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that everyone was a personality. I was the "plain talk" guy. That lasted two issues. Bruce was the consumer watchdog. We were supposed to get Dan (Duchaine) but he wasn't interested. Anyway, Chris was a surprise to everyone. It was like, who's this? But whatever TC said, Chris loved, ya know? So anyway, he became the golden boy and I was viewed as the problem child.

Jim: That's not surprising. Sticking your nose up the bosses butt works. I see it all the time.

Jim: Personally, I can't read the site anymore. Every other article is an ad for Biotest. The writing is lame. Now they're doing things like interviews with male porn stars!

NM: Yeah, they put down the newsstand mags for having girlie pics but do interviews with guys whose job is to ejaculate in front of a camera. I don't get it... but what do I know?

Jim: Occasionally there's a good article but there isn't too much that's interesting.

NM: I know some good people who will contribute to the site now and then and I don't blame them for making a buck. My problem was that I was told I would be more than a contributor -- more of a partner, not financially, but in terms of a contributor -- so my reference is different. I will say this...they have one of the best looking sites on the net. The graphics department and the artists did a great job. That takes money of course, and Tim has money. Truth be told, I thought TC wrote some good stuff when he was under the tutelage of Bill Phillips. He just started to lose it after a while. Bruce had some good stuff even though we disagreed on some topics. I thought Ian King, who knows his stuff, was a nice guy but you know, no one knew who he was until I did an interview with him to get him some recognition. We were so much in agreement on training that I didn't know what angle to give the article so I used something cheesy like "The Thunder From Down Under" because he was Australian. I was ready to scrap it until my wife said, Go on... it's gimmicky but it's fine." As it turns out, that was the only time Tim wrote to me to say "good job." I thought Ron did a good job taking over the magazine reviews but they had such a short leash on him he couldn't do much with it. TC hated when I wrote funny pieces. He actually said to me; "There's only room for one funny guy here and that's me!"

Jim: Wow, that's incredible. I liked those mag reviews you used to do. I even liked the few that Rob Schuh did. The new ones aren't at all like that.

NM: I figured Tim Patterson wanted to advertise in the Weider mags, which they eventually did, but my scathing reviews, which were encouraged at first, put them in the

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