Introduction to Flexible Dieting

Now that you have a better idea why, in my opinion anyhow, most diets tend to fail, I'd like to finally introduce you to the flexible dieting concepts of this booklet. You may already have a reasonable idea from reading the previous chapters but just in case (and to pad out the length of this booklet), I want to go into a few more details in this chapter. Then, after another tangent chapter where I have you get a rough estimate of your current bodyfat percentage, I'll introduce you to the three different types of flexible dieting concepts and explain how to integrate them.

Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality

Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality

Awesome Ways To Get Over Your Mentality That Keeps you Overweight! This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Results In Your Slim-down and Health Efforts! Day in day out we keep ourselves absorbed with those matters that matter the most to us. A lot of times, it might be just to survive and bring in some money. In doing so we at times disregard or forget about the extra matters that are essential to balance our lives. They’re even more essential to supply real meaning to our world. You have to pay attention to your wellness.

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