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(The other alternative would be 400mgs of Primobolan a week and 20mgs of D-bol a day which is the exact same overall dosage).

An excellent stack, and supposedly a favorite of Arnolds. Primobolan, however, is still the best drug, in my opinion, for the "health conscious" athlete looking to dabble.

But we can't discount the bottom line, and that is; testosterone provides the best bang for the buck -- and in all likelihood, a more "safe bang" than most anything else. ( besides Primobolan) It's all dosage dependent. 300 mgs of test is arguably milder than 400 mgs of Deca yet it will yield very similar, if not better, results.

Yeah, I know to some of you that sounds like a girlie girl cycle but we're being health conscious now, aren't we? Do the full 10 tabs of winny (20mgs) for three weeks. At the beginning of the fourth week, take 8 tabs for 2 days, then 6 tabs for 2 days, 4 tabs for one day, 2 tabs for one day and only one tablet on the last day.

The concept of reducing dosages is still controversial. Since the injectables have a long half life, they are, in a way, self tapering. You may be better off just coming off and allow the testicular pituitary axis to normalize as quickly as possible. Since the dosages suggested are so small, I don't think it would matter one way or the other.

Another idea is to just take a small amount of an oral in the morning. The theory here is that it will prevent catabolism but since the half life is just 4-6 hours you'll be "clean" by the time you go to sleep (when most LH is released) and the body can regenerate overnight. This is certainly worth a try but I wouldn't recommend extending the cycle in order to do it .

By the way, you may want to take them sublingually to allow for more of the drug to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and less through the liver. (The validity of this practice, however, is questionable.)

I spoke with Dan Duchaine about this and his viewpoint made sense. By bypassing the liver you also bypass the time in which the drug remains in your bloodstream. In any event, I don't think taking something sublingually is much different from just swallowing it.

Take your first 200 mg shot of Deca on day one. Wait three days and do another 200 mgs. Wait four days and do another 200 mgs. Five days later do 100 mgs of Deca. After a week, do your last shot of 100 mgs of Deca. In this way, there will be an abundance of the drugs in the bloodstream when the growth stage is at its peak and it provides enough of a gradual decrease to allow for the body to begin readjusting and "cleansing itself."

A crude non-technical term -- but you get the idea.

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