Hue The Valiant

WHO: David & Cindy Pennington WHERE: Indio, California WHAT: '69 Plymouth Valiant

Dave and Cindy's Valiant is a California high desert car, which was in rough (but rust-free) shape when they found it.

Instead of the original 170 Slant Six, there's a 318-inch LA engine in it now that's graced by a Carter four-barrel, new fuel and water pumps, bigger radiator and dual exhausts with Cherry Bomb mufflers. (A "healthy" stroked small-block is in the works.) The transmission's a rebuilt 904, and the chassis got new brakes and Cragar S/S wheels (14-inchers in front, 15s in back) mounted on Cooper tires all around.

Bodywork consisted of replacing the hood, driver's door and trunklid, then painting it Viper Red. Inside, a pair of buckets replaced the stock bench, and the seats, door, and side panels got new black-and-white upholstery.

They've named it "Joanie" in honor of Dave's mother-in-law, who has passed and is missed by Dave and Cindy. MM

HOW TO DO IT >> One of the questions we're most go on the pavement. Speaking of pavement, taking a one nice engine shot is all it takes. Finally, if the frequently asked is, "How do I get my car in Mopar picture of your car simply parked in your driveway will pictures aren't in focus, or the car is not completely

Muscle?" That's easy: Send us soito pics and info work, but it doesn't make your car look its best. Find in the picture, we can't use them. Now get those about your car, and we'll go from there. There are a a nice clean piece of road—be it a dirt road, blacktop, cars out there and start snapping pictures.

few image guidelines we hope you'll follow, though. concrete—whatever, just not grass. Send your digital images (at least 300 dpi)

First, a picture of your car in the middle of the show Finally, if you plan to email your info, please and information (remember to include your city field with the hood up is not what we want to see. don't send us an email that is more than 3 and state) to [email protected], or snail

Take a look at the feature photography within our megabytes; we simply will not get it. So, remember mail your print images and info to Mopar Muscle pages. Position your car so it looks its best. Also, to keep it simple: One nice portrait shot of the front magazine, PentaStars, 9036 Brittany Way, keep in mind that lawnmowers go on the grass; cars three-quarters of the car; one nice interior shot; and Tampa, FL 33619.




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