January 2010

would be a good idea. "Ok," I said, "I'll get my truck keys."

I get the door moved, the drywall hung, and now the spackling can start. "Hey, I thought I had drywall mud here" was my next statement. I didn't, but, the home improvement store does. Guess where I went?

After the drywall is spackled and smooth, it's the evening before I leave for my trip. This is when Paula reminds me how nice it would be if she had water in the kitchen before I left—oh yeah, I know what that means. It means that simply putting a bucket of water in the middle of the kitchen would be a bad move. So I proceeded to temporarily install a couple cabinets so I could install the sink. Crap, the water shut-off valves need to be replaced—where'd I put my truck keys? When I get home and fix the shut offs, I feel it's time to install the new countertop. Well guess what, the color doesn't look right—back to the store we go! I got the water turned on at o-dark-thirty the night before I had to leave, but I made it.

When I return from my trip, I remove the temporarily installed cabinets and sink and get ready to paint the walls—here's an experience I won't soon forget. Apparently, while I was gone, Paula had time to really look at the color I had begun to slather on the wall. Guess what? The burgundy/maroon color I had chosen didn't seem to overwhelm her, so it's back to the store. After looking at what seemed like five thousand different color samples, we came to one conclusion. I say we, but guys you know what I mean. Yep, we settled on the burgundy/maroon.

After the painting was done, I am finally hanging the cabinets on the wall when—"You have to be kidding me!" The last two cabinets I need to hang are wrong. It's funny how 24-inch cabinets will not fit in spaces made for 18-inch cabinets—back to the store. I found out that it will take a couple weeks to get the two right cabinets, so I grab some of the trim molding I'll need, and head for home.

I would have never thought that there was even a remote possibility that the young man that helped me load the moldings in my truck would not have noticed that there were two different kinds being loaded, but he didn't—neither did I. Yep, I know it now—I'll be right back. There was actually one point when I travelled to another location/branch of the store, because the lady at the register I had been frequenting actually said, "back again, huh?" I mumbled something under my breath and got what I needed.

Anyway, the job is done, and I learned a valuable lesson from it. That lesson is, when it comes to working on houses I might have to think about calling someone else next time. Nah, I can manage. The store is close if I need anything.

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