Carbureted Fuel Pumps Are State Of The

1791 120 GPH( free lto<wl. IfB'NPr.nleltouttel for carbirefed applcations £149 95

(792 160 GPH (tree ttow|. 1/2" NPT intel/oullel rot carbureted applications £204 85

Heavy Duty Motor Dolly

For small blocks Wetded steel construction is fine plated for long life. AH mounting hardware is included as are casters

MRE10175 A Engine Dolly

MRE10176 B'RB Engine Dolly MRE1Q177 426 Heim Engine Dolly

The world leader in Hi Performance Technology

A engine & accessory laslener V*s This kit has everything you nesd to (tress up your engine lots feature chrome moty sleet or staniess 300 Senas fasteners lhal are fnr superior lo hardware grade bolts

Engine Accessory Kits

M5-9S01 BJRB Stainless 300 12 poini £15355

544-9801 A Engine Chrome Moly Kejc i 129 95

544-9701 A Engine Chrome Mnly 1?pt £129.95

544-9601 A Engine Stainless 300 he« £157 95

544-9S01 AEngine Slamless300 12p< £157 96

545-9901 B R/B Chiwne Moty Hex £t25 95 545-9701 B R/B Chrome Moiy 12 poml £12595 545-9601 BTRB Stainless Stool 300 hex ¡149 35

High Strength Rod Bolt Sets

144-6001 A Engine Rod Boll Set £S9 95

145-6001 7716 429 Hemi Rod Bo* Sel £85» 145-6002 B-R/6 t 392 Hemi £59 95

ARP Waveloc Rod Bolts

145-6402 B/RB Waveloc Soil Sal £61 95 1.1:1.1'HrViTTI-TT^^^^^^^^^^M

145-5601 426 Hemi Engines-hex £57 95

240-5501 AEngine YVilti Windage Tray £73 95

144-4001 A Engines- hai null £95 95

144-4002 AEng-W-2orEdelbrock-He« £130 95

145-4003 426 Herrn 7716' He* nuts £167 95 145-4011 (ndyR/B Heads-He* nuts £153 96 145-4000 B/RB Edetbrock Heads-Hen £142 95

1*4-3602 A Engines 273-360 Hen head £63 95 145-3606 BTRB Engines Hex liead £69 95 145-3901 426 Street Komi £16995

B/RB Single Line External Oil Kit

B.R6 Hemi kits include Meiling Hi volume oil pump external oil plate, external hose and pick up With fittings Choose between static pick up or swinging pick up MRS 166 Sialic Pick Up Syslem S349 95

MR El 69 Swinging Pick Up System S3999S

XS Adjustable Mo par Starter

HIGHEST TORQUE most efficient Mopar starter No heel soak problems Billet adaptor a 4 1 Goar reduction Cranking power up id 16 1 9523 Moper XS Slarter Indexable £305 95

9513 Mopar XSSlanor-Fined £224 95

1960 s and 1970 s Replacement Styla Starters

3257 1B60's-7ffs Stock Startet £148 95

Chrysler Electric Small Block Water Pump

Durable 12 votl motor pumping up lo 35» gallons pet mrnule Each pump is made from durabto. but tight wcighi die-cast aluminum wrlh epoxy powder coating for common resistance Comes with FREE brtlet alumnum backing plale rnaling weather tight connector and inlet fitting Draws 6 amps.

6B232R Red Pump Kit £219 95

66232BK Black Punp Kil £219 95

6B232B Blue Pump Kit .. £21995

GB232C Chrome Pump Kit £239.95

Tubular Upper Control Arm Sets

AM corned aims are jig buil Mi arc *etded «id po*oer coated They come with MOCG bat! pOTs. jrehane siner bushing and bump slops Mjjstable mounting Car tie used wrlh shorl or fall spindles Arms also avarfatte with quality hemi Joints

73-76 A Body Large Bail Jneil £299.36 62-7i ASody Wilh Ball Jositi £349 95 £7-72 B Body 70-74 £ Body £29995 ContrafArr™ wtth Heim Joints £3t995

New Tubular K-Member with Rack and Pinion Steering

Available for A bodies 67-76 and al B end E boodies. The A body design is good tor txrth small block and t»g block Thn B'F body rack ts designed for Ihe smell block, big block and Hemi engine piatlorms Retail pnee n £3250 if you supply the spindles or £3500 for the complele eat up For street or strip Kit Includes:

