Killer Krates

Ail ol the engines in our "Killer Krale" series leature the following:

• Pump Gas Compression

• Hydraulic Camshaft

• Aluminum Cylinder Heads

• All New Components

• Complete from Inlafce lo Oil Ran

408" SB Killer «rate

500 HP/5 25 Torque $6,999

470' BB Street Krate 540HP/575 Torque 16,393

505" BB Killer Krate 650HP/650 Torque 19,993

528* Hemi Killer Krate 670HP/67Q Torque $15,495

505' Max Wedge Krate 675HP/675Torque $10,495

622" King Krate

875HP/B50 Torque $15,495

There are many options including dyne testing, ignition system, solid and hydraulic roller cams, 2x4 Intakes, high compression, all for an additional change, please call for details.

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