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Nate Muyaki is the author of The Half Day Diet. He is one of the most reputed fitness enthusiasts based in United States. He is also the author of the best-selling weight loss guide. The Half Day Diet is a guide, which people can follow in order to boost their weight loss initiatives. It introduces the people to a set of macronutrient templates. These templates would ask the followers to consume some specific food items. In fact, following these macronutrient templates would be similar to following a half day diet. The new diet plan can make appropriate changes in the body naturally and help a person with losing weight, without any side effects. The Half Day Diet is available in the form of an eBook. The eBook has been divided into several sections, so that people can make their lives easy while going through the content. This is a newbie friendly guide available for the individuals who are trying to lose weight. That's because all the essential information is provided including the basics. Hence, there is no need to worry about anything as a person who follows The Half Day Diet will never get confused. Continue reading...

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Principle 1 In order to get abs you need to decrease your body fat percentage

There is no if's or but's about this. Too much body fat and you won't be able to see your abs. In order for men to start seeing some of their abs they need to be at 10 or below. Women, on the other hands, start to see lines at 13 since women typically store body fat in other areas such as the hips and glutes. Later in this series we will describe how to lower body fat percentage, but for now, suffice it to say, a good nutrition program in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise and a good weight training routine that exercises your whole body and includes abdominal work are the key to long term fat loss.

What Is The Best Fat Burning Supplement

Despite what you may have heard, the banning of Ephedra did not destroy the best fat burning supplement known. And its not even a supplement at all. The answer to the best fat burning supplement is a diet that increases your metabolism combined with cardio. Those two factors alone will burn more calories than any chemical combination. And you'll be safer and the effects Armed with the basics of nutrition and what foods burn fat, your meals during the day and the muscle you will gain will do far more fat burning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year than any pill you might find on the market today. And rest assured, food won't be banned for a very long time. Not only will a good diet burn fat you'll also be able to build muscle. What pill burns fat and builds muscle None.

Warriors Stubborn Fat Burner A Natural Supplement to Block Estrogen Rel ated Stubborn

A couple of years ago I created a formula that is a potent combination of flavones and herbs that together help rid this fat by blocking the estrogen effect and deactivating alpha receptors on the fat cells. More on this can be found in the Warrior Nutritional Supplements chapter

Pharmacological Fat Burning

The little goodies responsible for this uncoupling are uncoupling proteins, which are found in both muscle cells and brown fat cells. When these uncoupling proteins make their way into the mitochondria, the resulting reaction is that the mitochondria must work overtime trying to pump hydrogen ions from the inside to the outside of the cell. This is due to the effect of uncoupling proteins allowing the hydrogen ions to migrate back in. Since the process wasted the electrons from NADH and no ATP was made, the process has to start all over again. The chemically enhanced beasts had utilized many drugs that influence the uncoupling process DNP, Thyroid hormones T-4 T-3, amphetamines, ephedrine, norephedrine (phenylpropanolamine) and caffeine to name a few. Before I go on, let me say that amphetamines are a really bad idea under any circumstances. They are very illegal, they sucked at burning fat, and they screwed up people's minds.

Cardio And Fat Burning

In the traditional view of things, prolonged, steady-state cardio is the best means for either reducing or keeping fat gains down, thanks to what is known as the Fat Burning Zone. So to tie it all together, the relationship between exercise i ntensity and fat oxidation during exercise is behind the idea of the Fat Burning Zone (FBZ). The FBZ is the level of intensity that maximizes the use of fat to fuel the exercise. The FBZ seemed to be confirmed by research. For example, one study compared the fat and carbohydrate utilization of ten men, who cycled either at 33 VO2max or 66 VO2max on separate days. The study found that the lower i ntensity exercise burned more fat (42.4 g vs. 24 g) and less carbohydrate (142.5 g vs. 188.8 g) than the moderate intensity exercise. Furthermore, low- and high-tensity aerobic exercise, matched for energy expended during exercise, have similar effects on 24-h nutrient oxidation. We therefore conclude that low-intensity exercise does not promote greater...

Tip 5 Reduce saturated fats but not all fat

Reduce saturated fats where possible and replace with polyunsaturated fats (PUFS) such as Flax oil, deep water fish, Walnut oil, and mono unsaturated fats from olive oil and avocados. The fats from these sources are considered the good fats and need not be avoided but added to the diet. Research has shown that Omega-3 oils from flax and other sources improve health and assist fat loss. One to three table spoons a day of flax oil mixed in a protein drink, used as salad oil with viniger, or taken straight, will dramatically improve fat loss and long term health. The Omega-3 oil found in flax oil known as alpha- linolenic acid is an essential fatty acids (EFA's) and is required for optimal health and fatty acid metabolism.

F The enzymes responsible for the breakdown of protein are inhibited by unsaturated fats

Proteolytic enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of the peptide bonds which form protein molecules. Unsaturated fats have been shown to inhibit Proteolytic enzymes in the blood. If you cannot digest protein eating like a starving sumo wrestler alone after-hours at a well stocked sushi bar won't prevent malnourishment It is crucial for optimal digestion to avoid unsaturated fats Even more serious is the suggestion by studies that inhibition of the destruction of intracellular proteins shifts the bodies' sensitive balance towards the growth of cancerous cells. (122)

AThere Is No Link Between Saturated Fats And Heart Disease

As a matter of fact studies have shown the intake of saturated fats to be beneficial for your heart Saturated fatty acids raise HDL cholesterol, the so-called good cholesterol, whereas the Trans - fatty acids lower HDL cholesterol. (Mensink and Katan 1990, Judd et al 1994) The fat around the heart muscle is highly saturated which the heart will draw upon in times of stress. (229) The Inuit people who live in the Arctic regions are a great example of a culture which lives on saturated fats and proteins. The animals have less unsaturated fats in their meat and fat as in the Arctic there are no plant sources to graze. The result is a culture which has far less cases of obesity and heart disease than the United States with all its technology and Diet Gurus living on every street corner.

