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Using standard parallel dipping bars, begin the descent like a typical dip, but as you come up, turn the body to one side. This displaces the stress heavily onto the serratus. You can try this move in the opposite manner in that you twist on the way down, and straighten on the way up.

Lying Leg Twists

While lying on your back, arms at your side, palms down, raise the legs straight up. Now keeping the feet together, lower both legs slowly to the left until they touch the floor. Bring the legs back up and repeat on the other side. Do 15 reps on each side for 3 sets and tomorrow your waist will feel tighter than ever.

Include these movements in with either your chest training or ab workout. Or put aside a part of your program strictly for serratus. They deserve the attention. It's also a good idea to try and pose the serratus, which will help you gain control over the muscle group as well as bring out the detail. Keeping the calories in check will insure that they can be clearly seen.

The Serratus Magnus may be a forgotten group of muscles but those tiny striations will bring out the detail of your chest, outline your abs, and make your lats look broader. Once you develop them to their fullest, the improvement in your muscularity will command attention and make you stand out from the crowd -- on the beach, on the competitive stage, or any time a good looking woman may see you with your shirt off. So don't forget to train them!

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