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To this day, I don't feel completely comfortable talking about drugs. It's kind of like talking about sex, or religion, or politics. Opinions are varied and very personal and if one's perspective is in contradiction to anothers, it's a fair bet that it isn't going to be readily embraced.

Be that as it may, this is The Bottom Line. And there are some indisputable facts about steroids, irrespective of anyone's personal opinions about their use.

They work.

They will be used.

They aren't as dangerous as some people claim. They aren't as benign as some people claim.

I've been attacked on both sides of the fence on this issue. I've been accused of encouraging the use of steroids (which is absolutely not true). I've been accused of using steroids extensively (which is absolutely not true) and I've also been accused of being a total weenie and recommending pussy dosages and playing it way too safe. (Which may or may not be true.) I will say, my conservative use has given me a more accurate perspective than that of someone who uses high dosages and combinations of whatever he can get his hands on and then starts evaluating the effects of one or the other.

Another reason, maybe the main reason, I don't like talking about drugs is the fact that so many people don't really listen to what's being said. They hear what they want to hear. I had one 18 year old guy write to me asking my advice on what was a better stack; Deca and D-bol or Sustanon and Winstrol. I felt this guy needed a reality check so I let him have it. I said; "Here's some advice. Quit bodybuilding! If you can't make gains now, you never will. Real bodybuilding takes guts and hard work and you sound like you don't have it in you, so save yourself the time and trouble of injecting a substance of dubious origin into your bloodstream and take up an easier hobby."

His response?

" I do work hard, I just maxxed out my gains. So should I go with the Deca and D-Bol?" Ugh.

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