IApproved Saturated Fats

Animal fats are much safer than unsaturated fats are. I do not recommend them though because most of the animals are fed unsaturated fats to fatten them up for bigger profits. This means that the unsaturated fats are in the actual meat and fat of most animals and very hard to avoid. If you have a choice opt for grass fed beef instead of grain fed. As well animal source saturated fats may turn to fat on your waist as they are high in calories. If you are limiting your intake of starchy carbohydrates you may get away with eating higher quantities of animal fats with no consequence except for limiting your actual fat loss.

The Dangers of Trans Fats

Many Americans are still unaware that the most grossly harmful heart health trend of the last century was the gradual replacement of healthy natural fats and protein foods with foods such as margarine. They are constructed with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, which both contain fats never found in Nature. Called trans fats--meaning transformed from their natural state-they are manufactured by heating vegetable oils at a high temperature and bombarding them with hydrogen gas to form more stable oils. The process creates trans fats constructed of twisted, unnatural molecules that the body cannot process. The food industry sticks these hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils into virtually all baked goods and other junk food. The reasons are economic ones Unlike butter, olive oil or other natural fats, trans fats have a shelf life from now to Doomsday. Walter Willett, MD, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, was co-author of a...

An effective fat burning program must have four crucial components

Why would anyone resort to starvation diets when they can burn fat more efficiently through exercise Perhaps they believe that eating more food and working out at the same time will cancel each other out. Maybe they shy away from the hard work involved in exercise. There's also a trend these days towards avoiding too much aerobic exercise because of the notion that it will make you lose muscle. Quite to the contrary, aerobic exercise -combined with weight training - is the only method of fat loss that allows you to create a calorie deficit and burn fat without slowing down the metabolism.

The Top 5 Fat Burning Foods

Activating your metabolism can be challenging for some as there is a lot of information regarding diet and nutrition that can be misleading or false. With all of the diet fads advertised by companies claiming dial you will get the beach body of your dreams in 10 days, it is hard to know what to believe. Sometimes it is best to stick to the basics and cat natural foods that you can pick up at your local grocery store. Making things as simple as possible can be the easiest and most efficient solution to getting a lean body With thai being said. 1 will give you 5 fat burning foods to consider next time you are at the grocery store. This type of fish is great for burning fat as it is high in protein, and best of all, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Essential means that it cannot be produced naturatly in the body so in order to get it you must obtain these fats through your diet It also has a good ratio of saturated, polyunsaturated and mo noun saturated fats, which makes it well...

Thermogenic fat burners that contain ephedrine and caffeine are highly effective for permanent fat loss

Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Metabolife, Thermadrol, Diet Fuel, Stacker and Ripped Fuel. Ever heard of any of these If not, you must have been living in a cave somewhere for the past ten years because thermogenic fat burning pills made with the herbal stimulant ephedra have become the hottest weight loss craze in the history of the industry. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on these products every year and there's no end in sight to this fat burning pill feeding-frenzy. Even if Ephedra is banned for over the counter sale because of FDA pressure, it's likely that ephedra-free stimulant products will take their place in short order, even if they're weaker versions of the original products. The strength of the brand names seems to be carrying them forward. Thermogenic fat burners do work, but they don't work miracles and they're not a substitute for proper nutrition and training. Because the primary ingredients ephedrine and caffeine are strong central nervous system stimulants, they...

Body Fat Percentage and Six Pack

Now that we have talked a lot about the vital importance of losing enough body fat to see abdominal definition, you might be wondering what kind of body fat percentage you should be shooting for in order to see your abs. 6-Pack Abs Body Fat Percentages for Men and Women

The Fat Burning Zone

The fat burning zone formula is the following Fat burning zone 220-(Your Age) x (.75) The result of your formula will give you an approximate value of how fast your heart should be beating per minute. For example, a 20-year-old would need to reach a pulse in the neighborhood of 150 beats per minute in order to be in the fat burning zone. It is important to remember that this is not an absolute figure, this is an approximation. So as long as you are plus or minus 10 beats from the number that the formula provides you with, then you can rest assured that you will be burning fat. Another important point that needs to be raised is that in order for aerobic exercise to be an effective fat burner it needs to be performed at the appropriate times. There are only two times that aerobic exercise is effective in burning fat. The first time is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after drinking 16 to 24oz of water in order to prevent dehydration. When performed at this time you burn...

Saturated fats

This kind of fat is like Crisco, its bad for you. It solidifies at room temperature and can lead to a number of health problems. Saturated fats really have no role in our body. Foods that contain the most saturated fat include You are better off trying to avoid these foods. Unsaturated fats These fats are better for you than saturated fats and are usually still liquid at room temperature. Your body cannot manufacture these fats on its own but they still need to be incorporated into your diet. They are found in olive oil, fish oil, and cold-water fish. Two important unsaturated fats are polyunsaturatedfats & Monosaturated fats.

The fat burning myth

A very prevalent misconception about aerobic exercise is the so-called 'fat burning zone' which is supposed to optimize fat loss. It is true that a greater percentage of fat is used during low-intensity exercise (see chapter 18 for details). This suggests that low-intensity exercise is the best form of exercise to lose fat (6). However, due to the low total caloric expenditure, the total amount of fat used is small. As exercise intensity increases (up to about 75 of maximum heart rate), while the percentage of total calories derived from fat is smaller, the total amount of fat used is greater (34).

Trans Fats

I touched on trans fats in chapter 4, but they're so bad for you that I want to revisit them here. Used in thousands of common prepared foods, from frozen waffles to Oreo cookies, french fries to bran muffins, trans fats are simply vegetable oil infused with hydrogen. You may not have heard much about it, because until 2003, companies weren't required to list trans fats on their nutritional labels. Trans fats are difficult to digest, so they increase the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood and can dramatically boost your risk of heart disease, weaken your immune system, and even cause diabetes. Scientists have estimated that trans fats contribute to more than 30,000 premature deaths every year. In the 1950s, scientists first made the link between saturated fat, cholesterol, and heart disease. After the discovery, manufacturers scrambled to find a way to cut saturated fats. Their solution was a process called partial hydrogenation, in which vegetable oil is combined with hydrogen...

