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As awkward as the drug topic may be, I have no problem giving my opinion on the laws surrounding steroids. Make no mistake about it; the so called "war on drugs" is a farce. It cost the taxpayers billions. It doesn't work. It never has. It never will. Don't believe it? All one has to do is take a look at the countries that have adopted a policy of less oppression toward drug users. Drug use is down! Violence and theft stemming from the need for drugs is non-existent. The money once used to incarcerate is now used for rehabilitation. Compare that to the condition as it now exists in the United States.

And just as an aside, there is horrific destruction of property in foreign lands (burning crops, bombing poppy fields) by the U.S. government which may be more responsible for the dissent and disdain against our country than anything else. In those cases, the destruction is designed to stop the import of narcotics which possess a threat to society, although I don't know of anyone who would take a narcotic unless they wanted to. These lip service laws are just a convenient way of grouping everything into one melting pot of government issued morality.

The laws against steroids do not protect anyone. Not you, or me, or our children, or Mom or apple pie or democracy or the republic for which we stand is at risk if someone decides to increase his or her musculature. If someone is caught using steroids, it does not help them or anyone else if they are imprisoned along with murderers and rapists. It's a disgrace that it can happen in this country. But it does.

The anti-drug herd is as clueless as it gets. Their best mode of operation is to try and frighten people but anyone over the age of eleven knows that scare tactics never work. And the more they're used, the more people become anesthetized to them. I all too often hear parents lamenting on how they can keep their kids off of drugs. I think it's pretty simple. A kid will listen to a friend he admires and trusts. Be that friend. But guidance and education aren't enough, apparently. People want the government to raise their kids for them.

Here's the bottom line: In the case of drug laws, for the most part they're designed to insure that no one receives revenue without paying taxes. That's the crime. But it's shrouded by this smokescreen of arrogant indignity and bogus piety. Isn't the government protecting our health, you say? Get real.

And another thing...

If I want to go down into my basement, drink a quart of Vodka, and then juggle a couple of flaming chainsaws...that's my right. As long as nobody else gets hurt, who cares? It's my choice and I'll suffer the consequences.

The health issue regarding steroid use is one that is brought up the most often. A lot of people don't realize this, but the AMA was AGAINST the criminalization of steroids!

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