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THE NEW PROHORMONES Same Shit Different Day

Allow me to say something right off the bat. Pat Arnold isn't my favorite person. And I won't be expecting any love letters from him anytime soon either. Actually, I have nothing against the guy, it's his products I don't like. But some people take it as a personal attack if you don't care for their work. Nevertheless, I still maintain that prohormones are a worthless product. I call it like I see it and that's the way I see it. And I've seen plenty.

Pat, as you may know, is the inventor of prohormones starting back with the first ones that don't work right through to the latest ones that don't work. I guess you can't blame him for trying, though. Actually, I can. And I will.

For one thing, Pat admits the old prohormones were flawed, but for some reason we're all supposed to forget about that and go right out and buy the new improved version.

The official stance of the Journal of the American Medical Association on prohormones is that they do little except raise estrogen levels. Now, you may not agree with everything I say but nothing I said ever raised anybody's estrogen levels.

One of the selling points of these substances is that they're "just one molecule away from real testosterone." Well, a monkey's DNA is just one step away from a human's DNA. But that's a BIG STEP! It's similar to testosterone but that's like saying that a Honda is similar to a Lamborgini. They're both made of similar materials put together in a similar manner. Rosanne Barr is biologically similar to Pamela Anderson. Similar is not the same.

Pat is akin to somebody who can almost build an airplane. You'd certainly have to be very knowledgeable in aeronautic engineering to construct a blueprint for a plane. But if the plane doesn't fly, what good is it? It's the same with prohormones. You must have an outstanding conception of molecular science to conceive them, but if they don't work, what good are they? Worse yet, if they do harm...?

This is what angers me the most. The damage that's been done to thousands of people because of this guys little science experiments is beyond reprehensible. He sees his work as an ongoing creative endeavor, which may very well be the case. But YOU are the guinea pig. I've asked Pat outright; "What do you say to all the people who've had their hormone balance disrupted because they had used your products?" No answer on that one so far.

The latest (at the time of this writing, I'm sure they'll be more) in the parade of prohormones is 1-AD. I must admit, this one has gotten some good reports. Maybe Pat

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