Unsaturated fats

An unsaturated fat is a fat cell that has some of the hydrogen atoms removed thus the name unsaturated. This makes the structure susceptible to attacks by free radicals. Unsaturated oils create an atmosphere which is a catalyst for the damage that free radicals have on our bodies. Otherwise the damage of free radicals is increased by the ingestion of unsaturated fats Some examples of unsaturated fats are Let's look at some general concerns with unsaturated fats

Hormones and the ketogenic diet

When carbohydrates are removed from the diet, insulin levels decrease and glucagon levels increase. This causes an increase in FFA release from fat cells, and increased FFA burning in the liver. The accelerated FFA burning in the liver is what ultimately leads to the production of ketone bodies and the metabolic state of ketosis. In addition to insulin and glucagon, a number of

Inherent Differences and Those Due to Management

As with the protein of muscle, the fat component (both quantity and quality) also varies with such factors as species, plane of nutrition, and sex. It is readily apparent from their consistency that the fat of ruminants (sheep and cattle) tends to be more saturated and thus harder than that of nonruminants (poultry and pigs), while that of most fish is so unsaturated that it is liquid at room temperature. The degree of unsaturation is of paramount importance in dictating the keeping quality of muscle foods (as well as the flavor), since unsaturated fats, especially polyunsaturated ones, are far more susceptible to oxidation, a process that can give rise to off-flavors and even potentially toxic compounds. However, in recent years, for nutritional reasons emphasis has been placed not just on the ratio of polyunsaturated (P) to saturated (S) fat (where P S ratios greater than 0.4 are deemed to be desirable) but also on the n-3 to n-6 levels, where n-6 to n-3 ratios of less than 4 are...

Macronutrient Basics Fats

For example, a fatty acid chain with no double bonds is said to be saturated and is known as a saturated fat. These are fats that are hard at room temperature. Although much maligned, saturated fats do have a place in the diet of athletes, as will be explained later in this chapter. Put a single double bond in the fat and it is a monounsaturated fat. It becomes a polyunsaturated fat, as you make more double bonds. Highly unsaturated fats such as those in fish oil actually remain liquid at very low temperatures. This is why cold water fish have high levels of these lipids (fats). Saturated fatty acid (caproic acid)

What This Book Can Do for

Changing a relationship with food is not like changing a relationship to drug addiction. I can't tell a person who is morbidly obese, You'll never be able to eat again for the rest of your life. That's impossible. But in this book I can teach you to transform food from an enemy into an ally by explaining how it works in the body. The food program in The Fat-Burning Bible is not only delicious but will never leave you hungry. and unhealthy body fat percentages. Most important, there are healthy and unhealthy ways for fat to be distributed in the body. A normal man carries his fat above the waist. A normal woman carries hers in the hips and buttocks area. When your fat crosses the line and your body begins to take on the fat pattern of the opposite gender, then you have developed a potentially dangerous configuration known as a reverse fat pattern. This book shows you how to identify that pattern and how to eat in a way that will help burn fat and normalize where you carry your fat...

Why Is The Glycemic Index Important

Insulin resistance increases the number of calories stored as fat and increases the amount of fat produced by the liver from carbohydrates. It gets worse it turns out that insulin plays a big role in whether we produce our own fat from carbohydrates. And if we are making even a little fat, we turn off our ability to burn fat because the body does not make new fat and burn already stored fat at the same time. And if we are making even a little fat, we turn off our ability to burn fat because the body does not make new fat and burn already stored fat at the same time.

Dont Excess Calories Cause Weight Gain

In contrast, if you were consuming 2,000 calories on a low-fat diet, you might not lose weight, and you might actually gain weight. The metabolic advantage is that burning fat takes more energy so you expend more calories. And if you eat fewer calories-as many Atkins people do because their appetite is usually diminished-you'll likely lose weight even faster. So it's not that calories don't count, it's just that you will burn more of them, with less hunger, when your body is operating on a fat-based metabolism.

Relationships between carbohydrates and fat

As long as muscle and liver glycogen stores are not completely filled, the body is able to store or burn off excess dietary carbohydrates. Of course this process occurs at the expense of limiting fat burning, meaning that any dietary fat which is ingested with a high carbohydrate intake is stored as fat. Under certain circumstances, excess dietary carbohydrate can go through DNL, and be stored in fat cells although the contribution to fat gain is thought to be minimal (14). Those circumstances occur when muscle and liver glycogen levels are filled and there is an excess of carbohydrate being consumed. This has led some authors to suggest an absolute minimization of dietary fat for weight loss (15,16). The premise is that, since incoming carbohydrate will block fat burning by the body, less fat must be eaten to avoid storage. The ketogenic diet approaches this problem from the opposite direction. By reducing carbohydrate intake to minimum levels,...

Where Do You Carry Your Weight

When I first started my Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan, I would have someone videotape a before of my clients as they made a 360-degree turn. Then, four, eight, and twelve weeks later we would make a video record of the afters and compare the results. You may wish to create some sort of visual record as well, since it really shows you how dramatically your body can change in a relatively short amount of time. Kim Cummins, my executive assistant whose incredible makeover appeared in a recent article of Let's Live magazine, literally cried when she saw herself on film because she hadn't realized how much weight she had really gained. I never realized how fat my face had become. It really shocked me.

Weight versus fat they are not the same thing

Let's say that we could magically determine the weight of only your fat cells. Of course, we know your total weight by throwing you on a scale. By dividing the total amount of fat into the total bodyweight, you can determine a bodyfat percentage which represents the percentage of your total weight is fat.

