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Forward Head Posture Head is a simple program which instantly improves the posture of individuals for greater strength, improved health and energy, and only takes 15 minutes of your time every day. It is a creation of Mike Westerdal, a national most outstanding fitness author, sports nutrition expert, personal trainer, a contributor in Iron magazine and the founder of, the oldest but reputable strength site on the internet. In the program, the author explains how to fix forward head posture by means of 10 simple movements which boosts posture and upsurge your strength as well as energy and vitality. Forward posture affects human health in several ways, the most common problem being physical appearance. The program comes in two different forms, forward head posture fix DVD Video and forward head posture fix manual. While the videos are so powerful and effective, the manual goes further, addressing the underlying causes of the condition. The manuals also explain why leaving the disorder unaddressed can have devastating health problems. Importantly, they also explain how you can reverse the damage already caused to your spine and neck. Understanding and following the instructions in the manuals can help address the damage and realign your body back. The guide has proved effective and has helped many people across the world. But a copy today and save yourself from posture-related problems. Read more...

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Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I bought a copy myself to figure out what all the publicity was about.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

The sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) (Fig. 8.6) consists of two muscle parts that attach caudally to the manubrium sterni and clavicles, and cranially to the superior nuchal line. Its cranial attachment lies on the occipitomastoid (OM) suture, which for Sutherland carried a special significance for cranial mobility. Restrictions of the OM suture limit the movements of the PRM. For this reason, the SCM is of particular significance. In cases with hyperextended head, they pull the chin forward and help the neck muscles with the extension.

Stand Tall Stand Proud

Remember your mother telling you to sit or stand up straight and not to slouch She was right. Once you decide to shape up, be conscious of the way you carry yourself. Not only will you look better with your shoulders straight and your head held high, you also can avoid problems of the shoulders and upper spine. The routine of checking and adjusting your posture can be a prelude to the new body awareness you will be developing along with your new workout program. Rounded, hunched shoulders are said to be protracted when they are pulled back, they are said to be retracted. Many people who hold down desk jobs and sit at a computer all day lapse into a state of chronic protraction, which is bad. Debbie Horn, a Boulder, Colorado, fitness instructor with a Master's degree in kinesiology from the University of Colorado, has developed a small program to help with posture and to ward off shoulder problems. She suggests setting a timer or stopwatch to go off every 15 or 30 minutes. When you...

You stand taller look thinner and your body works its best

Correct posture not only makes you look taller and thinner, but also it allows your body to perform the way it was meant to. What's more, good posture aids dramatically in facilitating free and effective breathing. The main enemy of good posture however is tight muscles Stretching can help you correct muscular imbalances that lead to incorrect skeletal alignment. One cause of this kind of imbalance is using one side of your body more than the other. Times that you may do this include

Finding Your Center of Balance

Your center of balance, more commonly referred to as your center of gravity, is the point between the left and right sides of your body in which your body mass (weight) is considered to concentrate and through which gravity is enacting its constant downward force. It is this point that is working hard to keep you balanced. For most people, this point lies at roughly the level of the second sacral vertebra (S2), which is located in the lower part of the back just above the coccyx (tailbone) when standing upright, but it can vary based on your age, sex, build, posture, and whether you are supporting any external weight, such as a purse or shopping bag. It will also change depending on the position of your body and your movements. For example, your center of balance is lower when you bend your knees to perform the Rowing Squat under the Strength Training exercises and higher when you raise your arms to do the Half-Moon pose under the Yoga exercises (both of these are outlined in Chapter...

Introducing the neutral spine

In flexibility training, neutral spine has three positions lying on your back, sitting, and standing. Start each stretch in neutral spine because incorrect spinal position not only diminishes the effectiveness of the stretch but also promotes muscular imbalance and bad posture. Every time you start in correct alignment you retrain your muscles to properly support your spine.

