Screwtype Superchargers

Screw-Type superchargers, also known as twin-screw, or Lysholm compressors, are very similar externally to Roots style superchargers. They are both positive displacement pumps, and each house a pair of multi-lobe, helical, meshing rotors. But while the two rotors of the screw-type are contained in a case that usually sits atop the intake, just like the Roots, internally, the units are engineered very differently. First, the rotors in a screw-type compressor spin toward the center, or down where they meet, instead of toward the case, or up where they meet, like a Roots supercharger. Next, the rotors of a screw-type blower having a male and female rotor instead of symmetric rotors like the Roots.

Based on an evolved version of a simple screw-type water pump developed by the Greek inventor Archimedes around 200 B.C., the intermeshing spiral rotors of a modern screw-type supercharger are precisely engineered for maximum

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