Hood clearance for the Hemi D.U.I. was checked using our '67 Coronet, equipped with an RB Wedge. The hood closed, but as you can see, the pink play-dough shows how the top edge of the coil cover was up against the hood. On our '67, the hood bracing didn't come close to the distributor. We tried the Hemi DUI using a friend's 440-powered '64 Fury, and we couldn't close the hood. The hood bracing was in the

The coil cover on the left will become standard issue for the Hemi D.U.I. to aid in needed hood clearance. The cover on the right is featured on all the other D.U.I. distributors. The new cover will add nearly an inch of needed hood clearance for the tall distributor.

Further competition for the Hemi D.U.I. would be your typical street type ignition. Vic Palumbo's '66 Charger features a Indy-headed 493-inch Wedge, and the ignition is an MSD Pro Billet distributor and a 6AL box and Blaster coil, with 8.5mm Super Conductor plug wires. We baseline tested the MSD ignition on SLP's SuperFlow SF840 chassis dyno.

We checked hood clearance with the stock-type H.E.I. coil/cap cover and gained the needed clearance (see the pink play dough). The Hemi D.U.I. may have fit under the hood of our 67 R/T, but don't expect it to fit under any Shaker, Air Grabber, or Ramcharger equipped hoods.

The fender well area gained a cleaner appearance without the MSD ignition box, coil, and wiring. The DUI distributor made its presence known—it's big, tall and intimidating. We set the timing at the same 39-degrees total, and the Wedge idled noticeably smoother and the throttle response felt better. Ditto for our road test.

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