Doctor Posture Works Miracles

Proper Posture is Continuous Exercise Before we go into the special Spine Motion Exercises, we must establish the basic exercise, which should be so thoroughly programmed into your nervous system that you practice it all the time standing, sitting, walking, lying down. This continuous exercise is the habit of proper posture. It begins in infancy and continues throughout life. As noted previously, the human species is still learning how to keep erect posture. Posture means how we hold our bodies. Proper posture is the balanced alignment of the body. When standing erect, an imaginary plumb line representing the center of gravity should fall in alignment with the top center of the skull through the center of the ear, and through the centers of the joints at the shoulder, to the rest of the body shoulders straight chest up and

Particular Techniques

The twitch occlusion technique is restricted by the difficulties inherent in ES and Pdi measurement. The consistency of the stimulus delivered to the nerves becomes increasingly difficult to maintain as neck muscles are recruited during intense inspiratory maneuvers, although CMS (109) or Pmo (120) could help. When graded voluntary Pdi maneuvers are performed, neck muscles often stay relaxed during low-intensity diaphragm contractions, but are coactivated during high-intensity contractions (70 of Pdi,max and above) (56), which may decrease rib cage distortability. During twitch occlusion from relaxed conditions to maximal effort, diaphragm contraction will interact with a distortable rib cage at low Pdi,vol values, and with a much stiffer rib cage at high Pdi,vol values, complicating the results. This problem may disappear with CMS, because it tends to stabilize the upper rib cage at all levels of Pdi,vol (109). The impact of twitch potentiation on the twitch occlusion...

Triceps stretch with towel or strap

When you're doing the triceps stretch, remember to maintain good posture throughout the exercise. You may sit or stand during this stretch, and you need a towel, so go grab one now. Using the towel helps people who are very tight in the shoulders because the towel allows you to focus on your triceps without feeling discomfort in your shoulders.

Low Frequency Peripheral Fatigue

Low-frequency fatigue has been demonstrated in the diaphragm and sternocleidomastoid muscles of normal subjects breathing against high resistive loads (17, 22). Low-frequency fatigue has also been shown to develop in the diaphragm of normal subjects asked to sustain maximum voluntary ventilation for 2 minutes (23).

AC When young athletes come to you for training whats the first thing you do with them does any particular sport stand

The reason I like to assess in an open environment is because I get to see if they correct posture issue when they are in live movement, meaning is usually lazy habits. I also get a real look at them rather then them trying to assume what I want to see and make corrections rather then be natural.

Alternative Health Therapies

(Chiropractic Chiropractic was founded in Davenport, Iowa in 1885 by Daniel David Palmer. There are now many (H7 schools in the U.S., and graduates are joining Health Practitioners world-wide to share their healing techniques. Popular Chiropractic is the largest U.S. healing profession benefitting literally millions. Treatment involves soft tissue, spinal and body adjustments to align and free up the spine and nervous system of any interferences with normal body function. Its concern is the vital functioning of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to manual methods, chiropractors use physical therapy modalities, exercise, health and nutritional guidance. Web (F. Mathius Alexander Technique ) These lessons help end improper use of neuromuscular system and bring body posture back into balance. Eliminates psycho-physical interferences, helps release long-held tension, and aids in re-establishing muscle tone. Web (Feldenkrais Method Dr. Moshe...

Polysomnography Rationale

Polysomnography is the study of several physiological variables during sleep, including the recording of sleep itself. The precise items recorded will vary but usually include electroen-cephalography, electro-oculography, electromyography, respiratory pattern, snoring, oxygen saturation, transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension, electrocardiography, and body posture (49-51). This allows the recognition of events that occur during sleep and offers the advantage over other techniques that sleep can be identified with certainty.

Staying Healthy Neutral Spine Theory

One of the prevailing paradigms about the spine is that it is best able to safely attenuate forces and support loads when it is in a neutral position. If you observe the spine of a healthy person with good posture, you'll notice that there are several distinctive curvatures the cervical and lumbar curves are the ones we'll be most concerned with here. Now of course, some people have a lot of curvature in their spines, and others have less. The exact amount of curvature which is optimum is a subject of heated debate, however, everyone has their own unique neutral curvature.

