October's Summit Trivia Contest was a tricky one judging by the number of entries we received. It seems like a lot of you haven't seen the most-flamboyant Exner Era Mopars for a while, if ever. That's too bad, because the question dealt with those big-finned beauties.

Here it is again: How were the power door locks actuated on 1961-model-year Chryslers and Imperials? The answer: vacuum (not electric).

William Cashman of Brisbane, California, was the first one with the correct answer ("That's my answer, and I'm sticking to it!" he wrote)...and, as luck would have it, he also got his entry to us from his home in Northern California fllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli

(and hand-painted) detail.

Or, if there's a historian/old drag racer on the list, check out the Legendary Dragstrip Steel Signs: Relive the glory days of drag racing with these laser-cut and powdercoated signs for gone-but-not-forgotten tracks like Lions Drag Strip (seen here), Detroit Dragway, and Motor City Dragway.

Or, take a look at Genuine Hotrod hardware's website, and do a little gifting research for the holidays...for upcoming birthdays...or for any good reason you can think of!


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