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Sugar Crush Detox

This program was designed by Jane who had the same problems with sugar. Throughout her life, she was addicted to sugar and she thought she needs swift intervention before that habit develops into something else. She had an experience that helped her beat sugar addiction with the rest of the world. Her program helps you cut all the roots of majority of the health problems you usually gets. It attacks the weight loss problem at its source which is the biological craving for sugar. This product was specifically created to help people with sugar cravings beat this addiction and lead a healthy life. This program contains a couple of guides available in PDF, MP3 and video formats. The author used simple language in all the formats to ensure that everybody will be able to handle sugar addiction. If you are one of them and you want to get the full support required to quit sugar and lead a heathy life, then Sugar Crush Detox is for you. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Eating sugar will make you fat and sick

No Calcium gets drawn from the teeth and bones to help process the refined sugar you eat. They degenerate from the inside. Refined sugar is bad news, it will only harm you. So will play no role in the Spartan Diet. Do the best you can to completely eliminate it from your diet and any foods made with it.

Substituting Sugar Substitutes

Coffee has no calories, but every teaspoon of sugar you stir into your cup has 15 big ones. Multiply that by four (1 teaspoon each in four cups of coffee), and your naturally no-cal beverage can add 60 calories a day to your diet. Sixty calories a day times seven days a week, and yipes, that's 420 calories That's about as much as you'd get from four or five medium slices of unbut-tered toast or five medium apples. So is this a good time to mention that one packet of sugar substitute has absolutely zero calories I thought so.

Refined Sugar is White Death

The story of refined sugar is actually very interesting. It has a history of greed, evil and corruption behind it. For anyone interested (should be all of you) read a book called Sugar Blues by William Duffy. Refined sugar has only been around for a few hundred years and today we eat more of it than ever before in the history of the world. We were never meant to eat this amount of refined sugar. I honestly believe in a 100 years from now people will look back on us in horror at the fact we ate refined sugar at all. It will probably be a restricted substance. I like to hope so anyway. Let's clear something up to stop all the confusion. Refined sugar is Sucrose. It is not the same as fructose(fruit sugar) or galactose(milk sugar) or glucose (blood sugar) . All these sugars are easy for the body to digest and of course are provided with nutrients and enzymes as found in fruit and raw milk. Sucrose is empty calories.

Sugar The Nitty Gritty

Carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are sugars known as monosaccharides. They are found in fruits, fruit juices, honey, jellies, jams, soda pop and table sugar. Complex carbohydrates are nothing more than multiple chains of simple sugars linked together to form to form a complex or longer chain carbohydrate. In general, complex carbohydrates are those found in nature wild rice, yams, potatoes, beans, corn, peas, oatmeal, rye cereal and bread made with only unmilled whole wheat flour. These carbohydrates illicit a lesser insulin response than manufactured carbohydrates white bread, white rice, cookies, pastries, and all the fat free carbo-rich products like fat free cookies, cakes, potato chips, pretzels and cold cereals. Manufactured carbs release, calorie for calorie, more insulin than natural carbs.

Muscle Protein Fractionation

Figure 5.1 2-DE images of proteins from salmon muscle and bovine longissimus muscle separated by pH 4-7 and 12.5 SDS-PAGE. Fifty micrograms of protein was loaded on each gel. (a) Total protein extract of salmon muscle in urea-buffer (7 M urea, 2 M thiourea, 2 CHAPS, 1 DTT, 0.5 IPG buffer, pH 3-10) (b) total protein extract of bovine longissimus muscle in urea-buffer (c) salmon muscle proteins soluble in TES-buffer (10 mM Tris, pH 7.6, 1 mM EDTA, 0.25 M sucrose) (d) bovine longissimus muscle proteins soluble in TES-buffer.

Timecourse of Volume Changes

So far in the discussion of maintenance of cell volume, we have considered only the final, equilibrium effect of a solution on cell volume and have ignored any transient effects that may occur. To see such transient effects, consider what happens to the model cell immediately after it is placed in the solution in Figure 3-4d, 0.25 M urea + 0.25 M sucrose. This is summarized in Figure 3-5. At the start, the osmolarity outside (0.5 Osm) is greater than the osmolarity inside (0.25 Osm), and water will initially leave the cell as it diffuses down its concentration gradient. Urea, however, begins to diffuse into the cell down its

History Of Bodybuilding Diets Carbohydrates And The Bodybuilder

Much focus has been given to reports that phenolic constituents in the red wine the French love are responsible for the so-called paradox. I think it's more likely that the French's reduced carbohydrate intake is responsible. There are far less refined sugars in the French diet, while sugar is in virtually everything on this side of the Atlantic. In fact, the refined carbohydrate consumption of Americans is five times that of the French.

What to Drink After the Main Meal

In addition to water, any tea that stimulates digestion is good. Herb teas, such as peppermint, ginger, green and chamomile are highly recommended. I often like to drink ginger tea or green tea mixed with ginger tea. The nights when my main meal is largely protein, I like to sweeten my tea with a natural sweetener like raw honey or maple syrup. Sweetened teas may help stop sugar cravings and enhance your feeling of satiety.

These are the different protein we will be using

Carbohydrate Organic compounds that are used as fuel source for the body. They are divided into two categories simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs, like refined sugar or processed white flour products, usually have no fiber, so your body converts them into glucose much more quickly that complex carbs, which have more fiber (brown rice, oats, whole grains, fibrous vegetables) to slow digestion. Carbs contain 4 calories per gram.

Distilled alcohol products

As with fermentation, yeasts are added to foods to make alcohol from sugars. But yeasts can't thrive in a place where the concentration of alcohol is higher than 20 percent. To concentrate the alcohol and separate it from the rest of the ingredients in the fermented liquid, distillers pour the fermented liquid into a still, a large vat with a wide column-like tube on top. The still is heated so that the alcohol, which boils at a lower temperature than everything else in the vat, turns to vapor, which rises through the column on top of the still, to be collected in containers where it condenses back into a liquid.

The Origins of a Sweet Tooth

As with all things, there's a reason why we crave sweets. The sweetest things on earth, back in those days before Cherry Garcia, were fruits wild berries, pears, citrus fruits, and the like. Not co-incidentally, fruits are also packed with nutrients vitamins to fend off disease, minerals to assist with cell function, and fiber to regulate hunger, control blood pressure, and help ease digestion. Without our sweet tooth, we would have been happy to eat nothing but wooly mammoth and buffalo meat the original Atkins program. But nature saw to it that we craved the foods that would make us healthy.

Summary of the guidelines for the TKD

If post-workout carbohydrates are consumed, an additional 25-50 grams of glucose or glucose polymers are recommended. Fructose and sucrose should be avoided as they can refill liver glycogen and interrupt ketosis. Additionally protein can be added to the post-workout meal to help with recovery. Dietary fat should be avoided since it will slow digestion and could lead to fat storage when insulin levels are high.