Do not perform any these exercises if they produce pain or if you are suffering any form of injury Core Training Core

To learn how to correctly recruit the core muscles you must first learn how to hold a neutral spine. This refers to standing with correct posture and thus ensuring all the joints are optimally aligned. To find your neutral spine Your posture needs to be adjusted, this will come from following the set out stretches and strengthening exercises

Your Body Your Business The Hidden Connection Between Your Waist Line and Your Bottom Line

So it is extremely damaging on your spine to sit for long periods, which most people do. What happens is that there are certain muscles in a seated position, like your hamstring and hip flexors, which become chronically shortened. And then that alters your posture. The curvature of your spine is altered. It doesn't absorb loads as well.

Stimulation Tests Rationale

Latencies can also be measured after cortical stimulation (Figure 7). The central conduction time (CCT) is an indirect estimate of the time taken for the descending volley to travel from the motor cortex to the relevant motoneurons. The CCT can be measured by subtraction of the peripheral conduction time (estimated by stimulation over the relevant spinal segment or root) from the total conduction time, from stimulus to onset of the motor-evoked potential (MEP). The measured CCT, however, is not a true measurement of central conduction velocities, because the exact site and timing of the relevant descending corticofugal volleys show some variability and because stimulation over the spinal cord activates the motor axons at a variable distance from the motoneurons. The MEP observed in EMG recordings of most human trunk and neck muscles, including diaphragm, intercostals, scalene, and abdominal muscles (64), has an onset latency consistent with a rapidly conducting oligosynaptic pathway....

Spine Motion Strengthening Exercises

Stand in correct posture position, feet apart, muscles relaxed. Clasp hands behind head. Lean head forward, then attempt to push it backward as you resist with your hands. Do this for 6 seconds, counting one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, etc. Repeat with head straight up, then with head as far back as possible. Gently stretch your neck as far as you can in each direction. (T) Neck Rolling to Strengthen Upper Spine Stand in a comfortable correct posture position with no tension. Now, bring your chin to your chest, roll your head to one side (trying to make your ear touch your shoulder), continue roll toward your back (stretching the neck as far back as possible), rolling on to the other side (trying to touch that shoulder with that ear), then rolling head back to starting position. Do this exercise slowly, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the neck muscles, 20 times from right to left, then 20 times from left to right. This exercise is a must for desk workers, as it relieves muscular tension in...

Sprint Intervals 1020 minutes

If there's a mirror in front of the treadmill, look at yourself while you sprint. Always try to improve your posture make sure that you run forcefully and your feet hit the treadmill in an explosive touch and go manner. Your arm movements should dictate the rhythm of your legs and your breathing.

Asynchronous Activation ofMotor Units During Maintained Contraction

As anyone who has done prolonged physical labor or exercised vigorously can attest, muscle contractions cannot be maintained indefinitely muscles fatigue and must be rested. Thus, the state of tetanus in Figure 11-6 could not be maintained in a single motor unit for very long without allowing the muscle fibers in the motor unit to relax. However, some muscles such as those involved in maintaining body posture are required to contract for prolonged periods. What mechanism helps prevent muscle fatigue during such prolonged contractions During maintained tension in a muscle, all the motor neurons to the muscle are not active at the same time. The activity of the motor units occurs in bursts separated by quiet periods, and the activity of different motor units is

Getting to Your Whole Body in Just Ten Minutes

I Correct body alignment is important for good posture and to prevent injury. The total-body routine helps you find and maintain a neutral spine (keeping your hips, buttocks, and back all in one straight line) to assist in proper alignment. This stretching routine also helps you strengthen your shoulders and upper back so you can stand up tall and proud.

Put Your Back into It

Let us repeat the body remains strong only if it is used. More than 70 of the people in physicians' offices today have under-exercised spines. Your body and your spine need daily exercise and good posture habits. A person is said to be totally physically fit if he functions as a total personality with efficiency and without pain or discomfort of any kind. This is to have a Painless, Tireless, and Ageless body. You possess sufficient muscular strength and endurance to maintain a healthy posture. You can successfully carry on the duties imposed by life and the environment, to meet any emergencies satisfactorily and have enough energy for recreation and social obligations after the work day has ended. You possess the body power (Vital Force) to recover rapidly from fatigue and stress of daily living without the aid of stimulants, drugs or alcohol. You can enjoy natural recharging sleep at night and awaken fit and alert in the morning for the challenges of the fresh new day ahead.

