start the engine without talking to someone who knows what to do. Thanks.

Nathan Hayes


No problems here, Nathan. The early flat-tappet stuff goes right into later hydraulic roller blocks, and function perfectly. In fact, I believe the factory used such a combination in some applications as OE.

I own a '65 Barracuda with a 273 engine and automatic transmission. Is there anyone making an aftermarket fuel injection for the small-block Mopar? Thank you.

Albert Lewallen

Albert, I like your plan. An injected 273 can make a nice little street engine that can work well in a light car, and get good mileage. There are several approaches to fuel injection, depending upon just what you are looking to do. A simple throttle body injector can bolt on to replace the carburetor. Holley offers the TBI systems, and I have used these with good results. These are universal kits.

For a complete, turn-key port fuel-injection system, Edelbrock has complete kits specific to the small block Mopar. The Edelbrock kit has everything you need from the fuel pump to the EFI manifold, electronics, and wiring.


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