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drawing the fluid into the syringe. Make sure not to extend the needle above the fluid in the vial or you'll get unwanted air into the syringe.

Regarding drawing out the oil, a thicker gauge needle will be necessary. You'll never be able to draw with a 25 gauge. Besides, if you're drawing the solution from a vial with a rubber stopper, it will dull the needle. (Dull needles hurt more.) That's where the 18 gauge comes in. Unscrew the needle on the hypo and screw on the 18 to draw out the required dosage. It'll take just a few seconds. Unscrew the 18 and replace the 25. You can save the 18 gauge for future use if it's kept clean but pins are so cheap you might as well splurge for a new one each time and keep things perfectly sanitary.

Never pull on the plunger before filling it because it will reduce the suction, making it harder to draw.

Once filled to the proper dosage, tap the syringe by flicking it with the back of the nail of your middle finger (just like they do in the movies) to make sure any air bubbles rise to the top. Squirt a drop out of the tip of the needle to make sure there's no trapped air and to lubricate the pin with some oil. I love when they do that in the movies as they're about to kill someone with a lethal injection. Let's not take any unnecessary risks now!

There are a few tricks that can make this procedure virtually pain free. One is to run the filled syringe under hot water for a minute. This increases the viscosity of the oil allowing for a smooth transition. If you're really afraid of a little pinch (which is really all it amounts to with a 25 gauge) you can hold an ice cube on the intended injection site for about a minute. That'll numb it. (Make sure you wet the cube first or it may stick to your skin). Slapping the area will also numb it and loosen the muscle.

Look in a mirror and view the area where you want the needle to go in. If you have a birthmark nearby, use that as a target.

If you're right-handed, while holding the syringe in your right hand, reach across your body and pull the skin near the intended entrance site (right cheek) taunt with your left hand.

Put your weight on your left leg. Stay relaxed. If you tense up it will hurt more.

Push the needle in firmly. Don't stab! But don't go too easy or it won't penetrate properly. If you try and cheat by just having a portion of the needle in, the steroid will get trapped in the fat and won't circulate properly. It may also cause swelling at the injection site. Think as if you want to pop a balloon with a dart. That should be just about right.

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