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Back on SLP's dyno the D.U.I. put out five more rwhp than the team of MSD ignition components. We did reuse the MSD Super Conductor plug wires for a fair comparison. After testing we changed to Performance Distributor's Livewires plug wires. The Livewires are a high-quality spiral core wire with a heat resistant sleeve for protection from exhaust heat.


Previous testing has shown the Mini VIP helps the ignition produce a stronger spark for better combustion—that means more power. We mounted the Mini VIP (18-volt step-up regulator) right where the ballast resistor once resided. We plugged in the Mini VIP, which changed the 13.5 volts that went to the D.U.I. into 18-volts. In return the D.U.I's increased voltage to the plugs gave us a gain of five hp to the tires. The added firepower changed the A/F from 12.8 to a lean and mean 13.0. On a cooler day (it was 72-degrees, 77-percent humidity) we would have re-jetted the carb to a richer fuel mixture for a few more hp. Realizing over 10-more rwhp from the Performance Distributor products, we felt that was quite an accomplishment with less clutter under the hood. MM

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