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Created by Janet Hradil, Trouble Spot Nutrition is a 3 Phase Hormonal Solution That Melts Away Trouble Spot Fat In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day. Leptin, cortisol, and testosterone all have an influence on our weight issues, but not many of us know it. Janet Hradil has created Trouble Spot Nutrition with the intent of teaching people how their hormones affect their weight loss efforts, and how nutrition can easily correct hormone issues and help fight fat faster than ever before. In each of your fat cells, there is an enzyme, 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 (Hsd), that takes inactive cortisone (a hormone) and turns it into cortisol, a fat storing compound. If you have high amounts of Hsd, you will have high amounts of fat storage. While Hsd is genetically determined, you can use nutrition to reduce levels and stop the unwanted fat storage, even on your trouble spots. Read more here...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of Trouble Spot Nutrition can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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Leptin the short course

Leptin is a protein released primarily from fat cells although other tissues such as muscle also contribute slightly. Leptin levels primarily correlate with bodyfat percentage, the more fat you have the more leptin you tend to have (note different depots of fat, visceral versus subcutaneous, show different relationships with leptin). At any given bodyfat percentage, women typically produce 2-3 times as much leptin as men. In addition to being related to the amount of bodyfat you have, leptin levels are also related to how much you're eating. For example, in response to dieting, leptin levels may drop by 50 within a week (or less) although you obviously haven't lost 50 of your bodyfat. After that initial rapid drop, there is a slower decrease in leptin related to the loss of bodyfat that is occurring. In response to overfeeding, leptin tends to rebound equally quickly (much faster than you're gaining bodyfat). In contrast to what you might think, it looks like leptin production by fat...

A final note on leptin

Hopefully the above sections have made you realize that there is far more to the adaptations to either dieting or overfeeding than just leptin. Rather, there is an integrated response involving leptin, insulin, ghrelin, fatty acids, liver, fat cell and skeletal muscle adaptations, and probably factors that haven't been discovered yet. This probably explains why injecting leptin into dieting humans reverses only some but not all of the adaptations to dieting. For example, just injecting leptin would be expected to fix a defect in TSH (and thyroid output) and it does do this. But injectable leptin won't fix the problems with conversion that occur at the liver. Similarly, while injecting leptin would normalize LH and FSH output, it won't correct the problem with increased binding of testosterone to SHBG caused by lowered insulin. Hopefully you get the picture. Now we know the problem. What's the solution

How to Take Advantage of the Second and Third Cortisol Waves During Workouts

To fully manipulate steroids actions, you should try to take advantage of the second and third cortisol waves during exercise. You can do this in a couple of ways Take short rest intervals between sets. Long rests between sets may give the body enough time to reestablish a high cortisol level towards the next set. On the other hand, short rest periods between sets may continue to lower cortisol levels because of an already elevated cortisol. A high cortisol level marks an upcoming cortisol decline. A low cortisol level marks an upcoming cortisol increase. Therefore, when incorporating short rests between sets with a relatively high cortisol level, take advantage of the upcoming cortisol decline towards the next exercise set. As absurd as it may sound, it is the high levels of cortisol that help establish maximum upcoming anabolic potential. In fact, intense endurance training has a profoundly relaxing effect on the body because of the nature of the cortisol wave. For that matter, any...

U 3 Decreases Testosterone and Increases Cortisol

A study of 8 healthy male volunteers observed that after drinking alcohol, the effects of a significant decrease in testosterone and an increase in cortisol (a muscle destroying hormone) lasted up to 24 hours 6 If you are serious about building muscle and burning fat, you want all the free testosterone levels you can get and you want to reduce cortisol in any way you can. That means go lite on the drinking because it does affect your hormones.

Training During Cortisolestrogen Suppression Phases

The problem some beasts experienced during Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phases was joint pain. This was due to inhibition of the body's natural inflammatory response system that normally would aid in joint function. So it seems obvious that heavy training could have been counter productive during these phases, for some. By cycling Max Androgen Phases, Absolute Anabolic Phases, and Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phases, Frank was able to either super charge each muscle growth action (while either suppressing or defeating negative feed-back loops) or react with the body to utilize the feed-back loop to his advantage. Training during Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phases was best utilized as an adaptive period by unloading the training stimuli about 10-15 , depending on how joints responded. This was a matter of simply reducing work-set weight loads and or intensity about 10-15 . Additionally it was realized that an over-all improvement in musculature quality was the result from the...

Example 1 Stage 3 Phase 3 B Cortisolestrogen suppression

Example 1 (Stage 3) Phase 3 My experience with this example has been that it suppressed cortisol and estrogen activity almost completely. When coming off AAS HPTA function was decreased so it is obvious cortisol and estrogens could have become the dominant hormones. Most athletes lost most of their gains and due to that fact, but it just was not necessary. By almost totally suppressing the two hormones responsible for losses (while the HPTA catches up) we can see why we experienced a shift from catabolism to anabolism. This is because even a small amount of endogenous testosterone was enough to become the dominant hormone when estrogen and cortisol activity was suppressed. A prime example of this is what happened when surveyed females reported taking just 250 MG daily of Cytadren with no other chemical protocol. They showed signs of masculization and lean muscle mass gains after only a few weeks. It was best to alternate Cytadren 2 days with Arimidex Nolvadex for 2 days. This kept the...

Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phases Example 1 Chart

The good new was that Cytadren can mangle cortisol receptor-sites long after discontinuance. Additionally, Teslac use has been reported to lead to permanent estrogen suppression (oh darn ). I doubt it needs to be said again, but Cytadren dosages were divided through out the day. (250-500mg each) As stated prior, Cytadren does not inhibit 3b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzymes. This means that the prohormones 4-diols and 19 nor -diols and prosteroid 3-hydroxy androstanes converted to active androgens, but in truth they where already quite active as is. Sports use was intended to suppress the formation of cortisol and estrogen, thus decreasing the catabolic side of the anabolic catabolic ratio and estrogenic activity. When layered into a Max Androgen Phase beginning day 1 5 there was still enough androgenic activity from AAS to counter-act the suppression of endogenous androgen production for about 21-28 days total, or about 7-14 days after the termination of a 30 day Max Androgen...

Leptin to the Rescue

When the OB gene works correctly in laboratory rats, it makes a hormone called leptin. Leptin travels through the blood and signals the brain when the body has stored enough fat. However, if the OB gene is not working properly, rats become lazy. They move around less and gorge themselves with food. When rats with the genetically skewed OB gene is injected with leptin, they become very active and radically reduce the consumption of food. Genetically fat rats become trim and even rats with a normal and functioning OB gene lose weight when injected with leptin. Next, scientists applied this knowledge to obese humans. Unfortunately, obese humans do not seem to have a defective OB gene, though they do produce leptin. Interestingly, scientists found obese individuals produce more leptin than lean individuals, the exact opposite as what was expected. Therefore, scientists are postulating obese humans over produce leptin because it may not be binding with its receptor cite in the brain....

Leptin and the brain

As you may have guessed, or known from my last book, leptin is one of the primary signals (along with many others including ghrelin, insulin, peptide YY and other as of yet undiscovered compounds) that signals the brain about how much energy you have stored and how much you're eating. Sympathetic nervous system activity goes down which, along with the drop in thyroid, has a huge impact on metabolic rate. Cortisol levels go up as does hunger and appetite. You get the idea. What you end up seeing is an all purposes systems crash when you try to take bodyfat to low levels. I should note that these processes are occurring to one degree or another during all diets, they simply become more pronounced at the extreme low levels of bodyfat. Ideally, the opposite effects should occur when you raise calories. However, for reasons I detailed in my last book, the system is asymmetrical falling leptin (and changes in all of the other hormones) has a much larger impact on the body's metabolism than...

