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As Shannon installed the ducting for the system, I pitched in The system is protected from over-boost by this surge, or and began changing the spark plugs. ProCharger recommends "blow-off" valve. If the throttle is closed suddenly after full plugs that are one or two heat ranges colder than the factory installed boost, this valve opens so the system doesn't create enough pressure plugs for optimum performance. to damage any engine components.

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The air inlet is a tight fit, placing the air filter behind the supercharger above the driver side valve cover.

Completed, the ProCharger HO system looks like it could be a factory installation. All the pieces fit precisely into the tight confines of our Challenger's engine bay, leaving enough clearance around major components so that servicing and maintaining the system won't be a problem. With a little trimming to clear the new air filter, the factory engine cover can be reinstalled.

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