I have a '33 Dodge coupe with a 360 engine and an 833 with a Pistol Grip. I've been interested in replacing my 360 with a 340 Six Pack and was excited to see your "Six Pack Flashback" article in the August issue; however, while you gave part numbers for many of the Mopar crate engine pieces, you failed to give a part number for the complete assembly. What number should I give my local parts dealer? Or, would my local parts dealer laugh at such a request because I need to go to only limited dealers? Thanks for any help.

John Wood, Philomath, OR


John, we're as happy as you are that Mopar has reissued the 340 Six Pack, and as you read, it lives up to its reputation. To get one, all you need to do is go to your local dealer, and order PN P5153526.


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