Everything You Need To Know On Weight Loss

Some weight loss books blame your laziness. The authors of these books sound something like this. Exercise, burns calories, so performing enough exercise will keep a person lean or promote fat loss in everyone. Sorry. While exercise can help, it is not the full story, the end all. What you eat, the amount of total calories you eat, and the types of foods you eat also has an effect on fat storage. Some people can get very lean with exercise, but others should rely more on diet. Furthermore, there are more gyms, health clubs, resorts, personal trainers, exercise machines, and gadgets than ever. So what's the scoop How is it, we are fatter than ever Sure, there are lots of awesome and incredible bodies around, but as a whole, the population is pretty sloppy. I know we are failing the fat test when I consistently see fat kids at malls, schools, and church. Sure there were some chunky kids around when I was young. Every school had its fat little kid who was the brunt of jokes and picked...

Lets take a look at the actual break down of a 20 differential using a 200 LB bodybuilder who trained properly ate

I once personally (once Ya right ) pushed the envelope to see how much of this scientific data (most of which was available 15 years ago) could be validated in the real world. I suppressed my cortisol (chemically), increased anabolism (also chemically) and increased metabolism (of course chemically) for 30 days. I ingested protein (complete) levels based upon basal plus 20 , and ate 2.5g of carbs (mostly maltodextrin and veggies) per LB of bodyweight while allowing fats to fall where they may. 30 days later I was 33 LBS heavier with a slightly lower body fat level. Ya pretty cheesy, huh

What Is Unique about This Book

The many kinds of hormones that affect fat storage and utilization. This book is one of the first to offer questionnaires to help you realize when your own hormones are working against you. It also discusses how the hormonal changes that occur with menopause and andropause can cause you to become overfat and tells you how exercise and nutrition can help rebalance these hormones.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

You agree that popping a couple of D-bol is not going to make your liver explode and give you an instant brain tumor, but claiming that anabolic steroids are actually health enhancing seems incredulous. Well, let's take a moment to evaluate the elements of a healthy body. Doesn't being stronger provide a certain protection from the ravages of daily stress (both physical and mental) If one's mental state has a direct correlation on the overall physical state then it would seem apparent that looking good and feeling good about one's self can elevate the entire spectrum of the mind, body, and spirit connection. If this is a bit too metaphysical for you, how about the ability to recover more quickly from illness, higher growth hormone levels, improved T3 count, (note I was referring to the killer T cells , not the thyroid hormone) increased blood volume and lower cortisol levels They all contribute significantly to your overall health.

Reported Characteristics

Oral Dianabol was reported to be a highly effective mass AAS which provided impressive weight and strength gains. Most users experienced a 2-4 LB bodyweight increase per week with heavy water retention. With higher dosages gynecomastia (bitch tits) was a common negative side effect. Obviously much of this was avoided by those who reported co-addministration of Proviron and or Novladex. When stacked with a nandrolone, some gyno problems seemed to lessen. This was probably due to Nandrolones aromatization to a weaker estrogen called Norestrogen and the resulting mild anti-estrogenic effect that results in moderate dosage administration. Methandrostenlone becomes active in 1-3 hours with a half-life of about 3.5-4.5 hours. For this reason, dosages were spread through out the day to maintain blood serum concentrations at an elevated state. Massive dosages just were not necessary since a single 10-mg dose has increase androgen anabolic activity 5 times over normal with a correlating...

What is it supposed to do

The researchers examined various downstream metabolites of AA, such as prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), prostaglandin F2a (PGF2a), interleukin-6 (IL-6), as well as hormonal effects on free testosterone, total testosterone and cortisol. They also took muscle biopsies to look at any changes in myosin heavy chain isoform. The study did not find statistically significant differences between the group getting the AA and the placebo group. There was a trend in the changes of some of the outcomes examined, but none of them reached statistical significance which equates to no differences between groups. The researchers concluded

Noted Characteristics

Stanozolol is a high anabolic moderate androgenic that causes a significant elevation in protein synthesis and an improved nitrogen retention. Since it does not aromatize to estrogen, water retention, gyno, and female pattern fat deposits do not occur. A high protein diet of 1.5-2-g of protein per LB of bodyweight daily was necessary to obtain the best results. This was not noted as a steroid for rapid weight gains but was commonly affirmed as ideal for a continuous slow gain in very high quality lean muscle mass that was well retained after discontinuance. Many who compete utilized Winstrol off-season with testosterone in a Max Androgen Phase for its anabolic value.

How To Elevate Free Testosterone Levels Naturally

Brief AAS protocols were intended to get in, hit hard, and get out before the body's reaction of elevating cortisol estrogen levels could catch up to elevated testosterone AAS levels. This also meant that levels of cortisol failed to reach a dominant level post-cycle and greater lean mass was retained. A second benefit of brief protocols was the body's inability to catch up to quickly elevated plasma testosterone levels with an up-regulated SHBG synthesis (or the other sex hormone binding protein called albumin). SHBG also sometimes took a few weeks to down-regulate post-cycle, which means free testosterone levels were lower.

Stress Can Make You

Stress has become a condition in which we accept a short-term level of heightened performance at the expense of long-term health. Whether physical or emotional, stress has many negative effects on the body. One of them is the accumulation of a hormone called cortisol. When faced with a stressful situation, the body produces an adrenaline rush that releases fat and glucose as an energy source to help deal with the stressor. Once the crisis subsides, cortisol becomes active and stimulates the appetite so that we can replenish our fat stores. Since most of us don't reach for an apple or a chicken breast when we feel hungry, the release of cortisol usually leads to grabbing a quick carbohydrate snack such as a slice of pizza, a donut, a candy bar, or some type of high-carbohydrate fast food. Unfortunately, living with a high level of daily stress causes the body to produce a consistently high level of cortisol, leading to a vicious cycle of stress, frequent overeating, and fat gain.

Why is it so hard Part 2 Partitioning

Fat) while chronically high levels of cortisol have the opposite effect (less muscle, more fat). But that's not all. It turns out that bodyfat percentage is controlling metabolism to a much greater degree than just by providing fatty acids. Research over the past 10 years or so has identified fat cells as an endocrine tissue in their own right, secreting numerous hormones and proteins that have major effects on other tissues. Perhaps the most important, and certainly the one most talked about is leptin, but that's far from the only one. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, the various interleukins, adiponectin and other compounds released from fat cells are sending signals to other tissues in the body which affect metabolism. Without getting into all of the nitpicky details (many of which haven't been worked out yet), I just want to talk a little about leptin (if you read my last book, this will all be familiar ground).

What does the research say

One effect of PS may be its ability to reduce levels of the catabolic (muscle wasting) hormone cortisol after exercise. Two early studies done in Italy appeared to show that chronic intakes of PS reduced the release of cortisol after intense exercise. When the body senses stress, whether physical and or emotional, it releases cortisol as part of the fight or flight cascade that prepares us for short term survival. Prolonged stress from malnutrition, surgery, overtraining and sleep deprivation, as well as psychological stress, causes a systemic effect that includes increased cortisol secretion resulting in a decline in certain aspects of the immune system and other problems. As the reader can see, over long periods of time, high cortisol levels are detrimental to our overall health and muscle mass. A supplement that could reduce cortisol has obvious applications for athletes. Several recent studies have shed some light on the subject. In one of them, 750 mg day soy PS was found to...

Beta2microglobulin What is it supposed to do

Whey protein is an extremely high-quality source of essential amino acids that are easily digested and absorbed. But beyond its value as a source of dietary protein, it possesses a variety of potential health benefits. A growing number of studies has found whey may potentially reduce cancer rates, combat HIV, improve immunity, reduce stress and lower cortisol, increase brain serotonin levels, improve liver function in those suffering from certain forms of hepatitis, reduce blood pressure, and improve performance, to name a few of its potential medical and sports related applications.

