2 02 intake valve Dual solid or roller springs 3/8 stem valves Mil, CNC chambers $200 00

$100 00

Magnum Valve Covers

Black wrinkle cast aluminum Magnum valve cover set High strength cast aluminum covers ate more ngid than stamped steel Moper Performance pentastar IOQO Cat mlo V- , each cover Sel includes two valve covers, two * ot filler caps, baffle package, gaskets and pommels Sel as shown $169.00

Front Timing Chain Cover Kit

Aluiwiumtiming chain caver, aluminum , 6 blade water pumps chrome timing cover and pump boll lei. liming cover, w , seal and gaskets Kit price 1199.00 O Hole Megnum engines require fuel pump block ofi pure

Mopar Magnum Aluminum Intake

Increase youi horsepower without _

sacrificing low end loripje. 2600.6600 rpm. 5-5«* lall. dual carb boll patlem with _

EFI bosses P4510017 $199 00

Electronic Control Box — ss

P4120505 Orange box 6000 RPM $39 00 F— P4120534 Chrome box B000 RPM $8100 —-

Small Block Rotating Kit

40S" Econo Small Stock Rouiing ^frflP0^-*' Kit For The 360

4 00 stroke. caal steel crank. Speed Pro cast ptstons-9 5 to 1 Eagle SIR rods, ARP bolts. Mopar crank, 4 0Q £ 4 020 bore $995.00 or assembled short block $2895.00

A-Engine Blocks

P5007552 340 replacement Mock non siamese 4 bolt main 9 560 deck $2665.00 P5153478 340 replacement block siamese. 4 Don mam. 9 560 deck $2665 00 P4876674AC R3 smell block, non Siamese. 48 degree lift angle 9.560 deck $2665.00

360-1 Kit for the Small Block

380-1 Kit - Rectangle Port

Complele kit includes heads assembled wtth 360-4 rocker assembly 1.5 or 1 B. 360-9K push rod kit 380-14 rocker shafts — >j_i LXS -360-lt rocker sluds,360-3 mlake. 360-13 On Sale bead bolts, head, intake and exhaust gaskets $3182,00 3E0-2 Kit - Oval port $3187.00 CNC porting on 380-1 he«t 24 5cc $1,000 00 CNC portrng on 360-2 head. 230cc * 1.000.00 Upgrade either lo fil 48 degree block $1050 00

A-Engine Cam and Lifter Kits

Magnum Small Block Hydraulic Roller

Works with mechanical fuel pump 441V 430 ■204/206 HR112 ldFe-4700 RPM Cem and titters Fits Magnum block $295.00 Magnum Small Block Crane Hydraulic Hollar

For EFI or carb with electric fuel pump 467/462 200/ 216 HR112

Idle 5600 RPM Cam and lilters «Magnum block $395.00 Magnum Small Block Crane Hydraulic Roller

Works with mechanical fuel pump

501/ 513 220/ 234 HR108

idle 6000 RPM Cam and [liters m Magnum block $395.00 Magnum Hydrsylkc Roller Lifters

Sel of 16 win yokes

Fits Magnum biodes (lifters and yokes only) $95.00 LA Smalt Stock Hydraulic Flat Tappet

5081506 249/248 H 10a Idle 6500 RPM cam only, fits LA block $99.00

Moroso Small Block Oil Pan

Wei sump Fits LA or Magnum 360

8 Ql capacity 10* deep sump Antl slosh baffling Slock core based Slreet performance Unpamted steet pan Clean 4" stroke wl steel rods Compatible wilh mosl staler / It yw heel combinations Pan (#247001. pick up (»247001 and pump (250 00

Canton Small Block Oil Pan

This small block circle I reck, drag or street pan n for 360 on^rws in a chassis where a rear sump oil pan _ _

long. 15* wide sump and 8 quart capacity

Features trapdoor baffles, directional runners, boll In slosh bafflo and crank scraper Includes provision for pan mounted dipstick. temp Titling and magnetic drain plug

11-510 Canton pan $275 OOjpan only) Fits LA or Magnum 360

5 Quart Center Sump Oil Pan, Pump and Pick Up

Mew unpamted pan with Melfing pumpl end Mopar Performance pick up

Fits LA or Magnum 360 189 00

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