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tensing and bulging! After this hold, slowly return the weight, staying conscious of how the lats are stretching and widening.

The first exercise is a little unusual but it's terrific for building the teres major and adding width to the upper lats. It's called...

The Overhead Leaning Pulldown

Lean back from the lat machine so that the pulley is at a 60-degree angle. Pull rearwards, keeping elbows high and wide. As you bring the pulley bar downwards, lay back and drop chin to chest. Keep chest concave (hump back). Touch bar to the lower pec line -- hold for a count of 6 -- and repeat for 2 sets of 10-12 reps. Since the back is usually arched during back movements (to prevent injury) this is a movement that shouldn't be too heavy. Concentrate on form and feel throughout the full range of motion.

The next movement is a variation of the low row. Instead of sitting, though, you'll stand over the bench and hunch forward, emphasizing the belly of the lats and thickening them. This exercise is known as...

The Racing-Dive Lat Pull

Stand in the bent-over racing-dive position, as if you're about to dive into a pool. Your abdomen should be touching the thighs. The floor pulley should be approximately 16 inches off the floor. Extend arms and grasp the pulley, keeping head down. Pull inward with the elbows wide. Pull head rearwards and arch back while pulling the bar to the lower pec line. Remember that 6 second contraction! Release and repeat for 10 -12 reps. Do 3 sets.

The next move is an old stand-by with a twist. It's the... Underhand Close Grip Barbell Row

The most common version the barbell row involves using a wide overhand grip but in this case, the grip will be underhand and closer, hands about 6 inches apart.

With back arched and knees bent slightly, pull the bar to the waist, lowering it slowly and allowing for a complete stretch. The motion of pulling to the waist (rather than the chest) should be slow and deliberate. Pulling to the waist allows the arms to come down toward the line of the torso, greatly increasing the stress on the lower lats. The underhand (supinated) grip rather than the more common overhand grip also increases the involvement of the lower lats while the narrow grip increases the range of motion.

The key to this exercise is to concentrate on using the back muscles in a totally controlled movement, at a medium speed, while getting a full stretch and that 6 second contraction at the top of each rep. Perform 4 sets of 8-10 reps with good form. This movement will amaze you with its mass and strength building potential.

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