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It may be a while before testosterone replacement is a mainstream topic, which is why I was so surprised when I saw the issue addressed, in all places, on a re-run of the old TV show "Coach." Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the premise of this show (and god, I hope for your sake you aren't), it's one of those typically stupid sitcoms where every male is a jock-doofus who is incapable of expressing any depth of emotion and the only sensible character is the "Coach's" wife.

In this one particular episode, "Coach" is feeling listless and has no desire to audition the new line of cheerleaders. After pining over his lack of verve, his doctor puts him on the testosterone patch. (Patches are much funnier than injections). Naturally, the ensuing reaction leads to the supposed humorous consequences. Coach begins acting like a rambunctious teenager and he can't leave his wife alone -- banging her every which way, six ways to Sunday. So what happens in the end? You guessed it. The wife decides she likes the "old" coach and convinces him to stop the treatment. He reluctantly agrees but then realizes it's for the best and everyone lives happily ever after.

I don't get it. This is like when characters on sitcoms find lots of money and then lose it and realize it's for the best. NO IT ISN'T!!!

This is another example of how the media attempts to strip men of their birthrights to be men. Having a sexual appetite is something that's viewed as obnoxious, aggressive and antagonistic toward women -- or at least by a handful of male hating dykes who obstensibly control the entertainment world.

In the real world, our leading man "Coach" would have stayed on the T replacement, felt like a million bucks, gained some muscle, went to the cheerleader audition, and then gone home and given his wife the ramming of a lifetime. She'd take it, and she'd like it.

And everyone would live happily ever after.

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