Macronutrients Fat Requirements

There are many different types of fats, such as monounsaturated, saturated, polyunsaturated, omega-3, omega-6, as well as many others. Within this group are even more lipids (fats) such as alpha-linolenic (ALA), linoleic (LA), EPA, DHA, GLA, CLA and so on. The idea that a fat is a fat, and all fats are bad for you and should be avoided is, of course, ridiculous advice and is based on outdated research and sheer ignorance of the topic. There is no doubt that certain fats such as saturated and trans fatty acids should be limited or avoided if peak performance, long-term health and or weight loss is the goal. The study found a statistically significant drop in serum testosterone levels (from 22.7 nmol l to 19.3 nmol l), free testosterone and other androgens. This study also found that a higher ratio of saturated fat to polyunsaturated fat was positively correlated with higher testosterone levels. As research has made clear, some saturated fat is needed for optimal testosterone...

The Six Facts You Must Know about Metabolism

To understand how my Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan works, you must first understand what is meant by the word metabolism. Metabolism is the sum total of all the chemical and physiological changes that take place within the body. This includes the transformation of food into energy, the growth and repair of muscle and bone tissue, and the creation of enzymes and hormones. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) accounts for about 70 percent of daily energy expenditure. The amount of energy required to digest and utilize food makes up 5 to 10 percent of daily energy output, and the energy expended in physical activity uses an additional 20 to 30 percent.

Understanding Your Metabolism

In his book Turn Up the Heat Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism, nutritionist and champion bodybuilder Philip Goglia points out that we are a consistently underfed society I have found that most of the people who come to me with weight and health problems are usually already ingesting far fewer calories than they should in order to efficiently fuel their bodies. Therefore, their metabolism, the body's calorie-burning furnace, is already running 25 percent to 60 percent below its ideal metabolic-efficiency level. In turn, the body is storing much of the limited amounts of food these individuals eat as fat and wasting muscle tissue as an adaptive mechanism to create an alternative energy source. A very low-carbohydrate diet (or fasting) can induce ketosis. This condition occurs when the body is unable to completely burn fat for energy. Ketones are by-products of the incompletely burned fat. If there is no glucose (carbohydrates) available, then the body (including the...

Step One Focus On Getting Huge

Being disciplined with eating is one of the hardest parts of any program. In order to succeed you must get excited about your eating and nearly obsessed with nutrition. Make a point to become an expert on nutrition. Read all the nutritional info in this manual and The Fat Burning Manual and you will be well on your way Don't believe everything you read or hear about nutrition either. There are more myths and lies than there are diet experts

Exercise on an Empty Stomach

Exercising on an empty stomach before you have eaten a meal, is a most effective way to accelerate the activation of an anabolic state while forcing the body to burn fat and inhibit fat gain. People who exercise first thing in the morning or at any other time on an empty stomach are putting themselves in a winning situation. To maximize the impact of exercising on an empty stomach, you should have a recovery meal following the workout that supplies all the right nutrients needed for the anabolic state.

The Philosophy Behind The Program

My routines include the most effective moves for burning fat and sculpting your body. Some of these moves are seriously challenging. None of them is a walk in the park. You will feel your heart pounding, your muscles stinging, and your fat cells burning. To sculpt the best body of your life in 14 days, you must push yourself to your limits and beyond. In the process of completing this program, you will constantly be redefining what your limits are. You have learned or will learn how to push those limits and, at the same time, incorporate my sound training philosophy. These are extreme workouts for ultimate results. this program. We're not trying to build huge muscles rather we're trying to sculpt, shape, and condition the muscle tissue you already have. Rather than tearing down muscle, you will stimulate your body into burning fat at a higher and more efficient rate. With the light resistance recommended in this program, your muscles should be able to recover from each session within...

The Advertisements Only Tell Part of the Story

You've seen the advertisements for supplements in the magazines. The ridiculous claims made in some of these advertisements. Things like Gain 5 lbs. in 8 days on super duper creatine, Scientifically proven to burn fat now, Gain 16 lbs. of muscle, and other claims made by the supplement companies to push their supplements on you. Of course if you dispute any of their claims, they can quickly show a scientific study that proves it does what is advertised.

Learn Why Exercising Increases Fat Loss

Fat is stored in cells in the form of triglycerides. You've heard that exercise increases the body's ability to burn fat, but probably you've never really understood why that happens or, for that matter, why you should even bother to exercise if you're already on a good food program. Shouldn't just eating correctly be enough In reality, appropriate exercise greatly enhances your body's ability to burn stored fat. Epinephrine is a fat-mobilizing hormone released by your sympathetic nervous system. Studies have shown that during exercise there is a significantly greater concentration of this hormone in your body. When epinephrine binds to specific receptors on fat cells, it stimulates hormone-sensitive lipase, also known as HSL, to break apart triglycerides within the cells and release them into the bloodstream where they can be used as energy. And that's precisely what you want to happen. You don't want that fat to just sit around in your body you want to get it mobilized. The core...

Evaluate Your Health and Fat Patterns

Usually being overfat is something that creeps up gradually with age. One of the last things my team and I always do when we evaluate people who enroll in my Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan is take front-, back-, and side-view before photographs so that they can really and truly see what they look like and compare these images with their after photos. For most, it is a great surprise to suddenly perceive an overweight person on the film because our inner image of ourselves is usually much thinner, leaner, and younger. I have had clients express shock or even burst into tears when they really looked at these pictures. It is truly as if they were seeing themselves for the first time.

A calorie is a calorie

Translated, not only is the mantra a calorie is a calorie proven to be false, but all fats are created equal, and a protein is protein are also incorrect. For example, we now know different fats (e.g. fish oils vs. saturated fats) have vastly different effects on metabolism and health in general we now know different carbohydrates have their own effects (e.g. high GI vs. low GI), and that different proteins can also have unique effects.

Dietary Fat The Body Fat Connection

The body fat storing mechanisms in the body rely on total calories to make new body fat and the inter-dynamic relationship between dietary fat and insulin produced from carbohydrates. While insulin has the potential to store carbs as glycogen or to shoot them off towards fat cells influencing the accumulation of body fat, and to release lipoprotein lipase which essentially blocks fat cells from breaking down, it's strongest influence in the accumulation of added body fat lies in its ability to stimulate the uptake of dietary fat by fat cells. In a nutshell, a high dietary fat intake in the presence of insulin virtually guarantees dietary fat will not only make it to fat cells, but quickly be packed away to make bigger fat cells. Just as insulin is the trigger that sets in motion the removal of glucose from the blood and into glycogen or fat, it's the main trigger that allows fat cells to open up and allow additional dietary fat to be packed away. The deadly combo simple sugars or a...

