sure Grip resides inside the 8%-inch housing.

Inside, there's a new Legendary saddle-grain interior, as well as the OEM woodgrain steering wheel, console with swivel-mount tach, and headrests. Outside, there's a new coat of the original KK1 Light Turquoise Poly.


WHO: Ron Schmitt WHERE: Vandalia, Illinois WHAT: '48 Dodge pickup

Dodge trucks of the late '40s/early '50s are called "Pilot House" trucks, as their cab styling looks like the pilot house on a riverboat.

Ron bought his back in 2006, and did some creative swapping. There's a complete Mopar drivetrain under the Viper Red paint—starting with a 318 from an '88 Diplomat that's been freshened with a Hughes Engines hydraulic roller cam, high-swirl cylinder heads and a Carter ThermoQuad four-barrel, plus a 904 Torqueflite with a lock-up converter and a 3.55-geared 8%-inch rear end from an E-Body.

Also swapped in from the Diplomat: the transverse torsion bar front suspension, power steering and brakes, as well as the bench seat, tilt steering column, and cruise control.

Ron added a set of Cragar S/S wheels, and he did the interior in

saddle-and-cream. He adds that with the cruise set and the a/c on, it's a pleasant freeway flier.

WHO: Matt Sorenson WHERE: Portland, Oregon WHAT: '07 Dodge Charger R/T

In the past, court officers like Matt—a juvenile parole officer in Portland—relied on four-door A-Bodies and B-Bodies to get around. Matt's '07 R/T isn't anything like those low-optioned "fleet specials."

On top of the R/T's standard 5.7L Hemi, Matt's added a functional Shaker hood by Classic Design Concepts. There's also a Magnaflow exhaust, 22-inch Demoda wheels, a lowering kit, custom black leather seats with red stitching, and sharp custom two-tone paint.

Matt says that the young offenders that he works with love this car. He often tells them that if they can get their lives on track, find a career to settle into, and learn to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of being an adult, they can own a car like this without resorting to crime. Though not all of them listen to this message, they sure do pay attention when he pulls away from the curb!

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