Transcutaneous Electrical Phrenic Nerve Stimulation

For bilateral Es, the operator should stand behind the seated subject. The skin in the stimulated region is degreased and mildly abraded to decrease its electrical impedance, allowing lower current intensities. Monopolar or bipolar electrodes can be chosen (Figure 9). For monopolar electrodes, the anode is usually taped on the skin below the clavicle medially, and the cathode is held in the hand. Monopolar electrodes probably make it easier to find the nerve because a greater number of spots can be tested. However, because the electrical field is less focused than with bipolar electrodes, it may be more difficult to avoid costimulation of the adjacent sternocleidomastoid muscle or the brachial plexus. Bipolar electrodes are more specific but are also slightly more difficult to use. Various models of bipolar electrode are commercially available. They generally include felt tips 5 mm in diameter with an interelectrode distance of approximately 2 cm. When performing...

A Healthy Back and Body

Circulation and nerve energy will be stimulated throughout your body. Digestion will improve, as pressure on controlling nerves is relieved, and as organs become more firmly supported in correct position. You will breathe deeper, giving your body cells more of that priceless invisible food, oxygen. Before a mirror, stand up, feet ten inches apart, stretch up spine. Tighten buttocks and suck in stomach muscles, lift up rib cage, put chest out, shoulders back, and chin up slightly. Line body up straight (nose plumbline straight to belly button), drop hands to sides and swing arms to normalize your posture. Do this posture exercise daily and miraculous changes will happen You are retraining and strengthening your muscles to stand straight for health and youthfulness. Remember when you slump, you also cramp your precious machinery. This posture exercise will retrain your frame to sit, stand and walk tall for supreme health, fitness and longevity

Exercise Data

Tips You can perform this exercise seated or standing. Place your head and neck in a neutral position. Place both of your hands on the front side of your head and gently push for the required number of seconds on your workout. Resist any movement of your head by isometrically contracting your neck muscles. Repeat with your hands placed on the back side of your head. This is an excellent way to strengthen your neck muscles with minimal risk of injury. Can also be done on the sides of your head.

Physiological makeup

An athlete's posture is also important to analyze. Think of your posture as the wheels of a car if one of your tires is slightly misaligned it will reduce the performance of your car For individuals only looking to have a beautiful body, a good posture really creates a positive effect on how you look. Sloppy posture can make you look like a doof even if your muscle mass is high and body fat is low.

Twolegged balance

There are three variations of the Warrior pose, called Virabhadrasana I, II, and III by yogis. Wii Fit Plus offers Virabhadrasana II. This pose, which is reminiscent of a fencing lunge, strengthens your thighs and hips and helps align your pelvis, improving your posture. Follow these steps

Magnetic Stimulation

Technique for transcutaneous electric stimulation of the phrenic nerve. (A) Use of a bipolar electrode to locate and stimulate the phrenic nerve (B) the monopolar technique. The phrenic nerve is usually found underneath the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, at the level of the cricoid cartilage. The operator stands or sits beside (possible for unilateral stimulation) or behind (for bilateral stimulation) the patient and uses the electrode to push the muscle forward. Firm pressure on the soft tissues of the neck avoids changes in the relationship between the electrode and the nerve. Figure 9. Technique for transcutaneous electric stimulation of the phrenic nerve. (A) Use of a bipolar electrode to locate and stimulate the phrenic nerve (B) the monopolar technique. The phrenic nerve is usually found underneath the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, at the level of the cricoid cartilage. The operator stands or sits beside (possible for...

Confounding Factors

When there is a bilateral paralysis, Pes,tw and Pdi,tw during ES are zero. With CMS, coactivated neck muscles can, theoretically, produce some degree of Pes,tw during CMS. This effect may be small in most subjects (148), but could be larger in patients with hypertro-phied inspiratory neck muscles (149).