Summary of the guidelines for the TKD

If post-workout carbohydrates are consumed, an additional 25-50 grams of glucose or glucose polymers are recommended. Fructose and sucrose should be avoided as they can refill liver glycogen and interrupt ketosis. Additionally protein can be added to the post-workout meal to help with recovery. Dietary fat should be avoided since it will slow digestion and could lead to fat storage when insulin levels are high.

Supplements That Increase Muscle Gain

The recommended dosage of this supplement is 2 capsules (15 mg), three times per day, with meals. I usually take it only twice per day in larger doses. I've found that taking 20mg with my pre-workout meal, and then taking 40mg with my post-workout stack, greatly increases my muscle pump and helps to prevent any fat storage from my post-workout meal.

Low Carb Dilemma 1 Take That out of Your Mouth

In fact, the Atkins diet focuses on something called net carbs that Atkins claims are the carbohydrates that actually impact blood sugar. A rough formula for figuring out net carbs is to subtract the number of fiber grams from the total number of carb grams. (The reasoning being that fiber doesn't impact blood sugar, spike insulin, or contribute to fat storage.) By that calculation, this sandwich has about 33 net carbs. Phase one of the Atkins diet limits you to 20 net carbs per day. Eat this one super-good-for-you food, and you'll have to fast for the next day and a half to keep your Atkins diet in effect.

Signs of Overtraining

Under a good training program, a bodybuilder will balance training intensity with rest. When a bodybuilder balances his training with rest, the anabolic (muscle building) environment is created. When training intensity is too high or too advanced, or when workouts are too frequent, or too long in duration, the stress of training becomes too abundant for the body to handle. This promotes a catabolic (muscle wasting) state where the body taps muscle mass and breaks it apart to use it as energy. Overtraining promotes the release of two catabolic hormones glucagon and Cortisol. Cortisol works to destroy and over ride the four anabolic (muscle friendly) hormones testosterone, insulin, thyroid, and growth hormone. This results in a loss of muscle When training intensity is correct for the bodybuilder and adequate rest is supplied, then these anabolic hormones function at optimal levels, over-riding the catabolic hormones, allowing the body to repair itself and build muscle.

Creating A Deficit Adding Exercise

It's possible, those who simultaneously start a diet and exercise program may experience plateaus where additional fat loss becomes more and more difficult. The question that immediately comes to mind, What should I do, eat less or exercise more In effect, the individual struggles to establish what of the two - exercise or diet - is the greater of the two in stimulating drops in body fat. Confused and likely motivated, he changes both, cutting calories while adding more activity. While this could overcome a plateau, it will also lead to fatigue as additional exercise coupled with less fuel leads to a tired body and a tired body tends to hoard fat by decreasing it's output in thyroid hormones or by increasing its output in Cortisol, a hormone which chews up

Anabolic and catabolic processes

The terms anabolic and catabolic tend to be misused and overgeneralized in popular media leading to misunderstandings. In a biological sense, 'anabolic' means the building of larger substances from smaller substances. Glucose is synthesized into glycogen, amino acids are built into larger proteins, and FFA are combined with glycerol and stored as triglycerides (TG). Anabolic processes occur as a result of overfeeding which raises anabolic hormones, such as insulin and testosterone, and lowers catabolic hormones such as cortisol and glucagon.

Dieting For Fat Loss

For instance, your post-workout meal will be much larger and contain more carbs and overall calories than any other meal. This is because your body needs more of these nutrients after a workout than it would normally. Another example is your last meal of the day. It will usually only consist of fat and protein. No carbs. This is because we want to minimize fat storage overnight. Your metabolism is very slow in the evening, so your body is more likely to simply store carbs as fat. The opposite is also true. Your metabolism is fastest in the early morning. Therefore, you should try to consume the majority of your carbs before the evening.

A recap of the lowcarb week

Recall from previous chapters that the ketogenic part of the CKD lowers insulin and thyroid levels, while raising glucagon. The data on GH is less clear, with some studies showing an increase, others a decrease. The effects of the ketogenic diet on testosterone and cortisol are less established. Thus, the overall effect of the ketogenic phase is a catabolic one, although ketosis appears to be selectively catabolic (i.e. the protein sparing effect of ketosis).

Poor Mans Absolute Anabolic Phase

He used Glipizide or Glyburide orals and Clonidine or Sermorelin in a 2 day on 2 day off schedule for 28 days. He then began his oral Max Androgen Phase on day 1 5 of his Poor Mans Absolute Anabolic Phase. This was then layered for continued synergy by beginning a Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phase (again orals) on day 1 5 of his Max Androgen Phase. He was able to control his blood pressure pretty well too

Carbs and Fat Control

The primary rule in controlling body fat is to prevent the body from storing fat in the first place (see chapter 4. fat inhibition) Avoiding an excess caloric intake, yet eating within caloric needs, is a must if one hopes to attain a low level of body fat. To lose fat, energy from calories must be reduced by eating less food or energy must be expended with exercise. When the body perceives a calorie deficit, it begins to use a greater degree of body fat as fuel. Careful large deficits will cause the body to fight back by hoarding fat. One way to control glucose levels and insulin output is to avoid a high carbohydrate intake later in the evening. While total calories likely have the greatest effect on body fat storage, lowering glucose levels by avoiding late night carbo meals may also play a strong role. Foods, especially carbohydrate foods, eaten later at night have a greater tendency to be stored as fat for 3 reasons

So what about body fat

This is a type of fat that surrounds your internal organs. In excess it gives you a pregnant look because it makes your gut stick out. Visceral fat has a number of different characteristics from subcutaneous fat (which I'll discuss next chapter) which has some consequences for both health and dieting. Men tend to have more visceral fat than women as testosterone and cortisol tends to promote its growth. Women who use anabolic steroids, or who have higher than normal testosterone for whatever reason, tend to accumulate visceral fat as well. By the time men reach the 12-15 bodyfat range, it is unlikely that they will carry much visceral fat unless they have been using androgens. The type of fat most dieters are concerned with is subcutaneous fat which is found under the skin. In men, subcutaneous fat tends to accumulate around the midsection and low-back in women, it tends to be on the hips and thighs. This occurs under the influence of the hormones testosterone...

Applying the Strategy

For the weight training individual, a smart approach is to consume 25 of the day's total carbohydrate intake in the morning meal (meal 1) and 25 after training. In the morning, blood glucose levels are at their lowest level of the day due to the restriction of food overnight and a high carbohydrate intake has less ability to stimulate fat storage when blood glucose levels are low. Thus, eating more carbs at this time is a simple nutritional step allowing an individual to maintain a high carb intake without having to worry about fat storage. Likewise, a high carb intake after training will be be stored as muscle glycogen, rather than body fat. Finally, when these 2 meals are higher in carbs, the other 4 meals of the day will be lower in carbs. Lower carb intakes when not physically active translates into lower blood glucose and insulin levels which encourages fat metabolism.

Adrenal Steroid Functions

The adrenal cortex consists of three main regions or zones. Each region produces its own distinct steroid hormones and has its own enzyme balance that, once activated, dictates specific steroid hormone production. Interestingly, the same adrenal zones that produce anabolic androgens can also synthesize cortisol. The fact that cortisol and androgens are secreted by the same gland zone may relate to a survival-like mechanism that regulates these two antagonistic forces to prevent the overexpression of each. Biologically, both anabolic androgens and cortisol play important roles in recuperation, preventing muscle waste and enhancing tissue repair.