Creating A Deficit Adding Exercise

If fat stores are the body's main fuel reserve during famine or during periods where calories suddenly become scarce, why don't fat stores come into play immediately to provide fuel for the individual who has radically reduced his caloric intake The answer survival. Yes fat is the backup fuel that should kick in when energy (calories) drop, however, getting rid of muscle will decrease the total amount of calories required each day. When calorie requirements decrease, fat stores become better at performing their job to provide fuel in times of famine. In other words, the body protects itself by getting rid of metabolic boosting muscle allowing it to ride out the storm a lack of incoming fuel. The flip side of the coin if the metabolic rate did not drop, a person would quickly deplete his body fat stores endangering his life when calories suddenly become scarce. Most who embark upon extreme low calorie diets or diets that create significant cuts in calories eventually are over...

How to Fashion a Food Plan from the Acceptable Foods List

You are more likely to enjoy gourmet meals doing Atkins than on the low-fat diets that still wearily make the rounds. But, for the moment, I merely want to introduce you to the notion that gourmet dining will be yours once you master all the possibilities offered by a nutritional plan that allows an intelligent and reasonable use of high-fat ingredients, including butter. Here and now, your attention should be totally focused on whether you feel you are in control of your eating and whether you feel healthy. Remember, during Induction my intention is to make you realize it is possible to be liberated from constant food cravings aggravated by unstable blood sugar. When you experience this liberation-and most significantly overweight people do-try to savor it. Notice how different it makes you feel. And remember it's something you can enjoy only on a controlled carbohydrate eating plan.

Type of carbohydrates

Fructose (fruit sugar, which preferentially refills liver glycogen) will not cause the same amount of glycogen resynthesis seen with glucose or sucrose (5,8). Whether liquids or solid carbohydrates are consumed also appears to have less impact on glycogen resynthesis as long as adequate amounts are consumed (10).

Five Ways To Add More Fiber

Nabisco conceives SnackWell's as the ultimate answer to the low-fat diet craze. SnackWell's, which you can still find on grocery shelves today, are fat-free and low-fat cookies that somehow carry nearly all the flavor of full-fat cookies. The secret is that Nabisco loads up the cookies with extra sugar (except in the sugar-free varieties), so consumers can indulge their sweet tooth without ever missing the fat. How this development plays out in the mind of the average consumer is simple to predict

Whats the First Thing Youll Notice

You may be a person for whom incessant, almost hourly food cravings have been a way of life. Remember Gordon Lingard, the patient who came to see me weighing 306 pounds He used to say, I'd always be planning the next binge. I'd be in a business meeting, very serious, a lot of money at stake, and one-half of my brain would be figuring out what I would eat, how much I would eat, when and where I would eat. Food had seized my brain.

Addiction and Withdrawal

Bad as they seem, experiencing withdrawal symptoms is really good news. The withdrawal process is usually completed within three days, and afterward you should feel better than ever, unless, of course, you re-addict yourself. If you cannot stay the course and progress through withdrawal, do it gradually by consuming progressively smaller amounts of an addictive food until you get to zero. (For help on identifying which food is causing the problem, see Chapter 26 on food intolerances.) The more severe your withdrawal symptoms, the more you stand to gain from abandoning the food that is causing them. A food that demands to be eaten daily is often a key to a disordered metabolism. It can run your life, as well as ruin it. Most people-even people with food addictions once withdrawal symptoms abate-experience a significant energy lift. It tends to send them roaring on through Induction because it's such clear evidence of the positive influence their dietary change is having on their...

Carbs and Fat Control

While reducing calories is an important step in controlling body fat, other factors play a role. Low fiber diets can lead to over eating and elevated insulin levels. A high sugar diet and a high fat diet can increase the fat storing machinery even when caloric intake is not numerically excessive. Need convincing Imagine an individual requires 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight and eats 2500 calories from lean proteins such as egg whites, chicken breast and fish. For carbohydrates, he chooses slow digesting complex carbohydrates including yams, oatmeal and potatoes. For good measure he throws in some vegetables and high fiber fruits such as apples and strawberries. In effect he is matching his caloric intake with his caloric needs and maintains his body weight. Now imagine the same individual consuming exclusively fast foods to obtain his 2500 calories each day. An egg Mc Muffin with sausage for breakfast, a candy bar mid morning, lunch is pepperoni pizza along with a large...

Establish ketosis more quickly

In theory, if ketosis can be established faster, more fat might be lost. Applying strategies 1 and 2 above is the first step. If individuals still having trouble establishing ketosis quickly, they may need to increase the amount of cardio done the morning after the carb-up. Alternately, the carb-up can be ended earlier in the previous day to allow liver glycogen to empty more quickly. Finally, fructose and sucrose can be avoided during the carb-load to avoid refilling liver glycogen. However, this may compromise potential muscle growth during the carb-up, due to the liver remaining in a catabolic state (see chapter 12).

The American Health Food Diets

But one of the common mistakes people make when they see a health-food label, is going for it without checking the ingredients. A lot of organic foods, including many cereals, contain too much sugar or other sweeteners, like fructose, or have undesirable oils or overly processed fats--all of which, research has shown as unhealthy and therefore dangerous to your health.

Carbohydrates in Mammalian Tissues

Simple carbohydrates serve as the primary source of readily available energy for muscle cell metabolism, while more complex forms serve as structural components for a variety of tissues, organs, and organelles. Carbohydrates provide a framework for connective tissue, act as lubricants, and are essential components of nucleic acids, lipids, and proteins. In mammalian tissues, carbohydrates occur in the form of D-polyhydroxyaldehydes or D-polyhydroxyketones, and are classified as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides. Monosaccharides (glyceraldehyde, threose, ribose, xylose, glucose, galactose, fructose, mannose) are single polyhydroxy aldehyde or ketone units three to seven carbons in length, whereas oligosaccharides (sucrose, lactose, maltose) are composed of 2 20 monosaccharide units joined by an a or p glycosidic linkage. Polysaccha-rides or glycans are covalently linked polymeric monosaccharide units that can be hundreds of units in length, and are further...

Low Carb Diets For The Obese

The best way to initiate serious fat burning may be to resort to the extreme. In this case, the extreme is a very low carbohydrate diet. Cutting way back on carbohydrates no bread, no sugar, no potatoes, pasta, rice, cereal etc. will radically lower the total amount of glucose in the blood. Easy to understand, right Cut out carbs - nothing more than a fancy word for glucose - and the blood stream becomes nearly devoid of glucose. When the blood is low on glucose for more than 5 days at a time, a fountain of hormonal reactions occur that favor fat burning.

Protein Makes a Comeback

First, thanks to the addition of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, many low-fat, high-carbohydrate foods are not lower in calories than their high-fat Highly processed carbohydrates the type you find in boxes, shrink-wrap, and other packaging in the middle aisles of the grocery store are about the worst thing you can eat when it comes to losing weight and looking your best. These carbs are all made from white flour and white sugar, both of which are highly processed. To create white flour, the processor starts with wheat, an otherwise healthy food. However, once you remove the hull and outer covering, you're left with just the inside of the grain, which contains no fiber and few, if any, nutrients. It's no better for you than table sugar. The lack of fiber and high number of calories in processed carbohydrates cause them to hit your bloodstream faster than just about any other food you can eat.