Bo Walker The Inches Melted Off and the Numbers Went Down

Let's take a look at a client of mine who completed the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan as part of a makeover I did for Let's Live magazine a forty-year-old radio personality named Bo Walker. When Bo first came into my program, he carried 250 pounds on his 5-foot 10-inch frame, had a body fat percentage of 34.5, a BMI of 35.85, a waist measurement of 48, and a waist-to-hip ratio of 1.0. As you can see, all of these figures put him into the very highest risk category. Bo still has a distance to go, but he looks and feels better than he has in years, which is a strong motivator for him to continue with the plan. Your body could also look great after only four weeks on the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan.

Learn How to Interpret Your Blood Work

Before you begin the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan, ask your doctor to draw your blood and do a full metabolic profile. If you decide to take advantage of your higher metabolic rate and fat-burning ability and continue beyond the basic four-week plan into Modules 2 and 3, you might wish to repeat this test at the twelve-week mark so that you can see how dramatically the nutritional and exercise programs have improved your cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels. You can plug the numbers from your lab work into the following profile

Basics of Weight Training

Rest at least 1 minute in between your lighter sets and at least 2 minutes between your heavy sets. Many people mistakenly believe that if they speed up their weight training workout by not stopping in between sets, they will increase the likelihood of fat-burning. What you are really doing is increasing the likelihood of never getting stronger or more muscular. When you do not rest between sets, your cellular energy levels have not been replenished enough to handle the weight that is about to come. If you are not as strong or stronger on your next set, you have in fact, negated any potential overload and have wasted your set. You must feel strong enough after one set before you try doing another. Think of a set as a certain high point. If you do not hit that same point, or better yet, go above that point on your next set, you have not gained anything for doing it. Do not try to burn fat when doing weight training. That is why cardio is done on a separate day. We need to start...

Fats in the Diet and Good Health

Saturated fats should be kept to a minimum as they can contribute to a raised TC and LDL cholesterol level. A high intake of polyunsaturated fat in proportion to total fat intake can help lower total cholesterol. Consuming more monounsaturates helps lower triglycerides, LDLs and total cholesterol, whilst keeping HDLs high. Monounsaturates are therefore the most favourable choice. Trans fats should be avoided as can raise LDLs and reduce HDLs. Omega-3 fish oils reduce the clotting of blood, to an optimal level, as in the aetiology of heart disease, it is not just build up of cholesterol, but also the readiness of the blood to clot in the narrow regions, which causes occlusion. Omega-3s may also have a beneficial effect on cholesterol subfractions (Yannios 1999). If your weight is fine, as a percentage of total fat intake, cut right down on saturated fat sources, eat moderate amount of polyunsaturates, include monounsaturates whenever possible, and eat oily fish at least three or four

AC Can you outline a very basic fat loss routine for our readers

CM My PhD work focused on the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity. I like to tell people I spent 10 years in school learning that to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. There's no way to get around the fact that weight loss requires a shift in energy intake and expenditure, so you're expending more calories than consuming. Obviously where those nutrients are coming from is important, as is the type of exercise you do. You can lose weight and look like a skinny, fat person or you can lose weight and actually preserve some muscle mass to help burn additional calories. It's crucial to learn about optimizing your nutrient intake first if you're reducing your calories, you need to make sure the calories you're eating are providing a ton of nutrients a lot of bang for your buck so to speak. Focus on whole grains (or as I like to say think fiber, not carbs), lean proteins, the omega 3's and other healthy fats, and of course fruits and veggies. It's important to...

The Metabolic Advantage

Basically, a diet high in fat activates the lipolytic (fat burning) enzymes in your body and decreases the activity of the lipogenic (fat producing) enzymes. Dietary free fatty acids and triglycerides become the body's main energy source. The triglycerides are broken down to free fatty acids and then ketones, a source that can be used for energy by body cells. The free fatty acids take the place of glucose, and the triglycerides act like glycogen. When carbs are the main form of energy to the body, the body produces insulin to process it and store it. This is all well and good but, as we discussed above, one of the problems with insulin is that it activates the lipogenic (fat producing) enzymes on the body and decreases the activity of the lipolytic (fat burning) enzymes. What this leads to is an increased storing of body fat and a decrease in the amount of stored fat that will be burned. The exact opposite occurs on the high fat diet. After undergoing the metabolic shift from being a...

Myth The longer you exercise the better Fact Too much exercise prevents results

The workouts I recommend are brief, intense, and highly effective. They stimulate the muscles and burn fat. And they take less than four hours a week. That's it. That's all you need. And despite what so many people believe, working out more is not better. It's really not.

Carrie Amazing Changes in Her Lipid Profile

Carrie was in for some unpleasant surprises. While no one would have considered a 5-foot 8-inch-tall woman to be obese at 158 pounds, Carrie discovered that she had a body fat percentage of 34.5, which put her into a high-risk classification. She thought she knew a lot about good nutrition, but when we evaluated what she was eating, we saw that she was trying to eat mostly vegetarian meals and not doing a very good job of balancing out the three food groups. Her diet consisted mainly of salads mixed with small amounts of tuna, cheese, breads, too many desserts, and pasta, with an occasional chicken breast or omelet thrown in for good measure. When I explained to her why she should be eating 30 percent acceptable fats, 40 percent low-glycemic carbohydrates, and 30 percent lean protein, it was a revelation. She had been suffering from frequent colds and flu and didn't realize how she was compromising her immune system by eating only small amounts of protein. As soon as Carrie began to...

