High Impact Resto

Mowadays, it's getting tougher to find project-ready E-Body Mopars. There's our own Project Tetanus Shot, (i.e. Big Challenge), which had almost as much rust as intact steel on it when we found it. But it was Chris Santomero's luck to find less than that—and end up with a 'Cuda that looks like this.

When he went to Carlisle back in 2005, he'd been looking for a Mopar project for a while. "I had my heart set on it, and I was watching the prices for them go up," he recalls from his Bedford, New York, home. "That's when I knew I wanted a car that was in disarray so I could make sure it went together correctly from start to finish, instead of getting someone's project car that they couldn't finish. I wanted to get one from the very beginning and work through the whole car step by step."

He got his wish, and he came home with what looked more like a massive trailer load of parts than a '70 'Cuda. "It was disastrous!

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