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Exercise #5: Alternating Raise Swings: *Hold a dumbell in each hand.

*With your left hand, raise the bell out to the side like a standard lateral raise, while simultaneously, raising your right arm up with the elbow bent at a 45 degree angle, twisting the arm so that the elbow is forward at the end of the movement and the dumbell is in front of your face.

*Return to the original position in a smooth rhythmic motion and repeat by switching the positions onto the opposing arm.

This movement can be done with a heavy weight for 6-8 reps or with a lighter weight for higher reps.

Exercise #6: The Swingbell Raise:

*Grab a heavy dumbell while it's on the floor with both hands.

*Keeping the legs apart and slightly bent, raise the weight from the floor to above your head in one sweeping motion.

This exercise works great as a warm up, an aerobic activity, a strength lift, and a terrific front deltoid builder.

Exercise # 7: Lying Bent Arm Quarter Laterals: *Lie down, sideways on a bench with a slight incline.

*Holding a heavy dumbell in your free hand, bend at the elbow.

*Now using just the shoulder muscles, raise the weight just a couple of inches so that your elbow and bell remain at the same height.

*Slowly and rhythmically lower it, but don't let it come to a total rest.

*Keep the weight moving within this range of motion for as long as possible. Repeat with the other arm.

*If you can continue this exercise for more than 30 seconds, you may need to slap on more iron. If you can do it for less than 5 seconds, back off on the weight a bit.

There you have it. Seven sensational exercises that are guaranteed to mold mighty delts. They may be different, but they're bound to work as well, if not better, than what you're doing now.

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