Reported Characteristics

Primobolan tablets are a moderately anabolic and low androgenic oral steroid that was reported as limited in use by most bodybuilders. This was likely simply because alone and when it was administered in listed dosages the drug was not very effective. However, gains were made in muscle mass and strength were consistently reported to be of a very high quality and were mostly retained post-cycle. Acetates are said to aid in fat burning, so this drug was mostly used in a stack pre-contest. Some have recalled the injectable form of Primobolan acetate with great fondness for its supposed fat burning lean mass building qualities. The vials contained only 20-mg of METHENOLONE ACETATE (MA) yet it was reported far more effective than 150-mg of the oral. A commonly reported method to obtain greater blood circulatory levels of the oral form was to mix 20-25-mg of the ground tables with either DMSO gel or a 50 50 solution of DMSO and water. Users then simply applied the mixture to their skin...

This Is Why You Cant Lose Weight

I know I've produced a really heart-sinking analysis of how and why fat accumulates on your body. So, what do you do now You adjust the insulin spigot. And so far as weight loss goes, the answer lies in two entwined concepts burning fat and controlling carbohydrates, which we will explore in the upcoming chapters.

Diet Exercise Assistant

The database includes 8,000 foods and tracks calories, carbs, protein, fiber, fat, and saturated fat. Finding foods in the Food Log is not easy. Because everything is categorized according to a group (fats, sweets, and so on), I had a hard time finding foods such as pizza, and there is no search function in the program to help you find them. Plus, for fruits, instead of listing one large, small, or medium-sized piece of fruit (nectarine, for instance), the program only shows cups, ounces, and other measurements that are difficult to gauge when you're eating a piece of fruit.

Your body hates you

First it means that your body needs a nice space-efficient way to store scads of energy. That's to get you through the times when there isn't food available (as it frequently wasn't prior to the advent of 7-11). That energy store exists, it's called bodyfat, and your body thinks it's great. Fat is space efficient, easy to store, doesn't take much energy to sustain, and can hold an unlimited number of calories. If your fat cells get full, your body can even make new ones to store more incoming calories. The new fat cells are a lot harder to get rid of then they were to gain, by the way, which is a very good reason not to get too fat in the first place. Bodyfat is truly an ideal way to store energy. If you look at pro bodybuilders in their early stages, they are still typically leaner and bigger than the normal individual. From a physiological standpoint, they probably have higher than average testosterone levels and don't overproduce cortisol. Thyroid levels are probably optimal or...

Get lifting Do at least three intense weighttraining sessions a week

Do not try to combine your weight-training sessions with fat-burning sessions. You can lift weights for an hour and you will only burn a minimal amount of calories. However, think of each weight-training session as an investment in future fat-burning efforts. Muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat. The body expends more calories to maintain lean muscle tissue than it does fat. So the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, even at rest So give weight-training the importance it needs. At least three intense weight-training sessions a week is a good number to shoot for. It' s not how many days Start to associate burning the body fat with cardio, building the muscle with weight training. The whole toning myth of lifting lighter weight for high reps is ridiculous. The only way to tone, and think this through and see if it makes sense, is to increase your lean muscle mass (keep progressively overloading muscle w heavier weight) and to decrease your body fat...

How To Choose A Multivitamin

Take control of your trans fat intake. Check the ingredient labels on all the packaged foods you buy, and if you see partially hy-drogenated oil on the label, consider finding an alternative. Even foods that seem bad for you can have healthy versions McCains shoestring french fries, Ruffles Natural reduced-fat chips, Wheat-ables reduced-fat crackers, and Dove dark chocolate bars are just a few of the bad for you snacks that are actually free of trans fats. And remember the higher up on the ingredients list partially hydrogenated oil is, the worse the food is for you. You might not be able to avoid trans fats entirely, but you can choose foods with a minimal amount of the stuff. The other way to avoid trans fats is to avoid ordering fried foods. Because trans fats spoil less easily than natural fats and are easier to ship and store, almost all fried commercial foods are now fried in trans fats rather than natural oils. Fish and chips, tortillas, fried chicken all of it is packed with...

Metabolism of fatty acids

Excess energy is stored in the body in the adipocytes (fat cells) in the form of triacylglycerol. When energy is required under stress, such as during severe muscular exertion or during emergency situations, the hormones adrenaline and glucagon stimulate triacylglycerol mobilization by activating an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase. Figure 2.2 shows how hormone-sensitive lipase releases fatty acids into the blood, where they bind to a protein called albumin. Albumin transports these fatty acids to the muscles, where they undergo beta-oxidation to form thirty-five ATP molecules. Moreover, glycerol, an intermediate step in this process, can also be shunted to the liver and converted to glucose, which then can undergo further oxidation through a process that will yield an astounding ninety-six molecules of ATP. This is another aspect of metabolism that is developed only by high-intensity training, and it is also critical to both our survival and our functional ability. This should...

And then there are drugs

Still not convinced A single example should help to make my point. In natural (read non drug using) individuals who have dieted down to extremely low bodyfat levels, say 5 , you see a common hormonal pattern. Testosterone levels are typically bottomed out (some studies even find castrate levels, which is why a lot of natural contest bodybuilders can't get their dick hard, not that they have a sex drive in the first place), thyroid levels are bottomed out, IGF-1 levels are bottomed out, sympathetic nervous system output is way down meaning decreased caloric and fat burning, appetite is through the roof, cortisol is through the roof, on and on it goes. This makes good evolutionary sense at 5 bodyfat, you are starving to death. Your body is turning off every system (metabolic, reproductive, immune, etc.) that it can to keep you alive until you get some food.

