High Impact

PAINT AND BOD1 The doors and quarters were repaired from rust damage. A T/A-style scoop was added in addition to fiberglass front and rear spoilers. The car was sent to Barton Collision to be stripped and sprayed down in Prowler Flame Orange. After paint, Rallye stripes were applied. INTERIOR: The blue plaid interior is long gone. Black parts from a donor '72 and new parts from YearOne have revamped the interior. A leather wrapped steering wheel, A/R Racing seats, and a Pioneer/Kenwood stereo make the interior a bit more comfortable. Auto Instruments rebuilt the gauges and Fast Recovery recovered the seats.

a dyno for tuning. Without the assistance of the NOS nitrous kit, the Challenger sent 605 hp to the rear wheels. This was enough motivation to propel him to 11.22 at 127 mph at the Mopars at the Strip event in Las Vegas in 2009.

Now that the 15-year project is completed, Chris can sit back and start enjoying his Challenger on the streets of Spokane. "I built the car to do everything well. I wanted it to win car shows, drag race, road race, and autocross. It does just that."

At the 2009 MATS in Vegas, Chris took first place in the E-Body Modified class and that got our attention. Chris' Challenger goes to show that not all addictions are bad, especially not ones that involve going fast in a '72 Challenger. MM


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