Upper and Lower Tubular Control Arms Dynamic Strut Bais Tubular H Frame Rack and Pinion System Factory Spindle Inlogration Syntnrj UrtiverMi Steering Joint Facloiy Steering Shall Coupler, One Set of Lower Ball Joints Mourning Hardware Powder Coaled in Any Color Available Options Available: Tow Hooks (Mo cost) Mo Motor Mounts for engine plate users)

Subtract £75 00 Factory Sway Bar Tabs fno cost) Sway Bar Set Up Installed CAPS116 ABodyRSPK Member Assembly CAP6117 B Body RSP K Member Assembly CAP&11S E Body RSP K Member Assembly

Eagle "ESP" Chrysler Rods

Certified' 4340 steeMightweighl up to 40 Grams -ARP 7/16" <8740 cap screw boils

- Silicone bronze Q pm bushings -Packaged in matched sels

Small Block Engines 273/316/3407360

CRS6123C1D 3406 121'/ 994 ptn

Big Block Engines CRS63S6C3D 363 0.356" / 1.09 pin CRS6780C30 440 B 76" M .09 pin CRS676O03D 440 6 76'f 990 pm CRS6660C3D Hem, 6 66" /1 03 pin R6 Slrokor Enginat 1.200" Chevy Crank pin 1.990 CRS6385C3D 400 Block / 440 crank CRS6700C3D6 700-220" rod CRS67B0C1D6 760-2 200" rod CRS7100C3D7 100-2.200' rod

Modern Muscle CNC Ported High Velocity Throttle Body 5.7/6.1 L Hemi

Modem Muscle's new 5 angle CNC ported high velocity Hem« throttle body was developed lo help increase the flow of air through the stock Intake manifolds of Ihe new Hemi eo^lhes The slock B0 mm throttte body has shown on many engines to be s restriction on those engines This new venturt-like design increases power by providing more air flow

Csrs $439.95 I Trucks $419.95

6B232P Polished Kit



P.O. Box 239 Roseville.MI 48066 CALL TODAY II

I any of you guys know me well enough to know that like to do things myself. It's not that I'm cheap, it's that I can't afford to pay someone to do something that I am sure I can do. A lot of times, time—or the lack thereof—comes into play, and I have to rely on someone else. But overall, if I can do it, I do.

Being the editor of a car magazine requires me to handle a lot of facets of the job myself—again, money comes into play. And that's fine, I like to get greasy, and I like to travel. But recently, something came up that I had to figure out how to handle myself. Guys, all I have to say is Honey-Do List, and I am sure you all feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up and a shiver crawl down your spine. Plan on a day in the garage, and all is well. Plan on a day of house repairs, and I get visions of Paula standing immediately behind me, politely but firmly asking me, "are you sure that's how you want to do that?" It's usually at this point that I kick myself for not asking her opinion to begin with.

This time the job was big. The area needing attention wasn't necessarily large, but the job was. It was time to remodel the Bolig household kitchen. This was actually a pre-planned job for a later date, as we had already purchased the cabinets in anticipation of my non-travel time of year, but, when one evening a week before I was to leave for a

10-day trip I noticed Paula walking through the house with a claw hammer, I knew the schedule had changed. Normally, noticing something like her walking with an object capable of hurting, oh, I don't know, me, would cause concern for my well being. But this time I was sure I did nothing wrong—well, 90-percent sure. Apparently she thought it was time to start on the remodel, and if I have learned anything over the last 18 years, it's that when a schedule suits her, it also suits me—not vice-versa. So the remodel had begun.

The first morning of the accelerated schedule, I go to the local home improvement store. Luckily it's close to home, and you'll figure out why later. I get drywall, drywall screws, and some other miscellaneous items I think I'll need. As I remove the old drywall that needs replacing, I learn that wiring in old houses is not exactly run the way it should be. Example: When I turned off the breaker for the kitchen lights, I learned that the one receptacle in the master bathroom was on the same circuit—we found this out the hard way. Guess what, another trip to the store because I had to do some wiring. Finally, we're ready for drywall—or so I thought. Just before I start to hang the drywall, I hear, "Are you sure that's how you want to do that?" My head dropped to my chest, and I squeamishly say "I guess not." This is when I learned that replacing and moving the door that leads from the kitchen to the garage inniiiiiim

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