You are what you eat so eat well Five to six small meals consisting of highprotein moderate carbs and low fat

Other than cardio, nutrition is the only other way you can directly manipulate calorie intake and expenditure. Your eating habits will make or break your fat-burning results. You can do all the cardio in the world, but if you have poor eating habits, you will not get good results. You need to be eating every three hours or so to keep your metabolism operating efficiently. Constantly grazing on food will keep your body burning the fuel it is consuming. If you eat two or three large meals a day, you slow down your metabolism. Also, by only eating once in a while, your body will start storing fat as a defense mechanism. Your body needs food (fuel) to survive. If your body is unsure of when its next meal will be, it will

Why Does Lipolysis Work

Most obese people become so adept at releasing insulin that their blood is never really free of it and they're never able to use up their fat stores. By primarily burning fat instead of carbohydrates, lipolysis breaks the cycle of excess insulin and resultant stored fat. So by following a fat-containing, controlled carbohydrate regimen, you bypass the process of converting large amounts of carbohydrate into glucose. When your carbohydrate intake drops low enough to induce fat burning, abnormal insulin levels return to normal-perhaps for the first time in years or decades.'-'

Defining fatty acids and their relationship to dietary fat

1 A saturated fat, such as butter, has mostly saturated fatty acids. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature and get harder when chilled. So why is margarine, which is made from unsaturated fats such as corn and soybean oil, a solid Because it's been artificially saturated by food chemists who add hydrogen atoms to some of its unsaturated fatty acids. This process, known as hydrogenation, turns an oil, such as corn oil, into a solid fat that can be used in products such as margarines without leaking out all over the table. A fatty acid with extra hydrogen atoms is called a hydro-genated fatty acid. Another name for hydrogenated fatty acid is trans fatty acid. Trans fatty acids are not healthy for your heart. Because of those darned extra hydrogen atoms, they are, well, more saturated, and they act like what else saturated fats, clogging arteries and raising the levels of cholesterol in your blood. To make it easier for you to control your trans fat intake, the Food and Drug...

Seafood With The Highest Omega3 Content

All data are for 3-ounce servings (except for sardines, which is for 3 ounces). Aim for a total of 2.5 grams (g) of omega-3's per day. All data are for 3-ounce servings (except for sardines, which is for 3 ounces). Aim for a total of 2.5 grams (g) of omega-3's per day. OMEGA-3 CONTENT

Why Crunches and Sit Ups do NOT Get You Six Pack

Here's something to think about we're always focusing on the abs but you ever noticed that the people who have the best abs also have a great body everywhere else This is by design - not by coincidence. The idea that doing lots of crunches is going to get you six pack abs is a myth that is known as spot reduction. Fat burning is not a local phenomenon. When you do bicep curls your biceps do not pull fat from your arm for energy, so why would crunches reduce the fat around your waistline More on that soon. Getting six pack abs is simply a matter of having a low body fat percentage. Lowering your body fat comes from creating a caloric deficit that forces your body to use stored fat as energy.

Step 1 Exercise on a Regular Basis

First, hypothyroidism develops when several of the body's hormones are out of balance, especially estrogen, which inhibits the ability to convert T4 to T3. I have seen literally hundreds of men and women with thyroid problems improve dramatically when they began following my Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan because research shows that appropriate exercise helps to balance out the body hormonally. Douglas Daniels is an excellent example. He came into the program with undiagnosed hypothyroidism but began to experience significant results and a much better quality of life after two weeks of exercise, at which point he started taking thyroid medication.

Set Protein Guidelines

Protein needs are correlated with lean body mass. The more muscle one carries, the more protein is needed. Bodybuilders, the leanest athletes on the face of the earth, usually consume at least one gram of protein for each pound of lean body weight. While such numbers fly in the face of the RDA, the RDA's really don't apply because they're not set to facilitate the stripping away of body fat. Recall, protein has a dragging effect on insulin which favors lower insulin levels. This not only effects fat burning in a positive light, but lower insulin also translates into appetite control because spiking insulin is a potent appetite stimulant.

True Aerobic Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to achieve the benefits of strength training and cardiovascular training in one quick, challenging routine. By returning to the aerobic rowing exercise between each set you are increasing your aerobic capacity, endurance and burning fat as energy. The idea is to move quickly from exercise to exercise, taking only as much rest between sets as it takes to set up the next exercise (less than 20 seconds). One circuit equals one set of each exercise. Initially, start with completing one round of Circuit 1. Then add an additional round of the same circuit. Once you reach three rounds of Circuit 1, add one round of Circuit 2. Add additional rounds of Circuit 2 as your fitness level increases. Repeat process with Circuit 3. Do not let your heart rate exceed 220 minus your resting heart rate. Perform each rep of each exercise slowly and with perfect technique. Count three seconds up and three seconds down.

The Lifestyle Deficits of Borderline Hypothyroidism

Mary for an evaluation, he felt that she should start on Armour Thyroid. By then Allie had been in the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan for two weeks and was already starting to feel significantly better. Now she's been on her thyroid medication for several months and she says, It has made me feel like a different person.

HIT vs Traditional Cardio

For example, a male bodybuilder that performs 3 sessions a week may do 20 minutes of aerobics on weeks 1& 2, 25 minutes on weeks 3 & 4, and finally 30 minutes on weeks 5 & 6. A female bodybuilder can use the same pattern as well (e.g. 4 sessions performed for 20 minutes on weeks 1& 2, 30 minutes on weeks 3 & 4, and finally 40 minutes on weeks 5 & 6). This form of cycling will not only keep the workouts interesting but it will also prevent the body from permanently adjusting to a given length of the activity. Remember, that as soon as the body adapts, it will be tougher to reach the fat burning zone and therefore it will be harder to use aerobic exercise as weapon against fat.

Insulin The Twofaced Hormone

The hormone insulin is like your pack-rat grandmother It likes to store stuff. The only problem is that it's also as schizophrenic as old Uncle Judd. Sometimes it makes your muscles grow sometimes it makes your fat cells grow. The higher a food's GL, the more it will cause your blood sugar to spike, and the less control you'll have over your energy levels and your appetite. But considering the GL is only one aspect of creating a balanced diet. It's better to have a high-GL diet than one full of saturated fat, says Jennie Brand-Miller, Ph.D., professor of human nutrition at the University of Sydney and author of the International Table of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. Aiming for the lowest GL possible is not a good move because that means you'll be eating too little carbohydrate and too much fat probably saturated fat. Instead, to maintain you're body's best glycemic response, center your meals around foods with GLs of 19 or less and shoot for a GL of less than 120 for the whole...