How the body does this the very very short course

Explaining the systems involved in bodyweight regulation would truly take a book and all I really want to say is that there are a number of hormones including leptin, insulin, ghrelin, peptide YY (some of which you may have heard of and others you'll think I'm making up) and others that 'tell' your hypothalamus both how much you're eating and how much bodyfat you're carrying.

General Methodologies

Body and carcass composition, particularly fat deposits, can be assessed using several methodologies, including subjective measurements, live or carcass weight, linear measurements, the use of carcass joint compositions as predictors, the number and size of adipocytes, dilution techniques, underwater weighing, optical probes, video image analysis (VIA), total body electrical conductivity, bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA), ultrasounds, computer tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Although there are different levels of accuracy in tissue prediction and different relations between weak and strong points, all methodologies are valuable however, only some of them can be considered rapid methodologies.

Supersets and forced Sets

Supersets and forced sets can help induce the maximum anabolic state. Long resistance supersets that take between 1 and 3 minutes followed by a forced set (a set that is forced immediately after the completion of an intense, pre-exhausting set) will most likely grant the amount of time needed to complete a full cortisol wave. This method allows the cortisol level to drop within the time range of the superset and the forced repetition. Simply put, long and grueling intense sets can increase one's chance of establishing better anabolic potential.

What does the research have to say

Translated, the positive effects of MCT's (increased burning of fats, decreases in hunger, the reduced likely hood of MCT's being made into bodyfat, etc.) may be offset by some potential negatives. Those negative may be an increased release of the fat storage hormone insulin, an increase in the production of triglycerides, and other factors.

Protein and Carb Requirements On A Low Carb Diet

When carbohydrates are reduced and glycogen stores are very low and fat breakdown is in high gear, protein is broken down to make new glucose which is used to feed the brain. If an individual consumes no carbohydrates at all, the body can use up to 200 grams of protein daily just to keep the brain for falling short on fuel. My recommendation is to first limit insulin release by cutting carbohydrates to 50 a day for those who exercise 2-3 times a week and 75 grams a day for those who exercise 4-6 times a week. Lowering blood glucose levels by limiting carbohydrates stimulates the fat mobilizing effects of glucagon, epinephrine, growth hormone, Cortisol and ketones.

Back To Franks All Out Psycho Layer Cycle

Cytadren was used in lower dosages due to the anti-catabolic effects of GH, IGF-1, and Insulin. Some cortisol was necessary for health and immune system function. Since Cytadren administration inhibited endogenous sex hormones and hormone biosynthesis at the very beginning, it also acted to prevent estrogen production. It was a fact that GH and IGF-1 needed some estrogenic and corticoid activity to reach full potential.

Dairy Fat Free or Low Fat Milk Yogurt Cheese and Cottage Cheese

A Penn State study also showed that oatmeal sustains your blood sugar levels longer than many other foods, which keeps your insulin levels stable and ensures you won't be ravenous for the few hours that follow. That's good, because spikes in the production of insulin slow your metabolism and send a signal to the body that it's time to start storing fat. Since oatmeal breaks down slowly in the stomach, it causes less of a spike in insulin levels than foods like bagels. Include it in a smoothie or as your breakfast. (A U.S. Navy study showed that simply eating breakfast raised metabolism by 10 percent.)

Section 3 The hormonal response to aerobic exercise

Catabolic hormones, such as the catecholamines, cortisol and growth hormone, go up. The major hormones which are affected by aerobic exercise are discussed below. As duration and intensity of aerobic exercise increases, the body releases cortisol to further stimulate liver glycolysis (to maintain blood sugar) and stimulate FFA release. Growth hormone is also released to help stimulate FFA release (49).

Ounces raw without skin or bone

That mice with low leptin levels have faster metabolisms and are able to burn fat faster than animals with higher leptin levels. Mayo Clinic researchers studying the diets of two African tribes found that the tribe that ate fish frequently had leptin levels nearly five times lower than the tribe that primarily ate vegetables. A bonus benefit Researchers in Stockholm studied the diets of more than 6,000 men and found that those who ate no fish had three times the risk of prostate cancer than those who ate it regularly. It's the omega-3's that inhibit prostate cancer growth.

Keep Time To A Minimum 1 Hour Is Adequate

This basic rule comes mostly from early studies that find at about the hour mark, anabolic (muscle building) hormones (such as testosterone) go down, while catabolic (muscle wasting) hormones (such as cortisol) go up. The general wisdom is that it's counterproductive to be in the gym hitting the heavy weights beyond an hour.

Adequate nutrients and energy

Once muscle growth is stimulated, the final requirement for growth to actually occur is an excess of nutrients and energy (63). Reduced calorie diets put the body in a systemically catabolic (tissue breakdown) condition due to changes in hormone levels. Low-calorie diets cause a decrease in growth promoting hormones such as insulin and thyroid while increasing growth inhibiting hormones such as adrenaline, glucagon, and cortisol (63). Similarly, overfeeding causes and increase in those same hormones and an increase in lean body mass as well as fat (76). It is generally impossible, except for beginners or those returning from a layoff, for most individuals to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time.

What exactly is the purpose of the full diet break

But what about physiological reasons Even with the best diet and the proper use of free meals and structured refeeds, eventually the body adapts to a point where the diet that was once generating decent fat loss is no longer doing so. This adaptation is due to the systems I discussed in some detail a bunch of chapters back it's an interaction of leptin and all of the other hormones which are telling the brain to adapt to fat loss by altering such metabolic processes as thyroid output and nervous system output (both of which have profound effects on metabolic rate). By raising calories, we raise leptin (and normalize the other hormones) and metabolism tends to recover, helping the next phase of dieting work more effectively. Once again, of course, the goal is to try to fix metabolism without gaining back so much weight or fat that you end up worse off. Even then, let's say you gain a pound of real fat over the 2 week span of the full diet break. Compared to what you should have lost...

Is there a role for high GI carbs for bodybuilders and other athletes

Post workout, the catabolic (muscle wasting) hormone cortisol rises. Drinking a post workout drink consisting of high GI carbs and fast acting proteins is perhaps the best way to prevent the post workout effects of cortisol due to the sharp rise in insulin which is known to counter act the effects of cortisol (Kraemer WJ et al 1998). In a nut shell -- High GI foods can help refill liver and muscle glycogen stores immediately following exercise and may reduce the catabolic effects of cortisol post workout.

The ingredients used in this mixture is as follows protein powder Meal Replacement a carbohydrate powder glutamine

The reason you need to consume it so quickly is for a couple of reasons. The first is that your body's rate of protein synthesis doubles following your workout. This is the perfect time to load your body up on protein. The second is immediately following exercise your body is in a catabolic state because your cortisol levels are rising. And we know one of the keys to building muscle is keeping our cortisol levels down and testosterone levels up. The carbohydrates in the after workout drink will create an insulin spike in your system. The grape juice helps do this too. If you don't like grape juice simply add more carbohydrate powder to make up the difference of 16 oz. When insulin in your body goes up it drives cortisol levels out. Science has already discovered the two operate indirectly with each other. When cortisol levels are lowered your testosterone to cortisol ratio is tilted in the favor of testosterone.

Learn How to Exercise at the Right Level of Intensity

Our goal in this exercise program is not maximum effort but doing each type of exercise at a level of intensity, based on your gender, which will guarantee the greatest amount of fat loss and increased metabolic efficiency in the shortest amount of time. Because somewhat different hormonal responses occur during fat storage and fat metabolism in each gender, men and women tend to respond best to different exercise intensities. According to a study published by the IDEA Health and Fitness Source, women lose more fat by exercising at low to moderate levels of intensity while men seem to lose more fat by exercising at moderate to high levels of intensity. The reason is that women sustain a lower respiratory exchange rate (RER) than men during exercise at lower intensities. RER is the numeric index that indicates the amount of carbohydrates and fat used during exercise based on the ratio between the amount of carbon dioxide you produce in relationship to the amount of oxygen you consume....