Shoulder Presses

Smaller waistline and a more proportionate physique. Additionally, with an improved shoulder line, your posture will look better, helping you move with greater confidence. The Shoulder Press, which is an effective way to endow your shoulder line, will help you accomplish all of this.

Neck rotation

The primary muscle that turns your head side to side is your sternocleidomastoid. No, you don't have to know how to spell it, but take a look at Figure 4-1 to see where it's located. It's important to keep flexibility in this area because many of the movements in life require you to turn your head. Every time you look over your shoulder, you use this muscle. Posture also plays a key role in many tension headaches. Many of the positions we habitually put ourselves in tighten neck and back muscles. Try to avoid constantly tilting your head to one side (a problem for frequent phone users). Be aware of your posture as you sit at your desk, drive your car, stand in line at the grocery store, or carry a bag or purse.

Core Recruitment

To learn how to correctly recruit the core muscles you must first learn how to hold a neutral spine. This refers to standing with correct posture and thus ensuring all the joints are optimally aligned. To find your neutral spine If you cannot get your hand in the arch or there is room for much more than one hand e.g. your fist, your posture needs to be adjusted, this will come from following the set out stretches and strengthening exercises.

Good morning

SETUP Set up a lightly loaded barbell in the rack, at the same height you'd use for squats. (You probably want to start with just the bar if you've never done this before.) Set it on your traps, lift it off the supports, and step back. You want your feet positioned and your posture set as described for the squat in Chapter 8. LOWERING Push your hips back as you bend your torso forward. The farther you bend forward, the more your knees will bend, which is fine do what your body wants to do. The key is to keep your lower back in its natural arch throughout. Never compromise that arch for the sake of a deeper range of motion. The second key is to keep your head and neck in the same posture. That means you'll be looking down at the floor at the bottom of the movement. Most guys will try to keep their eyes up to watch themselves in the mirror, but that distorts your posture and limits your strength.

Why Bother

Aside from looking good, strong back muscles are important for maintaining good posture and vice versa. Meaning Good posture equals a strong healthy back, and a strong back contributes to good posture. Slouching over stretches the muscles, making them work harder during the day. Since overworked muscles fatigue and often spasm, keeping your muscles at their proper working length and strength will prevent this. (Again, assuming you pay attention to your posture.)


Most of the exercises in this chapter have focused on the muscles of your upper and middle back, but we've yet to get to the erector spinae muscles of your lower back. Strengthening those muscles is crucial in ensuring proper posture and in the prevention of lower back pain. Considering that the majority of people experience lower back pain at some time in their lives, it's not a bad idea to do whatever's possible to decrease your chances of being a statistic.


When using freeweights for your shoulders, there are several things you must keep in mind your form, your posture, and the smoothness of your repetitions. What does that mean First, do the weights go up and down easily on both sides or is one side much harder than the other If the latter is the case, decrease the weight to match the weak side until you are able to move the same amount bilaterally or concentrate on the weaker side by using machines that move independently.

Cable Curls

Although you will see people doing this exercise with both arms, we don't recommend it. Why Because doing bilateral bicep cable curls will encourage you to arch your back. Unilateral bicep cable curls allow you to maintain proper posture during the exercise. Although you will see people doing this exercise with both arms, we don't recommend it. Why Because doing bilateral bicep cable curls will encourage you to arch your back. Unilateral bicep cable curls allow you to maintain proper posture during the exercise.

Feel the Burn

As we have mentioned, having strong abs will significantly help you get rid of lower back pain. Try this Sit in a chair. Hold your abs tight. Now let them go. Did you note a difference in your posture You see, your abs are what keep your pelvis in a neutral position. When they are weak, your pelvis has a tendency to tilt forward, increasing the inward curve of your lumbar spine. This, of course, will throw the rest of your spine out of whack as well. All you have to do to see what we're talking about is check out the exaggerated curve of someone with a sizeable beer belly. Contrast that, say, with the posture of an athlete like an Olympic gymnast and you can begin to see the relationship between strong abs, good posture, and improved athletic performance.


