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Like baseball goes with hotdogs, or apple pie with ice cream, a Hemi engine and a blower just seem to be a good match. Even in the early years of racing, adding a supercharger to a Hemi engine simply gave the racer a seemingly unfair advantage over the competition. So it's little wonder that sanctioning bodies would either ban or severely handicap the Hemi engine when it would dominate a racing class, giving the other competitors a chance. This process led to Hemi-powered cars eventually competing against themselves in classes like SS/AH, which happens to be the quickest and fastest Super Stock class on the NHRA roster. Blown Hemis were relegated to a similar fate, as they also now primarily compete against themselves in Top Fuel and Fuel Funny Car classes, powering the quickest accelerating cars on the planet regardless of which manufacturer's body is affixed to the chassis.

Another place the Hemi ended up is at the Chrysler or Dodge dealership in your local area. Knowing the efficiency of the hemispherical combustion chamber, several years ago Ma Mopar decided to reintroduce the Hemi engine in trucks and passenger cars, and made up for the somewhat smaller than 426-inch displacement with modern components like fuel injection, aluminum cylinder heads, a roller camshaft, and two-plug per cylinder high-energy ignition. Last September, we picked up a new '09 Dodge Challenger R/T from our local dealer, Citrus Dodge in Dade City, Florida, and were immediately impressed with the well-rounded

Carbon Fibcrr Hood Stïipes

Shaker Hood with Painted Matte Black Scoop - Part # 8040-M4

Shaker Hood with Painted Silver Scoop - Part # 8041-N14

Shaker Hood with Unpainted Scoop - Part# 8042-M4

Carbon Fiber Shaker Hood Stripes - Part #7247-M4

Easy to install Carbon Fiber vinyl hood stripes for Shaker Hoods #8040, #0041 & #8042. Stripes are also available In Matte Biack arid Silver.

Cervini's Cold Ram Air Systems ADO 1S Hp Ovtr Your Factory Air Bon' 450 Hp-1-1-1-1——-

M Cold Ham Alt SyLletn ■ Stock Air Box

Our Shaker Hood Includes an Engine Mounted Shaker Scoop, with Billet Aluminum Inserts and a functional Cold Ram Air Kit which includes a 9" K&N High-Flow Conical Air Filter. Our Shaker Ram Air System isdyno proven to add up to 15 Horsepower! The Shaker Hood is made of premium hand laid fiberglass, while the scoop Scold ram airkilane made of injected molded urelhane. The hood bolls on utilizing all OEM hardware & features a fully finished underside liner which can be painted for a show quality appearance.

Cervini's Ram Air Kit Utilizes Your Factorv Challen er Hood!!

C440 Side Exhaust with Skirts & Rear Valance Covers - Part # 8043-M4 $1,459.00

Cat-Back Oual stainless Steel 2.5" manderel-bent Side exhaust system and polished Cast aluminum exhaust tips, side skirts and rear valance splitters cover exhaust exits on stock bumper

C440 Side Vinyl Stripe Kit ■ Part M 7251-M4 $149.00

Matte Black VinyfSlde Stripe Kit Is also available without C440 Logo (Part #7248).

C440 20" Wheel Package - Part # 7250-M4 $1,349.00

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy, 1-piece Gunmetal Design with Mirror Cut Face and Lip (20x8.5 Fronts & 20x10 Rears). C44D 20" Wheel & Tire Package ■ Part # 7252-M4 $2,299.00

C440 Wheel Package with Nitto Invo Tires (245/45/20 Fronts & 275/40/20 Rears).

C440 Challenger Wing

Part #2220-M4 $299.00

No Need for Drilling! Bolts on using factory spoiler mounting holes

Cervini's Ram Air Kit Utilizes Your Factorv Challen er Hood!!

08-09 Challenger Ram Air Kit - Part # 4385-M4 S299.00

Make your factory Ram Air Hood Fully Functional! The Cervini Ram Air Kit Installs to the undeside of your Factory Hood, and has been proven with an onboard diagnostic system to increase 1/4 mile performance You will experience Increased Ihrottle response and gams In horsepower from 40mph to 70mph and above.

Upper Billet Grille - Part#7162-M4 $249.00

Lower Billet Grille - Part # 7163-M4 $179.00

Front Spoiler Splitters - Part # 4379-M4 $199.00

08-09 Challenger 2.5" Cowl Hood - Part # 1193-M4 ...$495,00

Finished underside liner adds extra strength and can be painted for a show quality appearance. Bolls on utilizing OEM hood hinges, latch and hardware. Windshield washer squirters are relocated and hidden under the hood. Highest point of hood rise: 2-1/2". Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood Stripes - Part # 7249-M4 $119,00 Easy to install carbon fiber vinyl hood stripes Stfipes are also available in Matte Black and Silver.

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