The segue the full diet break in brief

To achieve those goals, we need to accomplish two things during the full diet break. The first, and easiest is that dietary carbohydrate intake needs to be at least 100 grams per day. This is crucial for the upregulation of thyroid hormone which is one of the key players in regulating all of this. Raising leptin and insulin (and thus nervous system output) is also somewhat dependent on carbohydrate intake so you're going to have to raise your intake to at least that 100 g day level.

Step 3 Set carbohydrate intake

There are a number of reasons I'm picking 100 g day as the bottom end minimum. First and foremost, at least this many carbs is needed to upregulate thyroid hormone which helps get metabolic rate up and running again. As well, since leptin appears to be sensitive to carbohydrate intake (along with total calories), raising carbs will help raise leptin further helping to fix metabolic rate. This is especially important for people taking a 2 week diet break but also for people looking at long-term maintenance. Additionally, allowing more carbs in the diet allows for more food freedom (while keeping things controlled) which tends to enhance long-term adherence.

Principle 7 If you are in the longer than one hour you are making friends not training

Since this value is very strongly correlated to strength gains (r 0.86), one may infer that training under depressed androgen levels is counter-productive, since the catabolic effects of the glucocorticoids would negate the anabolic effects of the androgens. Apparently an hour pause is sufficient to allow the testosterone levels to normal. This is why modern strength training has evolved to multiple daily sessions from the traditional two-hour workouts.

Keep accurate records of your training poundages

I could instantly read the anxiety in his eyes indicating a nine-fold increase of cortisol from the perceived screw-up. In my usual diplomatic style, I conCopyright Will Brink & Internet Publications. WARNING This e-book is protected by Federal copyright law. It is illegal to re-sell , auction, share or give away this e-book. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Primary Mechanisms And Factors

The other primary mechanism by which AAS increase net cellular proteins concerns cortisol. When AAS molecules merge with a cortisol receptor-site, nothing happens. (Huh ) That is the point. Since the AAS molecule acts as a cortisol receptor-site antagonist, it triggers no response while also locking cortisol molecules out of the receptors it occupies. The result is an increase in net proteins due to retention. And that is an anti-catabolic effect, so it is called the primary anti-catabolic mechanism.

Vitamins And Minerals

Cortisol is a hormone that acts the opposite of testosterone. It can destroy muscle mass. Taking a good supplement that includes the above antioxidants can reduce the net damaging effects of radicals, and boost the immune system. The common way to classify vitamins is to group them by their solubility. Some vitamins dissolve or mix with water while others dissolve with fat. Fat soluble vitamins include A, D, E, K and require a special carrier in the blood made from protein in order to move along the watery-like blood stream. The good news is fat soluble vitamins are storable. They can hang around the body for a long time within fat cells or in the liver waiting to be used when the body needs them. The down side is the fat soluble vitamins can also build up in the same fat deposits and eventually be deemed dangerous. So, the uninformed pill popping athlete looking for energy, vitality and endurance in a bottle of vitamins could be making a big mistake in...

Supplements And The Hypertrophychallenged

So if steroids are out of the question, why did we bring them up in the first place Well, we wanted to illustrate the fact that even with the use of powerful steroids, there still is no magic pill that'll allow you to get the results you're looking for without putting in the required effort. And this is true even more so with supplements. To get bigger, you need to have your training and nutritional programs optimized first. Then, and only then, should you consider supplements such as creatine, workout stimulants, Cortisol suppressors, testosterone boosters, etc. We're serious if your nutrition isn't optimized, your money will be much better spent on food versus supplements. Want an example Our typical clients come to us frustrated with their gains. After examining their supplement and grocery bills, we often realize why. They're spending money on bricklayers but not bricks (remember this analogy from earlier ). After we reduce their supplement bills, using the supplement money...

Principle 17 Keep accurate records of your training poundages

I could instantly read the anxiety in his eyes indicating a nine-fold increase of cortisol from the perceived screw-up. In my usual diplomatic style, I continued You are pregnant or you are not. There is no in-between. Next time, record just 5 reps please. The poor guy was probably producing more cortisol wondering if he had done 5.2 or 5.3 reps.

Cycles And Effects An Opinion

Feminizing effects due to AAS aromatization (to estrogens) such as gynecomastia (breast swelling and fat dposits), female pattern fat deposits, and extreme softness to muscle tissue is possible. Also after AAS cycles, due to decreased HPTA function, low androgen levels can cause estrogen to become the dominant sex hormone. (*Please see HCG for more info)

How Stress Makes You

That's because our bodies simply aren't designed to handle the stress of modern life. See, when stress hits, one of the first things your body does is jack up its production of adrenaline. Adrenaline causes fat cells all over your body to squirt their stores of fatty acids into your bloodstream to be used as energy. This was great back when stress meant a charging saber-toothed tiger or an attacking horde of barbarians and your fight-or-flight mechanism switched on. But it's not so great in today's society, where the only tigers and barbarians you have to handle are the ones who sign your paycheck. You don't flee or fight you just bear down to get that report finished and munch your way through a midnight deadline. Meanwhile, your adrenal glands are producing yet another hormone to handle all that freshly released fat. It's called cortisol, but I want you to call it by its nickname the belly-fat hormone. In one Yale study, researchers asked 42 overweight people to perform an hour of...

Second Year Male Examples Most common reported

This combination of AAS did not aromatize to any significant extent. For this reason water retention was low and fat deposits increases were not a concern. Parabolan provided an elevated androgen level and improved overall hardness. Together with Masteron, Winstrol Depot, and Oxandrolone a highly anabolic (protein synthesis) and anti-catabolic (protein is spared) environment was maintained while improving muscle hardness. This is because Masteron is highly androgenic while Oxandrolone and Winstrol Depot are highly anabolic. The administration of Oxandrolone helped to maintain strength and improve hardness by elevating phosphocreatine synthesis and stores.

Sneaky Ways To Keep Restaurants From Sabotaging Your Diet

Booze dehydrates you. Your body thinks there's a water shortage emergency, which bumps up your cortisol. How much alcohol is too much Most of the smart money says three drinks a day. Same dehydration idea applies to caffeine. For cortisol control, stick to 200 milligrams per day, about what you get in two cups of coffee.

Irs At The Cellular Level

The Ubiquitin-Proteasome-Pathway is the most catabolic chemical mechanism the body has. The cosmic joke is that we train hard to trigger an adaptive response resulting in anabolism and muscular growth. But training increases acidosis and cortisol production emphasizing the activities of Ubiquitin-Proteasome even further.

Additional Research Materials Sourcesi

Hagan MM, Havel PJ, Seely RJ, Woods SC, Ekhator NN, et al. Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma leptin measurements covariability with dopamine and cortisol in fasting humans. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1999 Oct 84(10) 3579-85. Isidori AM, et al. Leptin and androgens in male obesity evidence for leptin contribution to reduced androgen levels. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1999 Octi 84(10) 3673-80. Marti A., Berraondo B, Martinez JA. Leptin physiological actions. J Physiol Biochem 1999 Mar 55(1)43-9. Sivitz WI, Fink BD, Donohue PA. Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa and the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Fasting and leptin modulate adipose and muscle uncoupling protein divergent effects between messenger ribonucleic acid and protein expression. Endocrinology 1999 Apr 140(4) 1511-9.