Experiment With Foods

Experiment with high and low-sugar foods and percentages of fat intake on these weekends. See what they do for you. Treat each weekend as if your contest were imminent. That way you'll know what it takes to come into a contest looking your best. You'll also experience an increase in confidence because you'll know what to expect from your body and how to get it contest ready.

The Inside Story on Whey

Many of the meal replacement drinks on the market do not seem to focus much attention on the carbohydrate component. Most use high amounts of maltodextrin, a cheap complex carbohydrate derived from corn that burns more like a sugar than a true complex carbohydrate. Some companies even add simple sugars on top of this, such as corn syrup. Needless to say, because of their higher carbohydrate content, such products are incompatible with an effective low-carb diet.

But first the obligatory warning and comments on what not to do

Keep in mind that the goal of the structured refeed is to eat a lot of carbohydrates, not a lot of carbohydrates and fat. There are plenty enough high-carbohydrate, low-fat types of foods out there to keep most people happy. Many people, once they've lost their taste for high-sugar foods will just do refeeds with a lot of starches, bagels, bread, pasta and the like and ignore the junkier stuff most seem to prefer a mixture. I'll talk more about types of foods in a second.

Yeast Food Intolerances and Thyroid Problem

If you've been eating a high-sugar diet for years, it's quite possible that your digestive tract has an overgrowth of an organism called Candida albicans. In addition to overgrowth of yeast in the gastrointestinal tract, most people also experience an allergic inflammation of the mucous membranes throughout the body. This can result from exposure to environmental mold (in your cellar, for example) or eating foods that contain yeast. Symptoms include constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn and even abdominal pain and rectal or vaginal itching. All are a sign of yeast overgrowth in the mucous membranes. Symptoms such as fatigue, depression, headaches (even migraines), post-nasal drip, brain fog and water retention are often signs of allergy resulting from exposure to environmental mold or mold in food products such as cheese and nuts. In addition to its other annoying or painful symptoms, Candida overgrowth or allergy can keep you from losing weight by causing cravings for...

Types of carbohydrates some general comments

Some junk food is ok (and probably desirable) but too much sucrose (table sugar) or fructose (fruit sugar) tends to cause problems relating to fat regain. I should mention that the fructose content of fruit really isn't a huge problem rather, high fructose corn syrup, found in almost any refined carbohydrate food you see on the grocery store shelf contributes the excessive fructose intakes that are causing problems in our modern world. You can have some sucrose and fructose, it just shouldn't be the totality of your refeed. 100 grams of sucrose (this is easy to go over if you eat a lot of candy or junk food) and 50 grams of fructose (which is a probably 5-7 normal pieces of fruit or a rather small amount of most refined foods) should be about the maximum during a refeed and this does limit the types of foods you can eat somewhat. So all starches, moderate amounts of fruit (2-3 pieces total), and even some junk food (again, not too much) is fair game. This should give you plenty of...

Six Wednesday Meals Examples

Mix a portion of cottage cheese with a portion of fat-free, sugar-free yogurt (I like blueberry Yoplait) for a nutrient-rich, quick, and easy meal. Don't forget to drink your water two cups. Blend one serving of a chocolate Myoplex with water. Add one serving of fat-free, sugar-free hot cocoa mix and three ice cubes. Blend at high speed for 45 seconds and serve.

The Bountiful World of Maintenance

While you probably cannot convince your best friend to have her baker make a controlled carb wedding cake just to satisfy your needs, you can create your own personal world of sweets in your kitchen. In recent years, there have been more artificial sweeteners approved for use by the Federal Drug Administration. (See Artificial Sweeteners on pages 128-129 for more on sugar substitutes.) The recipe section at the end of this book will also introduce you to sugarless versions of many classic sweet treats.

Zero carbohydrate or very low carbohydrate diets are the best way to lose body fat permanently

Most people will lose fat simply by adding a regular exercise routine to their schedule and by cleaning up their diets. By cleaning up your diet, I mean that you've mastered all the nutritional basics like eating small frequent meals, controlling portion sizes, cutting down on unhealthy fats, avoiding sugar and refined foods, etc.

Carbohydrates For Energy

In order to maximize our performance and achieve optimal gains, we must fuel ourselves with complex carbohydrates while avoiding sugar-based forms. One popular health fad is the carbohydrate-restricted diet. A well-known example is the Atkins diet. I am sick and tired of listening to self-appointed experts proclaim that carbohydrates will make you tired and fat. Complex carbohydrates are not stored as fat when consumed in conjunction with a serious training program. Complex carbohydrates provide prolonged energy, unlike the sugar based mono and disaccharides.

Underground Nutrient Timing Strategy Four Post Workout Carbohydrates

Take advantage of this by drinking a liquid source of simple carbohydrates like a pop or a carbohydrate drink This is an excellent time to satisfy your cravings for simple sugars and actually benefit from it Your bodies' insulin response to eating the simple sugars will partition the simple sugars very effectively into the muscle cells instead of fat cells when over eating carbohydrates. You can not only get away with eating more, it is beneficial for muscle growth to do so.

Training Those Special People

Now suppose you're in the situation where you're the only one who has to lose weight. You might suggest that your significant other follow Atkins along with you-by eliminating sugar, white flour, other nutrient-deficient carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats and processed foods from his regimen. His menus will include extra portions of veggies as well as whole grains, some of the starchy vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit. Chances are he will feel so much better that within a few weeks he'll be convinced.

Alternative foods No 1 Fake fats

Olestra Olean is a no-calorie compound made from sugar and vegetable oils. Olestra is indigestible, which means it adds no nutrients such as fat or cholesterol to food. Unfortunately, as it speeds through your intestinal tract, it's likely to pick up and swoosh along some fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. In addition, eating excess amounts of food made with Olestra may cause diarrhea.

Its All About The Timing

To address some of the limitations of the thermodynamic or calorie balance approach presented above, scientists have begun to study the effects of different foods on body composition. Now we're not talking about the grapefruit diet here Instead, we're talking about eating similar amounts of carbohydrate, just switching from a high-sugar diet to a diet low in sugar yet full of fruits and vegetables as well as low-glycemic-index grains. Other manipulations include replacing some saturated fat with monounsaturated fats such as olive oil or polyunsaturated fats such as fish oil. Through this research, scientists have found that once energy balance is accounted for, and you're eating more than you're expending when trying to gain weight, or eating less than you're expending This type of focus on eating when active provides another benefit It prevents binge eating behaviors. Binge eating usually comes after maintaining a low blood sugar for an extended period of time. Your brain gets so fed...

Skill Method of Overload

A From research on athletes, creatine users actually cramp less then non-users. The anecdotal reports of cramping, diarrhea, etc., that seem to prevail in practice among the lay population is most likely evidence that people are either taking too much creatine at one time, taking too many simple sugars at one time, or that there are contaminants in the creatine product being ingested. I have heard males claim that they needed 50 grams at one time, when a 5 gram dose is sufficient even for athletes who weigh in excess of 300 pounds. Bear in mind that excessive doses of creatine can cause osmotic diarrhea this has nothing to do with the specific properties of the creatine itself, but rather the osmotic forces created by the concentration gradient (water is drawn into the lumen of the GI tract). If you experience these symptoms, back off on your creatine dosage and increase your hydration levels until they subside. The key is maximizing insulin levels to facilitate creatine transport...

