540 MPH 505 ftPH


Improve the driving and handling qualities ot your Chrysler Product with a F^T Performance POLYGRAPHITE Front End Kit featuring POLYGRAPH HE Suspension Bushings! You'll benefit from better road handling performance, tne self-lubricating action of graphite, and our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Call and order a Performance POLYGRAPHITE Front End Kit for | your car today!

Kits contain:

2 Upper Bill Joints 2 Lower Ball Joints

2 Outer Tie Rod Ends _

Contra) Arm Bumpers (for most models} Molt Models

4 POLYGRAPHITE" Upper inner Control Arm Bushings 2oM POLYGRAPH FTE' or OE type Lower Control Ann Bushings 2 POLYGRAPHITE Strut Rod Bushings (as required) 2 POLYGRAPHITE Stabilizer Links (Bott and sleeve type links only) 2 POLYGRAPHITE Sway Bar Bushings (for most models}

Limiteú Lifetime Warranty


Torsion Bars

Torsion Bar rates in classic musclecats fall well short of those In high-performance vehicles manufactured today. PST makes Torsion Bar upgrades easy with performance bars to suit your application. Set ultimate handling for your Mopar - outer today1

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