Now A Few of the upcoming HM Gear Products

Converted into testosterone itself by way of the 3b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme in the liver and peripheral tissues. In the case of Methyl-4-AD we have a prohormone that is like super 4-AD in intrinsic activity. This means that in itself it is many times more anabolic and androgenic than 4-AD and it converts to methyltestosterone at a very high rate in the body due to the same 3b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme. So a little goes a long ways. Due to methylation Methyl-4-AD resists first pass liver destruction thus being nearly 100 bioactive.

Humulinr Aas Cycle Example

Testosterone suspension day 1-7 was injected twice daily, 50-mg per injection. This was done with HUMULIN -R injections. Since testosterone suspension is very fast acting (about 1 hour) and has a short half -life, the combination acted synergistically. Testosterone suspension is highly androgenic and anabolic. (An increase in IGF-1 was also realized during use) Testosterone propionate was utilized as a replacement by some. Testosterones helped to limit fat synthesis by blocking fat storage enzymes. This was an obvious plus when administering insulin without a GH layer.

Hormone Synergy More things to think about

As we know there is bound (inactive) testosterone and free (active) testosterone. Only the unbound free testosterone is capable of inducing an anabolic androgenic action. Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) binds about 98-99 of total testosterone within the blood stream. So a daily plasma threshold level of 100 mg of testosterone would only allow about a 1-2 mg active or free testosterone level at any given time. And what amazing things that 1-2 mg have done. Testosterone also suppresses fat storage enzymes. Insulin is both anabolic and anti-catabolic. We know about insulin's ability to shuttle amino acids and glucose into tissues, unfortunately it also is the main fat storage hormone. Research has also shown insulin affects storage of only about half of the essential amino acids. But did you know Insulin also reduces SHBG Yup So when AAS were stacked or layered with Insulin in a protocol there was an existing increase in free testosterone. Second, due to AAS ability to suppress the...

Learn the Difference between Male and Female Fat Patterns

For a variety of reasons, including hormones and metabolic processes that affect fat storage in particular areas of the body, when men and women first begin to gain weight, they do not store it in the same place. A typical overweight man looks like an apple. He carries his weight above the waist, resulting in the classic bulging abdomen, also known as the beer belly. A typical overweight woman carries her fat below the waist in the hips and the buttocks, resulting in a pear-shaped silhouette.

Formula 2 The Anti Catabolic Workout Drink

These 3 supplements will enable your body to go through your workout and at the same time increase your rate of protein synthesis (a sure sign of anabolism), increase your growth hormone and raise your insulin. And as I mention before if insulin is in your system cortisol is out. Let's look at each ingredient and the role they play in this highly potent mixture. The branched chain amino acids come into play by increasing both your growth hormone and insulin. This tilts your testosterone to cortisol ratio in the favor of testosterone. To put it simply, it throws your body into an anabolic state of growing muscle instead of breaking it down.

Metabolic rate reduction the adaptive component

And what causes the adaptive component Primarily the hormones I mentioned above. Actually, not so much those hormones as the systems that they control such as nervous system output, thyroid hormone, and a couple of others. Although you've probably read that levels of thyroid hormone are the primary regulator of metabolic rate, this is an altogether simplistic explanation (even for this booklet). Rather it's an integrated response to decreased nervous system output (which is often below normal in obesity to begin with, a metabolic 'defect' if you will), thyroid hormone (which may be low to begin with), leptin, insulin and others. When you diet, it simply turns out that all of those systems decrease below normal, causing the adaptive decrease in metabolic rate.

Steroid Basics Part

First, let's consider the liver engyme 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17-HSD . This enzyme- inactivates oral steroids by converting the hydroxy (-0H) group at carbon 17 of oral steroids to a keto ( 0) group. 5-alpha-DHT-3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3-HSD) converts DHT to androstanediol, which doesn't bind well to the androgen receptor. Muscle tissue has quite a bit of 3-HSD, so not much DHT reaches the androgen receptors in muscle. The same is true of Proviron. for the same reason. Masteron. which is the same as DHT except for the added methyl, seems to avoid this problem.


In particular, the omega-3 fatty acids are anti-lipogenic (block fat storage), anti-catabolic, and anti-inflammatory. They also increase beta-oxidation (fat burning ), improve insulin sensitivity, increase thermogenesis and do a whole lot more that we don't have the space, time, or need, to cover in this chapter.

Varying Caloric Intake Metabolic Trickery

A sporadic, unplanned, or inconstant diet characterized by wide gaping variances in caloric intake from day to day can stimulate fat storage. Just as the mind becomes confused with an over abundance of stimuli, so too can the metabolism with a never ending, and always changing, intake of calories. With radical variances in caloric intake, the fat cells become bigger for two reasons. Here's the problem metabolic confusion which can lead to fat storage. While total daily caloric intake is important. That is, your total caloric requirements and whether you fall below or above them are of primary importance in determining whether you will lose fat or gain fat, we know hormones and enzymes like insulin, glucagon, hormone sensitive lipase, lipoprotein lipase and even dietary fiber are factors that come into play that work in a special dynamic along with total calories making it all too complicated to naively declare It's all about the calories stupid Now we have another factor to deal with...

Other thermogenics norephedrine synephrine and yohimbe

And then there's yohimbe (or yohimbine HCL which is the drug form), a herb that helps with fat mobilization, especially from stubborn fat areas like women's hips and thighs. The mechanism of action of yohimbe is slightly up to debate. Some research suggests that its effects are mediated through inhibition of one of the hormone receptors on fat cells (the details of this system are in my Ketogenic Diet book and The Ultimate Diet 2.0 book), other data suggest that it works by increasing hormone release from the nerve terminals. In either event, yohimbe seems to particularly help with stubborn fat deposits especially women's hip and thigh fat. Men's abdominal and low-back fat may also benefit. An upcoming project of mine will deal in detail with getting rid of these stubborn fat depots.

Estrogen ControlHPTA Regeneration Example

Arimidex inhibits estrogen production while Nolvadex blocks estrogen receptor-sites. This of course blocks or prevents negative feed-back loops (from estrogenic activity) as well as prevent female pattern fat deposits. The next goal, cortisol inhibition, was fairly easy. And in some beasts cases it was done without prescription drugs (and about 50-80 as effective as low dosages of Cytadren when evaluating value based solely on actual results). Again, this was only when a Cortisol Estrogen Suppression Phase did not follow a Max Androgen Phase. Several OTC products contain phosphatidlserine. At a dosage of 800 mg daily phosphatidlserine is said to inhibit about 30 of cortisol production activity, which is a start. 7-isopropoxyisoflavone (ipriflavone) is a weak partitioning agent that inhibits cortisol's effects at the cellular level. About 1000 mg daily is necessary. 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone is more potent than 7-isopropoxyisoflavone. It inhibits cortisol activity, and to some...

Week Alternate Stage 1 Phase 1 Example

This was an alternate to Phase 1 some had reported favorable utilization of. The Anadrol-50 was liver toxic but most only used it for 21 days total with this example. This caused a very rapid weight gain stacked with Testosterone Propionate. However most athletes androgen receptors were quite saturated by the end of week 2 or mid week 3, so it was notably wise that the more experienced individuals took their gains and ran (ended the protocol). This meant introducing a high anabolic moderate androgenic. By beginning Deca Durabolin week 1, the anabolic effects began on day 6 of week 1 and slowly peaked until about a week after the end of week 3. This aided in turning the high weight and strength gains from Anadrol-50 and Testosterone Propionate into solid retainable mass. Primobolan Depot was introduced week 2 so as to be prepared for the high androgens loss and cortisol elevation. Remember that Primobolan Depot is an AAS that worked well in a high cortisol environment if there was...

