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The practice of ordering steroids through the mail is a precarious endeavor. It can be a book in itself. Instead of elaborating on a host of ancillary issues on the topic, I'll try and get to the bottom line by addressing some common questions regarding this issue.

Q: With all the scrutiny concerning overseas mail these days, is it better to order from a domestic source?

A: Opinions differ as to whether using a domestic source is superior to a foreign source with the consensus going with the domestic. Mail from overseas is more suspect to inspection and more likely to be opened. On the other hand, a domestic source carries its own set of problems which are rarely addressed. If a company is working within the borders, they are far more likely to be shut down. It's a fair bet U.S. officials aren't going to go to Thailand and stop a Ma and Pa steroid dealership. All they can do is keep an eye out on what comes into the country and as we all know, this process isn't very efficient. Another drawback to the domestic source is, if it gets busted, the Feds are likely to keep a sting operation going. They continue to advertise and take orders. They collect a nice list of customers this way. All it takes is a phone call to the local division of the FBI in your area and before you know it, you're getting a bang on the door at 4:00 in the morning. Anyway you look at it, it's a risk.

Q: I see websites all over the internet selling steroids. How can I tell if they're legit.

A: Chances are that any site that advertises openly is a scam. And if they aren't, they probably won't be in business for very long. Don't be a sucker.

Q: I received a notice from the DEA that a package I ordered was confiscated. What should I do.

A: Ignore it! You know nothing, you hear me!!? It's junk mail as far you're concerned. A small order of steroids for personal use usually won't warrant an investigation and a notice is sent instead claiming that a package was intercepted and you need evidence that it belongs to you. Don't be an idiot and go down there asking for your drugs!!! These packages are usually discarded (right into someone's pocket) and you shouldn't have any problems.

Q: Should I use a P.O. box when ordering gear?

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