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Lose Moobs Naturally Summary

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Reported Characteristics

Oral Dianabol was reported to be a highly effective mass AAS which provided impressive weight and strength gains. Most users experienced a 2-4 LB bodyweight increase per week with heavy water retention. With higher dosages gynecomastia (bitch tits) was a common negative side effect. Obviously much of this was avoided by those who reported co-addministration of Proviron and or Novladex. When stacked with a nandrolone, some gyno problems seemed to lessen. This was probably due to Nandrolones aromatization to a weaker estrogen called Norestrogen and the resulting mild anti-estrogenic effect that results in moderate dosage administration. Methandrostenlone becomes active in 1-3 hours with a half-life of about 3.5-4.5 hours. For this reason, dosages were spread through out the day to maintain blood serum concentrations at an elevated state. Massive dosages just were not necessary since a single 10-mg dose has increase androgen anabolic activity 5 times over normal with a correlating...

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In regards to Sustanon, I thought of it as a more cautious choice due to its time-released properties and that thinking wasn't far off. Mg per mg, Sustanon is known to cause less water retention and to be less likely to induce gynecomastia than other testosterones. Although the standard dose per vial is a walloping 250 mgs, Sustanon indeed, appears to be more mellow than an equal amount of other testosterones. As many experienced steroid users know, Sustanon is made up of a blend of four esters

Be Careful What You Wish

This may appear to be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how often this rule is broken. The reasoning is usually due to the fact that only certain drugs may be available. That doesn't make it okay Anadrol, Halotestin, Parabolin, and most testosterones are but a few that can cause irreparable damage. Although a milligram of steroid is a milligram of steroid in terms of the way it affects muscle cell, certain drugs have a lower risk to benefit ratio. But even steroids that are considered mild can have negative side effects. Deca-Durabolin has long been a popular choice among bodybuilders, mostly because it's a powerful anabolic with few androgenic side effect, yet new evidence suggests that Deca will still suppress the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis ) as much, if not more, than straight testosterone. It also produces progesterogenic effects making it a culprit in the development of bitch tits. (Gynecomastia) Winstrol and Anavar are potent oral steroids with a favorable...

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If you are thinking of taking mega doses of these products, be aware that prolonged periods of higher than normal levels of testosterone can cause side effects such as increased hair loss for those with a family history of male pattern baldness, enlarged prostate, impotence and acne due to increased oil gland activity. Another point you need to know about most prohormones is that a portion of the testosterone is converted to estrogen. The first prohormone on the market, Androstenedione, is notorious for this. This product can be converted it into estrogen much easier than into testosterone. Elevated estrogen levels in men will cause increased sensitivity and enlargement of the breast and nipple tissue. The medical term for this is gynecomastia, while the bodybuilder slang for this is bitch tits.

What is it supposed to do

SP has been used for centuries to improve sperm production, increase breast size, improve sexual vigor, as well as to improve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Saw Palmetto extract is often recommended as a cure all for everything from hair loss (MPB) to benign prostate enlargement (BPH) to gynecomastia. Saw Palmetto is commonly added to various supplement formulas or sold alone. It's particularly popular with companies selling andro products who claim the added Saw Palmetto (SP) will block any possible negative effects the androstenedione, andro-stenediol, etc., might cause. As andro supplements are now banned, at least in the US, it's a moot point these days. For non-athletes, Saw Palmetto - often combined with other herbs - has been a standard alternative treatment for BPH, an affliction that many men suffer from as they age. Some people are also under the impression that Saw Palmetto works as an anti estrogen and will block the conversion of testosterone into...

Wonder herb or wondrous scam

Saw Palmetto extract 1 is often recommended as a cure all for everything from MPB hair loss 2 to benign prostate enlargement BPH 3 to gynecomastia. For non athletes, Saw Palmetto-often combined with other herbs-has been a standard alternative treatment for BPH, an affliction that many men suffer from as they age. Some people are also under the impression that Saw Palmetto works as an anti estrogen and will block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen avoiding gynecomastia, also known fondly in bodybuilding circles as bitch tits.

Cycles And Effects An Opinion

Feminizing effects due to AAS aromatization (to estrogens) such as gynecomastia (breast swelling and fat dposits), female pattern fat deposits, and extreme softness to muscle tissue is possible. Also after AAS cycles, due to decreased HPTA function, low androgen levels can cause estrogen to become the dominant sex hormone. (*Please see HCG for more info)

Testosterone Boosters

This supposedly works through yet another mechanism to boost testosterone levels it minimises the aromatisation of testosterone into oestrogen. Aromatisation is a natural process in the body, whereby the more testosterone that is present, the more is converted to oestrogen. This reduces testosterone levels, and with the raised oestrogen, some female- like side effects like gynecomastia (formation of breast tissue in males), water retention and increased fat deposition my be apparent. Theoretically, products which block aromatisation are therefore advantageous. It has also been said that Chrysin may work well with the other testosterone boosters in a stack to give a synergistic effect.

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Males that experience hyperprolactinemia commonly develop hypogonadism (the shut down of the HPTA) with decreased sperm production, decreased sex drive and impotence. Those affected normally show breast enlargement (gynecomastia), but very rarely actually lactate. The gyno can initially manifest itself as an increase in fatty tissue under the lower pectorals and a puffy appearance to the areola and nipple.

We employed three types of estrogen control drugs with Frank

Contrary to what is often claimed, antagonists are not great at controlling water retention, in my opinion. Since they simply block receptor-sites they do not decrease the levels of circulatory estrogen. This means potential increased levels of aldosterone. They do have some positive effects upon water retention, but they were best utilized as a drug for prevention of gynecomastia (Gyno bitch tits) and female pattern fat deposits. Nolvadex and Cyclofenil are examples of antagonist.


The down side was the increased fat deposits the elevated estrogen levels brought. Since estrogen are anabolic in low dosages, some just do not care. Instead they rave about the weight and strength gains while enjoying amazing pumps. Males prone toward gynecomastia should have obviously avoided this drug unless wet T- shirts were the competition plan.

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AROMATIZE The reaction in the body where excess testosterone or androgens are converted to estrogen. Steroid users do not want this effect. Androgenic steroids are the ones that most often aromatize. Numerous side effects can occur, the most common being the development of breast tissue in men. Estrogen deposited in the mammary gland is called gynecomastia. Limiting the prolonged use of androgenic steroids and using only small dosages is the best way to prevent this effect. Dianabol, Anadrol, and Testosterones aromatize very easily. GYNECOMASTIA Abnormally large mammary glands in males. BITCH TITS are a popular gym term for Gynecomastia. RECEPTOR MAPPING This is a technique used in attempt to determine a certain steroid's effects on a given individual. Each person reacts differently to dosages of different steroids. Mapping is done in an effort to individualize dosages so that one maximizes gains while minimizing side effects. Mapping starts with recording a number of aspects of a...

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