Humulinr Aas Cycle Example 1 Chart

This cycle is quite similar to the Blitz Cycle example listed in Cycles. However, it was utilized without an Anabolic Androgenic steroid (AAS) layer. This was usually considered a much more controllable method of Insulin use. There is a profound synergystic effect between Insulin, GH, and thyroid hormone T-3. In fact, it is a case of 1+1 3 when speaking of anabolic activity. Elevated T-3 levels increased protein synthesis as long as levels were not too high. 25-mcg daily would replace normal T-3 production if Cytomel was the drug utilized. However 25 mcg 2 times daily did cause a rapid turn-over in calories and accelerated protein synthesis. GH increases fat burning, is very anabolic and anti-catabolic. Insulin is quite anabolic but non-specific in its areas of calorie storage. This means fat deposits increased when insulin alone was administered. Since Cytomel burned excess calories and aided in GH conversion to IGF-1, fat storage was not an issue for those who reported this to be...

Varying Caloric Intake When Its Permissible

Previously, we learned a sporadic diet with day to day fluctuations in caloric intake could send conflicting messages to the body regarding fat loss or fat storage. Without a steady base, the body may fail to to respond to what appears to be decreases in caloric intake. With sporadic eating habits, high calorie days are potent fat storers and when calories drop, fat is rarely shed as the body knows the reduction is temporary. The fat burning system simply stalls even though calories may be rather low for a day or two. However, a variable caloric intake after a base has been firmly established, can lead to continual fat loss without an overall reduction in caloric intake - and without having to suffer from dreaded plateaus. Let's say in the example above, the individual has been eating 2100 calories (a base) for at least 2 months and he has been seeing improvements in his body. He's been shedding fat, but is now stuck at a plateau. The results are a result of inhibiting fat, avoiding...

Aas Positively Effect

The third way testosterone affects fat synthesis is not positive. When testosterone levels are elevated, more is converted into estrogens by way of the conversion enzyme aromatase. This is called aromatization, an important word to understand before reading the rest of this book Estrogen in turn increases female pattern fat deposits and suppresses HPTA function. Atleast estrogen can increase GH production.

Does 3500 Calories Equal One Pound Of

Yes, expending 3500 calories will lead to a pound of fat loss. However, an individual can burn body fat, even by expending less than 3500 per week. If a person walks very briskly for an hour, he may be able to expend 200-250 calories. Though it would take a bit more than 2 weeks to burn off a pound of body fat (3500 calories), it may be more beneficial over the long term because a less aggressive approach to expending calories is akin to a mild reduction in calories. That is, going overboard and trying to burn off huge amounts of calories with excessive amounts of exercise will back fire as quickly and as dramatic as reducing calories. Extremely heavy bouts of exercise increase Cortisol levels in men and women which is a stress hormone with muscle wasting capabilities. In effect, over exercising causes the over secretion of this hormone which, in turn, promotes the burning of lean body mass So, the extremely heavy exercisers engaging in hours upon hours of aerobic work each week will...

Understanding The Problems

One class of receptors, once activated, will ranke the fat cell shrink. The other class of receptors when activated will make the fat cell bigger and prevent it from shrinking. This is the balance between the good and the bad receptors which will determine how fat you are. Furthermore, those good and bad receptors are not equally spread on each fat cells. Some cells contain more good receptors and so are easily shrunk by a diet. But many fat cells contain more bad than good receptors. This is why some fat deposits are very hard to lose. Which means you will never get lean in those areas unless you reduce the number of the bad dirty receptors.

Maintaining Strength Levels

This allowed for greater ATP regeneration between sets and less cortisol production due to training stimuli. He reduced his weight-loads by about 10 and did straight sets to failure only. He trained 2 days on 1 day off focusing on utilizing 5-7 reps to positive failure for each work-set with 2.5 minutes rest between sets. When he totally focuses on each set this load was not that difficult and post AAS cycle lean mass retention was far greater.

With Bcaa Supplementation

The major findings of this study were 1) that an amino acid supplement high in BCAA is capable of decreasing Cortisol response of overreaching resistance training. 2) testosterone levels can be increased during overreaching resistance training accompanied by BCAA sup-pi cmentadon and 3) train men consuming BCAAs can decrease markers of skeletal muscle damage (creatine kinase) while participating in high-intensity resistance training. Results of this study support previous findings indicating amino acid supplementation enhances recovery from overreaching by attenuating skeletal muscle breakdown, indicated by significant decreases in creatine kinase levels following exercise (2). An interesting finding in this study is that results were achieved with low relative and absolute amino acid supplementation. The do&age used was lower than that used io other studies showing improvements. ItTs known that insufficient plasma availability of BCAAs (i.e. low dosage and splanchnic and...

Insulin Is A Powerful Proteasome Inhibitor

Insulin's anti-catabolic effects are well known. In most cases it is assumed that this quality can be attributed to insulin's cortisol suppressing capabilities. This is true, but insulin's greatest anti-catabolic effect is inhibition of the proteasome-pathway. Oh ya, but insulin molecules experience difficulty when attempting to bind to their receptor-sites on cells that are experiencing low ATP levels. (That blows) IGF-1 is very similar to insulin in structure and can stimulate both receptor types. 10-15 mcg of IGF-1 injected into the target muscle post-work out is a common hard-core bodybuilding protocol. This very effectively inhibits the catabolic activities of cortisol, BCAKAD, and proteasome.

Estrogen Control NOT Elimination

Estrogen control was paramount for health and long-term result potential. But estrogen can increase IGF-1 production too, which was good. Estrogen also increases androgen receptor-site sensitivity. So we wanted estrogen to run rampid for the first two weeks of Frank's Max Androgen Phases without allowing it to cause gyno and female pattern fat deposits. Simple We used an estrogen antagonist to block receptor-sites but allowed plasma estrogen levels to remain high. The key was to watch for signs of gyno and female pattern fat deposits, while keeping a close eye on blood pressure. This was always of the utmost concern during the building of the perfect beast. High blood pressure can introduce a variety of long term and life threatening negative side effects. Some intermediate AAS users opted for Arimidex 0.5-1.0 mg d, or Proviron 50100 mg d. Most advanced AAS users successfully utilized Arimidex 1.0-2.0 mg d or Aromasin 50mg d. This was, of course, unnecessary when a Cortisol Estrogen...

Discriminant fat loss

While adding muscle will raise your metabolic rate and thereby help you to burn more calories on a daily basis, if you don't also pay attention to the nutritional aspect of fat loss, it is easy to either outeat your exercise program (and thus gain fat) or select foods that will militate against your fat-loss goals. By making it a point to consume foods in their natural state, you can bring both your appetite and your fat storage down to much more manageable levels. Once this has been done and insulin levels are brought under control, it's almost automatic that nutrient partitioning occurs in a way that produces maximum lean tissue and minimum bodyfat storage.

Myth Eating right means three square meals a day Fact Eating six nutritious meals a day is the right way

It's revealing to take a look at the animal kingdom and notice the relationship between creatures' eating patterns and their body types. At one end of the spectrum are animals that load up on large amounts of food at one meal. then go for days, weeks, or even months without eating at all. Bears are a prime example of this type of infrequent feeder. They're what I call bingers. They have huge body-fat storage compartments to stockpile the fuel they'll need to

Physiological benefits of the structured refeed

Finally, and perhaps most importantly relative to most readers of this booklet, deliberately overeating carbohydrates helps to normalize most, if not all, of the hormones I talked about back in the chapter about bodyweight regulation leptin, ghrelin, insulin, peptide YY, etc. Overeating carbohydrates works to normalize all of these hormones. I want to mention that overeating the other nutrients (fats and proteins) doesn't have the same effects on all of these hormones which is why structured refeeds need to be high-carbohydrate (and as I'll mention again below, low in fat) regardless of the type of diet that you're on. So whereas free meals is really just a time to eat whatever foods your current diet doesn't allow (if you want), refeeds should be high carbs and low fat for all dieters.

