Tune for maximum power with our Wide-Band Digital Air/Fuel Meters

Available in single or dual sensor units, these easy-to-use digital air/fuel meters enable you to read two wide-bard 0, sensors tor maximum tuning accuracy. The built-in data logger provides a digital on-screen playback of recorded information - no iaptop required. Don't settle for cheap knock-offs, tune like a pro.

► Available for card & EFI engines that use gasoline, diesel & alternative fuels

► Includes built-in data logger with onscreen playback (no laptop needed), external data logger outputs, digital gauges & narrow-band simulator

► Built-in calibration delivers A/F readings to a lighted, full graphical display

Wide-Band Air/Fuel Gauge Kit

Ibis value-priced kit Includes a r highly accurate 2 1/16" gauge, Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor & standalone sensor control unit Ideal for monitoring fuel tune, this kit Is a "mtist-have'' for your street/strip vehicle.

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