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Via moparmusclemagazine forum

Wow, tell us how you really feel, and this time, please use spell check. I'm sorry you don't like the engine challenge articles, but from the responses we get from the majority of our readers, it's a popular segment—anyone else disagree?

As far as our feature cars being "moneybag" builds as you put it, we very seldom feature cars like that, but will on occasion. The occasional high-dollar feature car shows readers what's possible, and hopefully gives them ideas of things they can do to their own car. However, contrary to what you might think, most of the feature cars we use are found at car shows, and before we even mention shooting a car to an owner, we do our best to find out the "story" behind it. Finding a car to feature is easy; there are so many great looking cars. But finding one that has a history with the owner and a story about the build of the car is the hard part.

We don't like to feature "check built" cars that will end up as focal cars at the SEMA show and then Barrett Jackson—although we have been duped occasionally. Like you said, it is about the average Joe.

Finally, the Fast Facts section of each feature is basically just an overview section for someone to get some quick information about the car; it's not meant to replace the feature.



I was reading the October 2009 issue and saw the "Are We Idiots?" box and had to send you an email. No, you're not idiots, and in fact, your articles and interviews, especially the pictures, are phenomenal. However, as an owner of a '70 Plymouth Fury III, I feel as though Mopar Muscle magazine, as well as other magazines and even Mopar junkies love to discriminate against this particular model. What's wrong with the Fury III? I'm getting tired of seeing the same Challengers, 'Cudas, and Chargers! Can you please, for me, as a loyal and dedicated subscriber have at least one issue with something to do with a '70 Plymouth Fury III? It's hard finding parts for the thing, and when I visited Carlisle, for the All-Chrysler Nationals, there were two Plymouth Fury IIIs, one was mimimmimmmmimmmmiimm a rusty piece of junk for sale and the other belonged to me. It's the nicest looking "land yacht" out on the road, and I think a little respect and homage to the old gal would do Mopar fans and Fury owners justice. I'll be more than happy to send a photo of me and the Fury if you'd like. She's looking better every day. Despite my earnest plea, thanks for putting out a great magazine. But please help me out here!

Rowland George, Atlantic City, NJ

problem getting new front fenders. We have bought all of our body panels through Auto Metal Direct (AMD) and they tell us they have no plans on making fenders for '70 Chargers. I have done a lot of web searching but no luck. Do you know of a place I could contact for front fenders? Thank you.

Jeff St. Germain, Syracuse, NY

Via moparmusclemagazine.com

Jeff, as you're finding out, fenders for your car are hard to find. However, you're not completely out of luck. You have a couple of choices, and I'll start with the one closest to where you live. Contact either Tony's Parts (www.tonysparts. com), Stephens Performance (www. stephensperformance.com), or Desert Valley Auto Parts (www.DVAP.com). All three of these places specialize in used parts, and I almost guarantee that you'll find whatever you need. MM

Rowland, It's not that we discriminate against C-Bodies. Heck, we even did a project car C-Body a year or so ago. When we go to events, we also try to look for good quality cars to feature that have a good story behind them. When it comes to C-Bodies—as you've noticed—there are usually not too many showing up.

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