Body Dia Application

A 0.890 Restoration for 383 cars.

Improved small block handling A 0.92 Performance handling, Solo racing pre 73 B, all E 0.920 Restoration for 440 and Hemi Cars, improved small block handling pre'73 B, all E 0.960 improved big block and Hemi handling pre'73 B, all A 4 E 1.030 High Performance pre'73 0. all A & E 1.080 Ultra High Performance 73+ 8 1.140 High Performance 73+S 1.160 Ultra High Performance Red coating only available on Precision Machined.


S3B9 $299

Front & Rear Sway Bars Kits)

Stabilize roll and understeer In your musclecar with a Front or Rear Sway Bar Kit. Complete with installation hardware, kits Include PCLY6RAPHIIE Sway Bar Bushings and POLYGRAPH FTE Stabilizer Link Kits.

When ordered J with any Front End Kit '

When ordered J Separately

Order Toll Free or Online

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