Carbohydrates hitherto referred to as carbs for short

Unfortunately, in the Western diet we include a large amount of simple carbs from refined, concentrated sugars in such foods as biscuits, cakes, sugary breakfast cereals, buns and many similar products, and not so much of the more starch-rich carbs from plants and grains. Again, don't become

Cycles And Effects An Opinion

Effects upon the cardiovascular system are possible. This is due to the fact that some AAS can elevate triglyceride and cholesterol levels. A decrease in HDL values and an increase in LDL levels are therefore possible. Normally HDL aids in protecting arteries by eliminating excess cholesterol that was not used for biosynthesis of endogenous hormones. LDL promotes the deposits of cholesterol on arterial walls. High blood pressure is another concern. These factors should be checked before considering the use of AAS and monitored by a health care professional. These factors were of special concern during bulk- up mass building phases for athletes who utilized poor dietary habits such as major simple sugars and heavy trans fats. Most values returned to normal (usually) after AAS use was terminated.

Papaya Gelatin Dessert

1 cup of papaya puree (no sugar added). This is sold in glass juice bottles in some health food stores and supermarkets. Or you can puree a fresh papaya yourself. Pee , remove seeds, and cut papaya. Place papaya slices in a blender with a little water and blend until pureed.

The weekend

Before I talk about Saturday's diet and training, I want to mention something else Saturday morning can be used to gauge how well (or poorly) your carb-load went. Ideally, you should wake up looking full and lean, with no bloatedness or water retention underneath the skin. If not, you may have eaten too many total carbs (once glycogen storage maxes out at 16 g kg, more are neither necessary nor beneficial) or too many of the wrong types of carbs (too much sucrose or fructose). There is also some individuality in what foods people best carb-load on. One friend of mine bloats when she eats rice, but carb-loads just fine on other sources. As I mentioned earlier after one or two trial runs, you should have your optimal food choices for the carb-load dialed in. If you're tracking weight, you should find that your bodyweight has rebounded to just about what it was at the start of the cycle (weight can fluctuate a good 6-7 lbs between carb-depletion and compensation). Yet you should look and...

Basic multivitaminmineral

At the very least, individuals on a ketogenic diet should take some form of sugar free vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure nutritional adequacy. Additionally, supplemental sodium, magnesium and potassium may be necessary, as detailed in chapter 7. Depending on dairy intake, a calcium supplement may also be necessary.

The Lessons of History

A famous British nutritionist of the same period, Dr. John Yudkin, took a different view. He thought heart disease correlated with sugar consumption. It's difficult to isolate information on food habits in different nations. Nearly all developed nations have high fat consumption and high sugar consumption. And nearly all underdeveloped nations have neither. Heart disease is high in the developed nations, but why

Bottomline Bodybuilding

I'd like to address the sweetness factor in making protein drinks. Personally, I think all artificial sweeteners taste like vomit. They're fine as a sweetening enhancer but some sugar is still needed. I believe the fear of sugar is a little overstated. A couple of spoonfuls a day isn't going to kill you, especially if your goal is to build bulk. What's more absurd is when people substitute dextrose or maltodextrin for sucrose. Not only do they not taste as good but they're less sweet, requiring more of it, which adds to more carb calories. Fructose may seen like a logical choice since it's as sweet as sucrose and it doesn't cause a surge in insulin but it has a fruity aftertaste that just doesn't work with vanilla or chocolate. Besides, an insulin surge after a workout isn't a bad idea anyway. Try mixing some Nestles Quik with a spoonful of cocoa and a packet of sucralose with 2 scoops of protein powder. You'll have the best tasting protein shake you ever tasted and it'll cost a...

Protein Shakes Supplements and Weight Loss Aids

Look for a protein powder or shake with no more than 5 grams net carbs and 25 grams of protein. Avoid shakes that contain artificial sweeteners, and opt for powders and shakes made from whey protein over soy, egg, and other types of protein. Also, stay away from shakes that contain maltodextrin and high-fructose corn syrup. As an added bonus, some shakes contain essential fats in the form of flaxseed oil and medium chain triglycerides, which will help to bolster energy and immunity. Purchasing a shake that contains some fiber will help to get you regular, as well.

Off Season Bulking up Bodybuilding

Your diet may include some fatty and sugary foods, which there is no harm in including when bulking up. In addition to weight training, I recommend light cardiovascular training two or three times a week, to help circulation and health. Remember that this is a guide and it is imperative that you do vary your choice of food and quantities eaten.

Nutrition and Schizophrenia

Relationship between national sugar consumption and the 2-year outcome of schizophrenia. Data for sugar consumption are taken from FAOSTAT and data for the relevant year 9 . The 2-year total outcome data for schizophrenia take into account a range of social and clinical variables and are derived from reference 1. A lower score indicates a better outcome. This figure is based on the raw data published in 8 . Fig. 1. Relationship between national sugar consumption and the 2-year outcome of schizophrenia. Data for sugar consumption are taken from FAOSTAT and data for the relevant year 9 . The 2-year total outcome data for schizophrenia take into account a range of social and clinical variables and are derived from reference 1. A lower score indicates a better outcome. This figure is based on the raw data published in 8 . We used schizophrenia outcome data from two studies one was the WHO study 1 used by Christensen and Christensen 6 , and the other was a follow-up study also...

Questions and Answers

S Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. About five portions a day are recommended. When it's convenient, try not to mix concentrated starch and protein at the same meal, as that will make you sluggish. Meat and potatoes taste great together, but you're going to know about it when you try bridge walking after lunch. Avoid processed food and sugary drinks like soda. Try not to eat too much sugar, especially before training.

Concerns for Optimal Physical Performance

Excess body fat detracts from fitness. Weight loss is achieved by increasing physical activity and decreasing total food intake, especially fats, refined sugars, and alcohol. 4. Avoid too much sugar. Non-nutritive, sugar substitute as a granulated sugar alternative. Because foods eaten one to three days before an activity provide part of the fuel for that activity, it is important to eat foods every day that are rich in complex carbohydrates. It is also important to avoid simple sugars, such as candy, up to 60 minutes before exercising, because they can lead to low blood sugar levels during exercise.

Day 4 Thursday PM The workout

As far as food choices, sucrose or fructose are both okay here since you want to start refilling liver glycogen to shift your body back to an anabolic state. A protein drink and one or two pieces of fruit are a possibility, I frequently just use a protein bar that contains roughly the amounts of nutrients I want. Some caffeine and 1-3 grams of the amino acid l-tyrosine will give you a nice pre-workout stimulant effect (to make you strong in the gym) without keeping you awake like ephedrine would.

