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There's an old gambler's motto: " You can't win if you play not to lose." It isn't a bad idea to apply that thinking to everything.

An incident occurs to me now and then that can be considered a microcosm of the first few stages of life. When I cart my music equipment into a room, be it a bar or a five star hotel, there invariably seems to be some member of the staff telling me; "Take that stuff around the back through the kitchen!" -- even if the stage is located right by the front door. It's not like I'm carting garbage through the place, so what's the problem? Should I be ashamed that I'm a musician or am I just a servant in their eyes, unworthy of being seen by the patrons? As a young man, I might've responded by saying;

"Don't tell me what to do fuckhead! You can shove this gig up your sister's ass for all I care."

Once I matured, I realized the better answer was; "No problem. Where's the back entrance?" Now, I look the guy square in the eye and say politely; "I'm going in this way."

I still have my days of doubt and insecurity and regret. Given enough time, anyone can find a multitude of reasons why their life hasn't turned out the way they had hoped. But the way I see it, traveling through life isn't that different from traveling in my old GTO. Sometimes it's better without a rear view mirror. In that way, there's no reason to look back.

Straight ahead. It's the only way to go.

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