Moving Back Into Dieting

Ok, one more chapter and this book is done. The previous three chapters dealt with how to move to maintenance using one of two different approaches: a non-calculating method (chapter 13 and 14) and a pain in the ass method where you calculate your nutrient requirements and measure your food (Chapter 15). The information presented in those chapters applies for the full diet break, as well as when dieters finally decide to end their diet and move to maintenance.

This chapter is sort of a snapshot view of what I think constitutes a good fat loss diet, in terms of how it should be set up and how it should be adjusted based on real world fat loss. One of these days, when I finally get my act together, I'm going to take this information, along with a host of other stuff I've written and put together my be-all, end-all guidebook to dieting. For the time being you're stuck with the abbreviated version.

Diet And Exercise Expertise

Diet And Exercise Expertise

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