Making A Grocery List And Checking It Twice

Of course, fresh produce is not always available. Even though it is shipped from various parts of the country, New England's produce selection can get slim during the winter. The next best thing is frozen fruits and vegetables. Because they are picked and frozen almost immediately, nutrients within them are preserved for long periods of time. And they are not usually treated with additives other than salt and Vitamin C. Purchase frozen fruits without added sugar. Fruit juices are a challenge to choose because they are put on the shelves with dozens of brands of fake juice. You must read the labels to make a smart choice. Avoid juices that contain high fructose corn syrup, sugar and additives like artificial colors and flavors. Natural apple, cranberry and grape juices are available in most grocery stores. The ninety-nine cent loaf of white or wheat bread falls into the same category as cold cereal. It is worth spending the extra buck and buying a loaf of bread that is made with whole...

What To Put Into Your Shopping Cart Returnto Toc

Frozen vegetables and fruits can be substituted for fresh in many cases. There are times when frozen veggies or fruits might be preferable to fresh. Frozen foods are typically processed shortly after harvesting, whereas out-of-season produce may need to travel long distances before reaching your supermarket. Some of the more fragile nutrients can be reduced over prolonged storage. If you do buy frozen vegetables and fruits, read labels carefully many fruits have added sugar, while veggies may have added sodium or sauces made with unhealthy fats. As in the saturated fat list, the foods here have things to offer to a healthy diet, in spite of some drawbacks. This is a more heterogenous group some foods, like milk, plain yogurt and kefir, actually have a low GI, but have a high insulin index - in other words, they raise insulin in the absence of a corresponding increase in blood sugar. But they also supply calcium and vitamins, as well as complete protein. The carbs in orange juice and...

The Importance Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, next to water, are by far the most important nutritional element anybody, not just bodybuilders, could consume. The most important reason is that our nervous systems, our brains, our spinal cords, and our peripheral nerves derive 99.9 percent of their nutrition from the one thing that we've been taught is the worst thing we can eat sugar. In fact, your brain derives 99 percent of its nutrition from sugar. Carbohydrates are the most important thing you can eat because they are the body's source of glucose, the sugar that is its basic fuel.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Play word association with high-fructose corn syrup, and if you're like me, you say, Froot Loops. But when nutritionists play the same game, they spit out another word obesity. HFCS is a man-made sweetener that's cheaper and sweeter than sugar. Food manufac We're talking about a processed sweetener that didn't even exist in the food chain until the 1970s. And HFCS is really, really, really bad for you. That's because it's packed with calories, but your body doesn't recognize these calories. In fact, HFCS shuts off your body's natural appetite control switches, so you can eat and eat and eat far beyond what your body would normally be able to handle. You probably know guys who can down a 2-liter bottle of Coke in a single sitting. Well, guess what Before HFCS was invented, humans couldn't do that. Our natural appetite control switches would kick in, detect the sugar we were consuming, and say No m s But by shutting off the switches that control appetite, HFCS a true junk food is making...

Sugar Insulin and Fat Dynamics

Elevated insulin levels for the person hoping to control body fat is, possibly, as detrimental as total caloric intake. High or elevated insulin levels result from overeating carbohydrate foods - either complex carbs or simple carbs. When you overeat carbohydrates, you increase the amount of glucose in the blood above 110 which promotes an insulin burst which drags the excess sugar out of the blood allowing glucose levels to return to normal, around 70 to 110. However, high insulin levels, the result of eating above your caloric requirements or from eating within your caloric requirements yet choosing simple fast digesting carbs, can promote the storage of body fat even if muscle and liver stores for glucose are not full Not sure How many people do you know claim Not to over eat yet continue to gain fat year after year. The likely culprit A highly refined diet comprised of next-to no fiber and abundant in simple sugars. Together, this nutrition approach continually keeps a...

Destroying Sick Cells and Tumors

More and more research shows that fasting and detoxification helps attack and kill sick cells and tumors. Cancer cells thrive on sugar and acid environments. Daily fasting eliminates excess sugar from the cells, and the alkalizing effect of live fruits and veggies (and their juices) aids in rejuvenating healthy cells while helping to destroy sick cells. Enzyme loading accelerates the healing process. More on this is found in the next chapter under Enzyme Loading.

Postworkout nutrition

For individuals wishing to consume carbs post-training to help with recovery, an additional 25-50 grams of glucose or glucose polymers are recommended. In this situation, the type of carbohydrate ingested does matter and fructose and sucrose should ideally be avoided, since they may refill liver glycogen and risk interrupting ketone body formation. This limits post-workout carbohydrates to glucose or glucose-polymers, which are not used to refill liver glycogen (7).

Glossary of Relevant Terms

Disaccharide A carbohydrate compound made up of two sugars. Examples are sucrose (table sugar), lactose (milk sugar), and maltose. Oligosaccharides Carbohydrate chains of a few simple sugars in length. Sucrose More commonly known as table sugar and is derived from sugar cane or beet. It is a disaccharide of fructose and glucose. Eating sucrose elicits a rapid insulin response.

Set Protein Guidelines

Protein needs are correlated with lean body mass. The more muscle one carries, the more protein is needed. Bodybuilders, the leanest athletes on the face of the earth, usually consume at least one gram of protein for each pound of lean body weight. While such numbers fly in the face of the RDA, the RDA's really don't apply because they're not set to facilitate the stripping away of body fat. Recall, protein has a dragging effect on insulin which favors lower insulin levels. This not only effects fat burning in a positive light, but lower insulin also translates into appetite control because spiking insulin is a potent appetite stimulant.

Insulin Insensitivity

Many people suffer from insulin insensitivity. As a result of this, they often convert carbohydrates into triglycerides, which leads to high cholesterol, water retention, weight gain, hyperglycemia, and prediabetes. People develop insulin insensitivity as a result of eating sweets and overly processed carbohydrate foods throughout the day. Other reasons for developing it are due to overconsumption of bad fats

What Happens to a Meal

Obviously, if you eat a lot of carbohydrate, you'll end up with a lot of glucose in your blood. Sounds good, doesn't it All that energy coursing through your system. Eat sugar, starches and fruits and you're going to get those blood-sugar levels up fast, aren't you If you love candy bars, perhaps you're saying, That's great-the more I eat, the more energy I'll have.

Carbohydrates and energy A biochemical love story

Eating simple carbohydrates such as sucrose (table sugar) provokes higher insulin secretion than eating complex carbohydrates such as starch. If you have a metabolic disorder such as diabetes that keeps you from producing enough insulin, you must be careful not to take in more carbs than you can digest. Unmetabolized sugars circulating through your blood can make you dizzy and maybe even trip you into a diabetic coma.

Dietary Fat The Body Fat Connection

Strongest influence in the accumulation of added body fat lies in its ability to stimulate the uptake of dietary fat by fat cells. In a nutshell, a high dietary fat intake in the presence of insulin virtually guarantees dietary fat will not only make it to fat cells, but quickly be packed away to make bigger fat cells. Just as insulin is the trigger that sets in motion the removal of glucose from the blood and into glycogen or fat, it's the main trigger that allows fat cells to open up and allow additional dietary fat to be packed away. The deadly combo simple sugars or a massive amount of complex carbohydrates and dietary fat.

