Flexible dieting planned or unplanned

I think some people are able to be flexible dieters without hugely specific plans but I'm not sure this is the case universally. This is especially true for rigid dieters who are trying to adopt flexible dieting attitudes. My concern is that people will use the flexible dieting concepts I've presented so far in this booklet as an excuse to break their diet a little too frequently and I don't think that will work either. Losing weight still requires that you diet, I'm simply trying to make you understand that expecting yourself to adhere to your diet 100% without exception is generally a recipe for disaster.

That is, it's a little too easy to say, on a daily basis "I really need this cookie (or three) and I'm being a flexible" dieter, and Lyle the diet guru said it was ok. But that's not going to cut it either. Instead, in a couple of chapters, I'm going to present a scheme where you sort of plan to break your diet (for varying amounts of time depending on the circumstance) based on your current bodyfat percentage.

So rather than let your diet breaks fall where they may (although there may be situations where this is unavoidable), I think having a bit of control over them, at least at first will be the most useful. With time, you may be able to diet successfully and apply the flexible dieting concepts less rigidly. But, if you're the typical rigid dieter trying it a different way, I think it's a better to make things sort of a rigid flexible dieting approach (for what little sense that makes), keeping control of your flexible dieting effort

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