Bottomline Bodybuilding

How you can safely take the drugs used by today's mass monsters to create the cartoon-proportioned, superhero physique most men will only dream of..." [Learn more... ]

Ironman Magazine excerpt...

"Several books are available that purport to be guides for producing massive physiques using various anabolic drugs. Most of these books are merely picture books of various drugs, with text that reads like it was copied from drug inserts... As such, they offer little practical value."

"One book differs in that respect. Chemical Muscle Enhancement."

"For those who are insistent in knowing just what the champs take, Chemical Muscle Enhancement is THE book to read. The author, Mr. Author L. Rea, has over 16 years of academic background, but more importantly, he has worked with athletes for over 20 years. I found it virtually error-free in the aspect of scientific facts."

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