Section 2 Carbohydrates and the SKD

Carbohydrates are generally subdivided into complex and simple carbohydrates. All carbohydrates are formed from the simple sugars glucose, fructose and galactose, called monosaccharides. Monosaccharides combine into chains of two, called disaccharides. As monosaccharides form into longer chains, they are called polysaccharides or simply starch, which is a chain of hundreds or thousands of glucose molecules attached to each other. The term 'complex carbohydrates' refers to starches such as breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, and all grains. Simple carbohydrates refer to sugars such as table sugar (sucrose), fructose and fruit. Carbohydrates can be further delineated based on the Glycemic Index (GI) which is discussed below. Despite dietary differences between carbohydrates, almost all ingested carbohydrate will enter the bloodstream as glucose, raising blood glucose levels. Each gram of dietary carbohydrate appears in the bloodstream as 1 gram of glucose. A very small amount of ingested...

Fiber A Form of Carbohydrate

In fact, fiber actually slows the entry of glucose into the bloodstream. This in turn reduces the blood-sugar spikes that cause insulin production and encourage the body to produce and store body fat.' And by slowing down food's transit time in the digestive tract, fiber helps you feel full longer, resulting in fewer food cravings. How can you get the benefits of fiber without the carbs contained in these foods The answer is supplementation. I recommend that you take one tablespoon of psyllium husks daily. Be sure to select a sugar-free product. You can also take one tablespoon of coarse wheat bran or flaxseed meal. Although it's derived from grain, coarse bran is pure fiber and therefore it too contributes zero to your carb count. Psyllium husks should be mixed with water. You can sprinkle bran over your vegetables or blend flaxseed meal into a shake.

What Is Hyperinsulinism

It's easy to see how this might happen when you realize that there's a relationship between the kinds of foods you eat and the amount of insulin in your bloodstream. Foods rich in carbohydrates-especially sugar, honey, milk and fruit, which contain simple sugars, and refined carbohydrates such as flour, white rice and potato starch-are readily absorbed through the stomach, so they speedily convert to glucose. When these foods are eaten in excess, they require a lot of insulin for transport. Foods made of protein and fat, on the other hand, require little or no insulin. (Protein in excess converts to glucose in the liver and requires some insulin to transport it to the cells fat requires essentially none.) Your body's hormonal system is now in desperate straits. At this point, insulin is being secreted more and more frequently to deal with high blood-sugar levels, and it is doing its job less and less effectively. Which makes you crave sweets and carbs, which compounds the problem in a...

As Your Blood Sugar Rises

Consuming carbohydrates impacts your blood-sugar levels. The amount of carbs-and the typewill determine how your blood sugar responds. For example, a food full of refined sugar and white flour, such as a jelly doughnut, will raise blood sugar much more dramatically than does a salad.

Mega High Calorie Weight Gainers

Calorie content was so high because the products were made up of fat and simple sugars and a serving size was huge. They contained vitamins and minerals and reasonably high protein, but of inferior quality. Drinks were to be made up with full cream milk, as much as one or two pints, to achieve the calorie total claimed on the packet. Extra full cream milk increased the total and saturated fat content further, and also raised lactose content of a product which was already high in lactose - hard work for even the most hardy of digestive systems. These products were also often unpalatably sweet and, due to the bulk, left you feeling bloated and unable to eat food for hours afterwards - undesirable for a bodybuilder. Many bodybuilders are still confused about these products when trying to gain weight but, in truth, all they do is help gain fat.

Alternative foods No 2 Substitute sweeteners

1 Sucralose (Splenda) Sucralose, which was discovered in 1976, is a no-calorie sweetener made from sugar. But your body doesn't recognize it as a carbohydrate or a sugar, so it zips through your intestinal tract unchanged. More than 100 scientific studies conducted during a 20-year period attest to its safety, and the FDA has approved its use in a variety of foods, including baked goods, candies, substitute dairy products, and frozen desserts. Sugar (sucrose)

Answers to the Problem of Osmotic Balance

The first experiment will be to place the cell in a 0.25 M solution of sucrose, which does not cross cell membranes. This is shown in Figure 3-4a. In this situation, only water can cross the cell membrane. For water to be at equilibrium, the internal osmolarity must equal the external osmolarity, or P sucrose o (3-3) Figure 3-4 Effects of various extracellular fluids on the volume of a simple model. (a) The ECF contains an impermeant solute (sucrose), and the osmolarity is the same as that inside the cell. (b) The ECF contains an impermeant solute, and the osmolarity is lower than that inside the cell. (c) The ECF contains a permeant solute (urea) and external and internal osmolarities are equal. (d) The ECF contains a mixture of permeant and impermeant solutes. sucrose sucrose sucrose sucrose sucrose sucrose sucrose sucrose sucrose + sucrose + sucrose + sucrose + In the second example, shown in Figure 3-4b, the cell is placed in 0.125 M sucrose rather than 0.25 M sucrose. Again, only...

Supplements That Increase Muscle Gain

If you can't stomach them, don't worry, a lot of people can't. Many people find that the maltodextrin (a simple sugar derived from corn) or fructose (fruit sugar) will cause them to have upset stomachs, gas, cramps and even nausea. If you can't find an MRP that agrees with you, you will simply have to use plain whey protein powder and eat it along with some type of carbohydrate. Some suggestion rice cakes, cream of wheat, Ultra Fuel, and popcorn.


The biuret assay reagent is a mixture of potassium hydroxide, copper sulfate, and potassium sodium tartrate. Copper (Cu+2) forms a complex with the peptide bonds under alkaline conditions when this reagent is added to a protein solution. Copper is converted into Cu+1, and the color of the solution changes from blue to purple. Sample absorbance is measured at 540 nm in a spectro-photometer. The word biuret refers to a compound formed from the condensation of two urea molecules. When mixed with copper, biuret gives a similar type of color change as do proteins. The procedure that is still widely used was described by Gornall et al.21 Protein concentrations are determined from a calibration curve prepared using bovine serum albumin or immunoglobulins as standards. The assay is not as sensitive to interfering substances as some other more recently introduced methods described in this chapter, but it requires higher protein concentrations to produce an adequate signal. The strongly...

Life Out of Control

Many people ate a so-called balanced diet as children, but by the time they reached adulthood their diets had become progressively less balanced. Eating didn't seem all that important to them once, but now it does. So they look at their waistlines, they look at their eating and they realize they have a problem. Usually they notice that their taste in food has gone off in a specific direction. Carbohydrates now form the bulk of what they eat breads and baked goods, cakes and candies, pasta and popcorn. Surprising and illogical food cravings are typical. Do you ever have dinner with a big dessert and almost immediately afterward find that you want some candy That's a sign, as is fatigue, that your carbohydrate metabolism is out of whack.


In the examples in Figure 3-4, 0.25 M sucrose and 0.25 M urea had the same osmolarity 0.25 Osm. But the two solutions had dramatically different effects on cell volume. In 0.25 M sucrose, cell volume didn't change, while in 0.25 M urea the cell exploded. To take into account the differing biological effects of solutions of the same osmolarity, we will use the concept of tonicity. An isotonic solution has no final effect on cell volume a solution that causes cells to swell at equilibrium is called a hypotonic solution and a solution that causes cells to shrink at equilibrium is called a hypertonic solution. Thus, the 0.25 M sucrose solution was isotonic, and the 0.25 M urea solution was hypotonic. Note that an isotonic solution must have the same osmolarity as the fluid inside the cell, but that having the same osmolarity as the ICF does not guarantee that an external fluid is isotonic.