18.89 Whenever I felt the need, I would do some neck stretching. Sitting for an extended period tends to cause the head and neck to protrude forward, even if a conscious effort is made to sustain good posture. is protruded position of the head and neck puts stress on the upper vertebrae that can lead to discomfort. Interrupt this protruded position regularly and the stress will be relieved. Retract the head while keeping the chin pulled down and in. Do this a few times and you should feel an immediate benefit. (See Stretch h in THE INSIDER'S TELL-ALL HANDBOOK ON WEIGHT-TRAINING TECHNIQUE.)

Neck Resistance Work

Start by sitting on a bench with good posture, placing your palms on your forehead, apply resistance and start levering your head forwards and backwards. Get a good range of motion. Apply enough resistance so you can keep a steady pace (don't cheat, work as hard as you are able).

Back Attack

We cannot stress enough how important posture is to the health of your back. Eighty percent of the back patients that Deidre saw in private practice required instruction in proper posture. Most body alignment courses (Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique) are based on getting people to understand and improve upon faulty movement patterns caused by poor posture and mechanics.

Get Smart

The first and probably most important thing to get into the habit of is recognizing bad posture and integrating sound posture as part of your life. If your muscles are already weak, they're only going to get weaker if you spend a lot of time sitting, standing, or bending improperly. In fact, the domino effect of poor posture will create a litany of other ill effects like neck and upper back pain, which can lead to chronic headaches, shoulder pain, and middle and lower back pain. For a refresher course on proper posture tips, refer to Chapter 11, Safety First. In addition, pay careful attention to the photographs, and try to mimic the models. Study the way you stand in a mirror and or in photographs of yourself and see how you stack up. Remember, breathing from your belly usually ensures that your posture is sound. So breathe well, and you're likely to stand well.

Charles Sure

Charles Sure, flexibility would be a big part of that. Whenever you're doing a repetitive motion like that, you're going to have some areas of the body - and this is dependent on what it is that you're doing repetitively, all day long - flexibility is a big part of that. When certain muscles get short, it alters your posture. When your posture is altered, you don't bear loads and absorb forces and shocks as well as you would ordinarily. And it does set you up for injuries. So that's part of it, as well.

Anthony Ditillo

Lou Ferrigno Arnold

Muscles that are inherently slow-twitch respond best to fewer sets. Thus, you can perform more sets for the hamstrings (fast twitch) than for the soleus (slow twitch). Also, muscles not normally subjected to intense loading in daily activities (such as the neck flexors) respond better to fewer sets.

Ack Bridge

'Hiis is the way I was taught, to do it as well, but it is wrong. The proper method of doing a back bridge requires you to place all the weight on your forehead, not on the top of your head. You must arch your entire spine. Your hips and abdominals must thrust forward and your chest should be expanded as well. And from this position you continue to arch, relaxing your shoulder and neck muscles until your nose touches the mat. Do you know why the other exercises don't work as well as bridging It's because ail the other exercises isolate the neck muscles. Proper bridging does NOT isolate the neck-muscles. It works the muscles along your entire spine as well as the buttocks, hips and thighs. In shod, bridging is a movement that involves most of your body.


PROPER POSTURE One of my first requirements in developing a MAGNETIC PERSONALITY is the assuming of a proper bodily posture while standing, walking and sitting. Nothing indicates a REAL MAN more than the way in which he holds himself. If your chest is sunken and your stomach sticking out, you cannot stand out as a man with PERSONALITY. At frequent intervals during the day it is an excellent plan to stretch upwards with the hands above the head. Endeavor to reach the ceiling a dozen times a day. With each effort try still harder to reach higher. In this way you loosen up all the vertebrae of the spine and prevent the internal organs from sagging. Try this. After a dozen trials it becomes a habit. Then it is easy to continue it every day throughout life. It will aid you in maintaining the proper posture for better health and self-confidence. By assuming a correct posture while sitting and standing, you help overcome constipation, prevent rupture, fill the lungs with air, and improve...

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