Your Worst Habit May Be Something Youve Never Even Thought Of

Perhaps the most common oversight made by fitness-conscious people is failing to consider the downside of everyday, non-training activities. Typically, most fitness buffs will be very careful about their form when exercising (which comprises perhaps 5-10% of all activities in any one given day) yet totally ignore the potential consequences of other activities which make up a much greater portion of our lives. Ironically when problems arise, blame is usually assigned to the training activity.

One such non-training activity that everyone spends a considerable amount of time doing is sitting. Given this fact, it would seem prudent to study this postural position, and in particular, it's effects on the spine. People are usually surprised to learn that pressures on the vertebral disks are higher when sitting than when standing or even lying down. In fact, some experts suggest that interdiscal pressure when seated is up to 11 times greater than lying down. This risk is particularly insidious because sitting is not normally associated with back pain, whereas standing often is!

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