Fiber Fish Chromium

Chromium's the trace mineral that is somewhat related to insulin function in that it participates in the utilization of glucose and it's absorption rate drops with many of the factors that promote insulin resistance a low fiber diet, a high saturated fat diet, a high intake of simple sugars, and a high intake of refined carbohydrates. While studies continue to come in, some reporting chromium helps reverse insulin resistance while others report chromium does little to help, my guess is using 200-300 meg daily via a supplement coupled with a diet that promotes insulin uptake by muscles -a low saturated fat diet, the inclusion of omega-3's, a high fiber intake, and avoiding refined and simple carbs - the net effect as part as an overall nutrition strategy is likely an increase in insulin uptake by muscle tissue or the reversal of insulin resistance.

Dear Friend

Simple Carbohydrates - all sugars including dextrose, maltose, lactose, table sugars (sucrose) Together with the foregoing articles to be condemned in your dietary, should be included the frequent use of candies and all commercial sweet products even the use of white sugar. These manufactured products are composed largely of a cheap glucose and other inferior sweetening mixtures, including various injurious chemicals, compounds, and similar ingredients. If you must eat candy at times, be sure it is of the very highest quality, and wherever possible, substitute regular maple or brown sugar for the white commercial kind.

The American Diet

The American love affair with refined carbohydrates only began at the beginning of the 20th century. Cola drinks started the movement (we were big water drinkers before then) and the refined white flour and sugar products that now dominate our diet were only introduced in the early 1900s. Before then, sugar had been prohibitively expensive for most people. Interestingly, heart disease was virtually unheard of in sections of our society before this time.

Acceptable Foods

*Oysters and mussels are higher in carbs than other shellfish so limit them to four ounces per day. **Processed meats such as ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami, hot dogs and other luncheon meats-and some fish-may be cured with added sugar and will contribute carbs. Try to avoid meat and fish products cured with nitrates, which are known carcinogens. Also beware of products that are not exclusively meat, fish or fowl, such as imitation fish, meatloaf and breaded foods. Finally, do not consume more than four ounces of organ meats a day. *Oysters and mussels are higher in carbs than other shellfish so limit them to four ounces per day. **Processed meats such as ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami, hot dogs and other luncheon meats-and some fish-may be cured with added sugar and will contribute carbs. Try to avoid meat and fish products cured with nitrates, which are known carcinogens. Also beware of products that are not exclusively meat, fish or fowl, such as imitation fish, meatloaf and breaded...

Dieting For Fat Loss

Insulin is released into the bloodstream by the pancreas, when there is a large amount of sugar (glucose) being introduced into the system too quickly. This usually is caused by eating a meal consisting only of carbohydrates, which are digested very quickly. The job of the insulin is to lower the level of glucose in the bloodstream. It does this by forcing most of the excess sugar calories into the muscles and liver, as glycogen. The excess glucose that can't be put to immediate use is converted onto new fat and stored in your adipose tissue (butt, hips, back, waist). That's right. If you eat carbohydrates alone, you better be doing some sort of high energy activity to burn off the excess sugar calories. Otherwise, those are going straight towards building new fat cells

Bitter melon

World and is used as a food as well as a medicine. This fruit is known to control appetite, prevent overeating, and regulate blood sugar levels. It improves the body's ability to use blood sugar and get blood sugar into the cells of your body. Bitter melon improves glucose tolerance without increasing blood insulin levels which is an important part of digesting and utilizing carbohydrates without the added risk of storing additional bodyfat. In a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 1986, 100 ml of bitter melon was found to improve glucose tolerance by 73 . (24)


I suggest 40 percent low-glycemic, complex carbohydrates. Some clients find that amount of carbs intimidating because many popular diet books have caused people to shift their dietary fears from fats to carbohydrates. The key is to learn how to manage your intake of carbs relative to your activity level. While people can lose pounds of scale weight on a low-carbohydrate diet, it's a sure thing that they will feel irritable, headachy, and fatigued. To maintain the brain and central nervous system, the body needs a certain amount of glucose, which it gets from sugars and starches, the by-products of carbohydrates after digestion. This glucose is stored in the liver and in the muscles. When you do not eat a sufficient amount of carbohydrates daily, your body has to get its supply from somewhere. At that point, it will begin breaking down its own muscle protein to synthesize glucose to adequately supply vital organs. So, the weight you are losing on a low-carbohydrate diet will be muscle...

Glucosamine sulfate

The effect of insulin on the formation of fatty acids in the body is delayed by glucosamine, indicating that glucosamine plays a role as a messenger for this insulin effect. (29) For example, insulin is secreted when the sugar content is high and allows for fat storage. Fat cells can't be metabolized when there are high insulin levels in the body. High insulin levels also trigger the hypothalamus to send hunger signals, which sets off carbohydrate cravings. Thus one eats more, which leads to even more insulin release. These extra carbohydrates are converted into glucose and then stored in the body as fat.


Slimfast, although very well known, is not a well-designed meal replacement. They have a very big marketing campaign and can afford a lot of advertising. Slimfast is loaded with carbs, primarily from sugar. One of the first ingredients on the can is sugar It' s primarily water and sugar. Slimfast is not high in protein most cans only have 10 grams. Choose a meal replacement that is high in protein, with about 30-40 grams. Carb sources should be from maltodextrin, a corn derivative that provides a slow energy release. Carbs should be around 20-22 grams, but no more than 3 grams of those from sugar. Fat should be no more than 3-4 grams. Pick one that mixes up rather thick. The mouth feel helps with the satiety feeling. If you are left full by these meal replacements, you will not have the urge to eat again for at least 3 hours. Some good meal replacements I have used and recommend are MET-RX, Nature' s Best Perfect RX, AST Sports Science Ny-Tro Pro-40, Sportpharma Nutri-Force, and...

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is one of the sixteen essential trace minerals that help keep the body healthy and fit. It is one of the most important nutrients in controlling blood sugar and sugar cravings, and contains a wide variety of benefits. Chromium helps insulin metabolize fat, convert protein into muscle, and converts sugar into energy, thereby encouraging weight loss

Meal Replacements

I also like AST Sports Science Ny-Tro Pro-40, which is delicious in the Strawberry flavor. Met-Rx is the granddaddy of all meal replacements. It' s been around for 10 years. If something did not have any value to a consumer, it would not be around for 10 year. Met-Rx and AST Ny-Tro Pro-40 are a bit more expensive than Natures' Best Perfect Rx. They are about 3.00 per packet. Meal replacements are a great tool to help you lose weight. It allows you to replace a meal that may be higher in calories and fat with one that, when mixed with water, is less than 300 calories. This shake has 30-40 grams of protein, 0-2 grams of fat, and little to no sugar. I think you can start to see the value when trying to shave off extra calories here and there from your diet. Just choose one that tastes good to you so that you are more likely to keep taking it.

