High Impact

BODY: Fuselage-type '71 Charger; last of the hot designs to leave Detroit in the mid-size body range.

PAINT: FJ6 Go Green, replicated by Bruce Pardo using Sikkens paint.

INTERIOR: Retrofit upgrades like Rallye dash and fresh buckets. We'd do it, too . . . BEST PERFORMANCE: Street corner Gran Prix, and possibly outrunning the Vegas mob!

to all FJ6-hued cars). Coupled with the white top, white interior, and white longitudinal stripe, it is a combination that really works on what could be termed as an extreme color.

The Mopar restylings of 1971 were the beginning of the last hurrah of the muscle car era designs, and Brent ended up with a visible all-around package that highlights what the Charger was all about—classic style and horsepower. It took first place for the stock B-Body machines at the 2007 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals. Even if it wasn't an R/T . . . MM

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