Improve high power traction! CalTrac Bar Assembly avaifabte in 20" or 22" front segments Specily inhoard or slocK fronl hangers C a ITra c b a r k its .. S 3 39,9 5

Save 20 pounds of unsprung weightl

Compliment your CalTracs wflh split monoieaf springs custom tanoted to your application for streel or simp *

twekv 90/10 Shocks

I Finally a 9EV10 shock thai Is easy to pull apart' ■ New shock specifically designed for maximum P woqht transfer Dual siege yalying on tne $117.95 pr Compression allows the car to settle on (he top end

S359 95 $35995 $385.95


P.O. Box 239 Roseville.MI 48066

"JL-LJ■—f-1—LJ^LJ-ß-^J information: 586-790-4100 Call Today \ Fax Line: 586-790-4136

^_ HH^BHH^^^H _. [ Rtmm «ne* 30 atf» nOKt to Wn_wmTn- on yoei owjw. Pipama rxm mho s Hours: Mon

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