Just Desserts

Chocoholic's Revenge (http is a great site for those of us who love chocolate and don't want to give it up while we're losing weight (see Figure 4.7). The site provides more than 50 recipes for chocolate desserts using less sugar, fat, and simple carbs than traditional versions of the same desserts. Nutrition information, including Weight Watchers POINTS, is provided. A sample recipe is shown in Figure 4.8. You can even send someone a chocolate-themed e-card for free.


When dieting to lose fat, it is essential that you stick to your diet and cook all your own food You must have total control over what you eat. You must abstain from eating all simple sugars, milk products and white flour products. When you do this, within 2 weeks you will immediately see a difference in your definition. When I say cooking, I do not mean some elaborate dish. Just put together the basics of what you need to fulfill your meal requirements.

No Fat Needed

Many common low carbohydrate diets recommend the user include plenty of fatty foods which, for the most part, makes absolutely no sense. The claim put forth as long as insulin levels stay extremely low by following a no carbohydrate diet, calories are not important. Don't be concerned with butter oils, fried chicken, ham, sausage and fatty steaks. You can eat as much dietary fat as desired. Not so fast We learned calories along with hormones are important in controlling body fat. If calories are too high, no matter where they come from -be it carbs, fat or even protein - the excess has to be stored as body fat. And, on the other and of the spectrum, if calories are borderline, not too high or not too low, and insulin levels are always high due to a low protein diet or a diet rich in simple sugars, then it's easy to gain fat. Finally, if insulin levels are low but dietary fat and total calories are high, you'll gain body fat

If Addictions Recur

As soon as you suspect your carbohydrate cravings are returning, you are confronted with a true health emergency that demands immediate action. You must cure them by returning to the Induction phase for several days until you get your cravings under control. Carefully doing Pre-Maintenance will help prevent you from once again being controlled by your cravings.


6 kiwifruits, peeled and quartered H cup sugar-free maple syrup 2 Tbsp. almond oil H tsp. baking powder 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract powdered sugar Spray a sheet cake pan with cooking spray. In a food processor, blend tofu, corn syrup, cocoa powder, almond oil, vanilla and peppermint extracts until smooth. In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, fructose, salt, and baking powder. Add mixture from food processor and stir well to remove lumps. Pour into cake pan and bake 25-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool brownies in pan, then dust with powdered sugar. nonstick cooking spray 2 Tbsp. trans- and saturated fat-free 6 cups fat-free, sugar-free vanilla spread (i.e., Brummel and G cup powdered sugar 1 tsp. skim milk Spray a 9-inch pie plate with cooking spray. Allow frozen yogurt to become soft but not melted or runny. In a medium bowl, mix graham cracker crumbs with cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Add melted butter and corn syrup and stir. The crumbs...

Outside Your Home

If the eating establishment is one you patronize often, talk to the waiter or the maitre d' and make it crystal clear that you're on a plan that permits no sugar in any manner, shape or form. This way you can root out hidden sugar in salad dressings or even in such prepared dishes as tuna fish salad. Sometimes fruit juices are used in cooking as a sugar substitute, which are equally unacceptable.

Eating guidelines

However, a good bit of research had found that eating more frequently (while splitting your total daily caloric intake) keeps hunger better under control and this is true in both lean and obese individuals (for whom hunger appetite control can be a real problem). There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps the biggest one is avoiding extreme hunger which can occur when meals are spaced out too far. This occurs for a number of reasons but decreasing blood glucose is one of them. I'm sure every reader can identify with waiting too long to eat, feeling lightheaded and ending up at the candy machine ravenous.

Julian Michaels

In order to help change your body composition Avoid sodium whenever possible it will make your body hold water and feel puffy. Drink 80 ounces of water a day to flush out excess fluids you might be retaining. Cut all refined sugar, processed grains, canned foods, and frozen foods. And, mix up your exercise regimen. Sugar substitutes suitable for cooking (check labels) or use half sugar and half sugar substitute or use unsweetened applesauce, mashed bananas, or other fruits in recipes and cut down on the sugar.

Supplemental Science

Followed by a maintenance dose of 5 to 7 grams a day. The collective agreement of both nutritionists and athletes has whittled the dose down, closer to 2 to 4 grams a day for athletes weighting 150 pounds or less and 4-7 grams a day for athletes weighing 151 pounds and up. An ideal time to use your creatine is after your workout session, where creatine and PC has been used to help power your training session. Furthermore, the post training meal is the ideal time to increase your carbohydrate intake as the insulin spike created from eating more carbs not only prevents muscle wasting induced with training but will also enhance the uptake of creatine by muscle tissue.


I get home at about 7 00PM and immediately begin to cook dinner. It is ready at about 7 30, I sit down and relax as I eat my meal. It has been a long day. I decide to do some research on the Internet for an hour and I am starting to get tired. At 9 00, I prepare a bean burrito for my lunch the following day. I wrap up my lunch and put it in the refrigerator. I go to bed at 9 30 and I fall right asleep. I am the only person that I know that can go to bed that early, but it was a great day. I didn't have any food cravings and I feel great.

Low Protein Weekends

The added fat aids in slowing the release of glucose in the blood, thus avoiding sugar rushes or crashes that can leave you feeling spent and irritable. By using lower glycemic foods with increased dietary fat, you'll also be able to extend the length of your carb load and not smooth out as quickly, if this is what you desire. As for the protein, you're getting enough during the week that a sufficient store is available to get through the weekend with no problems.

JILLiftH Michaels

Try to avoid bad carbs even if your body can tolerate a higher ratio of carbs. Bad carbs are processed grains and refined sugars. Complex or good carbs include whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, veggies, and so forth. With 13 grams of sugar per cup, milk is loaded with sugar. Try to get sugar-free milk at the market instead.


Chromium seems to be difficult for many to obtain from the diet as many of the foods in which it is found are not common to the American dinner table. Here's the short list. Brewer's yeast, clams, mussels, lobster, oysters and mushrooms. Do you eat those If you answered no, give chromium supplements a chance. Furthermore, chromium is easily excreted from the body during exercise, especially in a humid environment where more sweat is produced, as well as during periods of stress or with a fiber free or high sugar diet.

Type of carbohydrate

However, people sometimes do notice subjective differences in carb-load quality depending on the types of carbs eaten. Generally, carb-loads based around large amounts of fructose or sucrose (which is half fructose) give inferior results. Fructose is used preferentially by the liver and tends not to be as good at refilling muscle glycogen. Unfortunately, this limits a lot of junk foods which are either high in sucrose or fructose (usually as high fructose corn syrup). You can eat some, but don't make them the entirety of your carb-load. At the same time, small amounts of fructose (perhaps 50 grams over a 24 hour period) or sucrose (100 grams over a 24 hour period) seem to improve the carb-load. I have personally had my best (qualitatively) carb-loads eating primarily starches (bagels, milk, pasta) with small amounts of sucrose (usually some type of sherbet or high sugar cereal). The key is to keep starches dominant with small to moderate amounts of fructose or sucrose. This should let...

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