ECA Stack ephedrine caffeine and aspirin

Research shows that taking ephedrine with caffeine will enhance its effect.18,19 In the correct environment, caffeine has the ability to increase the mobilization and breakdown of fat deposits, while at the same time increasing endurance. Adding aspirin to the mix has been shown to extend the fat burning effects by thinning the blood and increasing circulation into fat deposit areas.

The Biological Principles of Fat Loss

Fat loss is part of a biological process that forces the body to break storage fat and release fatty acid for energy. But as simple as it may sound, fat burning isn't just about burning fat tissue. In fact, the burning of fat, in particular stubborn fat, first requires the elimination of the metabolic problems that initially cause fat gain. If not resolved, certain metabolic impairments such as high toxicity or insulin resistance, may give fat tissue a reason to accumulate and to resist elimination. Adipose fat tissue serves some biological purposes beyond simple energy reserve storage. The body gains or loses fat as part of a regulatory mechanism that helps protect the body from three major problems

The hormonal response to weight training

Weight training affects levels of many hormones in the human body depending on factors such as order of exercise, loads, number of sets, number of repetitions, etc. The primary hormones which are affected by weight training are growth hormone (GH), testosterone, the catecholamines, and cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone meaning that it breaks down larger substances to smaller (i.e. triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol, and proteins to amino acids). It is released from the adrenal cortex in response to stress such as exercise or starvation. Cortisol may have a role in the tissue remodeling seen with heavy resistance training as it increases protein breakdown at high levels (1). Increases in cortisol tend to mirror the increases seen in growth hormone (74) and it has been suggested that the increase in cortisol is a necessary part of the muscle remodeling stimulus. (65,70) The basis for this is that the breakdown of tissue is necessary to stimulate a rebuilding of that same...

There are Always Choices

Maintain estrogen and prolactin levels within growth ranges (estrogen increases IGF- production and glycogen storage) but low enough to avoid gyno, female pattern fat deposits, and excessive water retention (continue to the next section Estrogen Control was paramount for health and result potential reasons. High prolonged circulating estrogen levels could have negatively affected the heart and other organs due to excess fat deposits and water retention. As you know, most severe water retention during AAS phases is due to estrogen and the resulting hormonal production increase of aldosterone.

The Classic Female Fat Pattern

To better understand how a woman's body fat can become a risk for her, let's take a look at the physiological and hormonal processes involved in female fat storage. The classic female body type is the gynoid shape that is, fat storage below the waist in the hip and buttocks areas, causing a pear-shaped silhouette. Since weight below the waist presents less of a health risk than abdominal fat, an overweight woman actually has a lower risk than an overweight man for certain illnesses such as heart disease. An article in the British Medical Journal states, Recent studies have also shown that a preferential accumulation of body fat in the glutofemoral region hips and thighs , commonly found in premenopausal women and initially described by Vague a French physician under the term 'gynoid obesity' is not a major threat to cardiovascular health. In rare cases the appearance of the reverse fat pattern in women can be caused by Cushing's syndrome. Dr. Richard Milani, the vice chairperson of...

Anabolism and muscle growth

Therefore, the carb-up could potentially affect muscle growth in two ways. The first would be by decreasing protein breakdown. The second by increasing protein synthesis. There are numerous factors affecting both protein synthesis and breakdown. These include the hormones insulin, testosterone, thyroid, glucagon, growth hormone and cortisol (32). Insulin plays an

Carbohydrates The misunderstood nutrient

The resulting spike in glucose molecules from eating HIGH-GLYCEMIC CARBS is immediately snatched up by your thirsty muscles for storage as replaced glycogen and PREVENTS catabolism. Since the glucose is used up right away, your body WON'T experience the insulin spike normally associated with high-glycemic carbs, so you DON'T have to worry about fat storage.

Pre During Workout Nutrition

A more recent series of studies examined the effects of consuming either carbohydrate, protein, or a combination of the two during resistance exercise. The researchers found that combined consumption of carbs and essential amino acids (EAAs) significantly reduced post-exercise cortisol levels, and reduced excretion of 3-methylhistidine - a marker of protein ca-tabolism - for up to 48 hours post-workout. In a second paper, the same group also reported greater increases in cross-sectional area of Type I, IIa, and IIb muscle fibers in the group receiving both the carbs and EAAs.

Inside Tip Instead of paying supplement prices from a bodybuilding company you can save a lot by buying maltodextrin

Alpha lipoic acid- Studies show this compound mimics the effects of insulin without causing the negatives side effects such as stimulation of fat deposits. It is also a good antioxidant. Phosphatidylserine- Studies have shown this supplement to have strong anti-catabolic effects. It blunts your adrenal glands initial exercise-induced spike of cortisol. By blunting the cortisol you tilt the testosterone cortisol ratio in your favor.

Manipulating Hormones and Neurotransmitters to Maximum Metabolic Efficiency

During the Undereating (controlled-fasting) Phase, growth hormone, insulin, glucagon, and cortisol (the stress hormone) are all manipulated naturally to optimum balance. You may ask why you want to manipulate these hormones. My answer to reach a peak of metabolic efficiency, to burn fat, and to rej uvenate your body overall. Vigor You will feel potent, powerful, and more positive (by opening the brain barrier, boosting brain neurotransmitters through improved blood circulation, and blocking of cortisol).

Glossary of Relevant Terms

Cortisol A hormone released form the adrenal cortex and is involved in inflammation control and the immune response to trauma and infection. From these functions it is a catabolic hormones in the body. Suppressing cortisol production at key times may help bodybuilders avoid excess muscle breakdown. But, you need some cortisol to survive. Hormones These regulate various biological processes through their ability to activate or deactivate enzymes. Hormones can be made of proteins (e.g. insulin, growth hormone) or lipid (e.g. testosterone, cortisol).

Reach Maximum Anabolic Potential During Exercise

In theory, stress hormones inhibit muscle gain. However, in life, things appear quite different. In fact, stress and muscle gain go hand in hand, such as during exercise. The level of the stress hormone cortisol rises and falls in a wavelike manner during exercise. Taking advantage of the cortisol wave via special exercise intervals may help induce a peak anabolic potential. This is how it works Cortisol production is stimulated by the hypothalamic stress-related hormone adrenocorticoscopic hormone (ACTH). ACTH is a stimulating hormone that is secreted during stress or fasting. ACTH plays a major role in regulating a negative feedback loop that controls circulating levels of cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol would decrease circulating levels of corticotrophin-releasing hormone (the hormone that regulates ACTH), thus decreasing ACTH and cortisol level. That negative control loop is probably what keeps the cortisol level from skyrocketing during physical stress and gives it a...

Oral Aas Are Not All

A plus for Dianabol was its distinct cortisol suppression qualities. In fact, 5070 of cortisol's effects were blocked at a dosage of 5mg 25 Ib daily. About 10 mg daily was noted in available literature as equal in activity to an average male's endogenous androgen production. If we made daily deposits equal to withdrawals, we would not realize a change in balance. However, if we made daily deposits in excess of withdrawals, we would realize an increase due to addition. Unfortunately the body catches on to this alteration in normal homeostasis (balance) and begins to react with catabolic counter-measures after 2-3 weeks. As you know, these counter-measures come in the form of hormones such as cortisol, glucagon, and estrogen. Due to a ramp type increase in cortisol, a maintained AAS threshold would no longer induce significant anabolism beyond elevating catabolism after about 6 weeks. This in turn results in a near equal anabolic catabolic ratio. If the AAS threshold level were...

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