CGMPEnhancing Thyroid Actions

The thyroid hormone has a steroidlike activity. It plays a critical role in regulating energy production, body heat, steroid activity, and fat burning. cGMP maximizes thyroid hormone utilization. To be fully effective, the thyroid hormone must be converted from T4 into its most active form, T3. This conversion from T4 to T3 is catalyzed by a high level of cellular ATP that signals the body that plenty of energy is available. cGMP's signal of high cellular energy boosts thyroid actions and helps protect the body from a metabolic decline.

Maximizing Fat Loss With Diet

After having established projections for calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat, the next step is to alter your nutrition plan as much as possible to allow for maximal fat loss without depriving the body of fuel. While it's quite common to mistakenly cut calories to a really low level to accentuate fat loss, the technique almost always backfires leaving you face to face with an ugly plateau or roadblock. Fat loss seems impossible. Reducing calories too quickly or too dramatically will cause a decrease in muscle mass which slows the basal metabolism. Furthermore, the fat cells have two distinct roles 1) With a caloric excess, the job of fat cells is to store extra fuel as body fat. 2) With severe or sudden drops in caloric intake, the job of fat cells is to hoard and hold onto fatty acids As you can see, radically decreasing calories not only can burn off valuable metabolic boosting muscle mass, but it can set in motion a defense state where stubborn fat cells fight and resist giving...

Hormonesensitive lipase

There is an assumption that low-intensity exercise is necessary for fat burning and also that it burns more fat than high-intensity exercise. The reality is that no exercise, per se, burns a lot of bodyfat. The average person weighing 150 pounds burns roughly 100 calories per mile whether the person walks or runs that mile. Since there are 3,500 calories in a pound of bodyfat, it would be necessary to run or jog for thirty-five miles to burn 1 pound of bodyfat. While both low- and high-intensity physical activity burn calories, high-intensity exercise does something that is highly important in the fat-burning process that its lower-intensity counterpart does not it activates hormone-sensitive lipase.

The basics Energy and building blocks

The third category, and the one I'll spend the most time on in this chapter, is as an energy (fuel) source. Even as you sit reading this and growing bored, your body is using energy at some rate. So your brain, your heart and other organs, skeletal muscle, liver and even your fat cells are using energy, although the rates at which each uses energy varies from high (brain, liver) to extremely low (fat cells)

Decrease weights add reps andor decrease rest periods between sets

Now you're going for a different type of adaptation. You're working faster, sweating more, and creating a metabolic disruption that will cause some fat to melt off. (My colleague, Craig Ballantyne, *, has a fat-burning program he calls Turbulence Training, for this reason.) You're also, most likely, generating a considerable growth-hormone response to your program, and that's going to help your body use even more fat for energy.

Our Metabolic Systems Work the Same

Be to ingest an abundance of fat, right WRONG Simply stated, what you have to do is see to it that your body gets the percentage of fat that it needs, not the percentage that your mind desires Moreover, you have to follow a similar approach when it comes to your intake of carbohydrates and proteins. After all, too much of any nutrient will be converted to fat, a process that will simply prolong the entire fat-burning, metabolic-boosting process.

The Promise of the Positive

Each person has a Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL), and if you stay below that highly individual number you will lose weight. However, if you exceed that level-even with all healthy foods-your body will not switch to burning fat as the primary source of fuel. We need a way to focus on health-promoting vitanutrients that also provide blood-sugar stability and weight loss.

The Upper Body Exercises

With the following exercises, you'll build functional strength, burn fat, and re-sculpt your upper body. You'll also correct the imbalances that put the pain in your lower back and the slope in your shoulders, realigning your body so you can rehabilitate injuries, avoid future ones, and develop more body-shaping muscle all over. The circuit-training routine in Chapter 7 shows you how to integrate these exercises into your workout, so read the instructions here carefully.

What is it supposed to do

Mitochondria are often referred to as the power house of cells where energy is produced. The actual process of how carnitine shuttles fatty acids to the mitochondria is fairly complex and detailed. Suffice it to say, it involves several enzymes and steps before the fats you want to burn end up being utilized by the mitochondria. So, the carnitine shuttle system is essential for the body to be able to burn fats as energy and this is why companies sell carnitine as a fat burner.

Chronic Activation of cGMP

Chronic activation of cGMP, caused by eating too many meals or by ingesting frequent carbs during the day, chronically inhibits cAMP and counteracts its biological benefits. Under cGMP regulatory actions, enzymes that catalyze glycogen and fat-storage breakdown are inactivated through diphosphorylation reactions. Thus, cGMP inhibits fat burning while generally enhancing fat deposits.

Section 1 Fat loss versus Weight loss

BIA estimates bodyfat by running a small electrical current through the body based on the fact that muscle, fat and water conduct electricity at different rates. With several other variables (height, age, weight), the BIA machine will estimate body fat percentage. BIA can be severely affected by hydration state. Due to changes in hydration during ketogenic diets (especially cyclical ketogenic diets), BIA is not recommended.

Is There Anything I Can Do If My HGH Levels Are

For most of us, especially those with a significant HGH deficiency, we are really talking about a quality-of-life issue. The real issues are slowing the drop in HGH as you age and increasing levels if they are already low. The prescription is the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Plan.

Identification of Fatty Acids

The identification of the fatty acid profile and its quantification are performed preferably by GC. The availability of long capillary columns makes it possible to identify also minor fatty acids. This is important especially for ruminant products. Ruminant products are characterized by fatty acids derived from microorganisms present in the rumen (e.g., odd- and branched-chain fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids CLA , trans fatty acids), whereas monogastric products have a much simpler fatty acid profile (mainly linear even fatty acids). Rule et al.38 observed the resolution of 96 peaks in ruminant muscle when a 100 m column was used. In most literature, only 30 fatty acids are reported, accounting for at least 85 of the total fatty acids present. More and more interest is given to the minor fatty acids due to their potential biological importance. It is obvious that if all fatty acids are subject of the study, no single GC separation will suffice, even when very long columns are...

Would recommend a good strong cup of coffee 20 minutes or so before training as a practical natural way to make ftf f i

I have used it quite extensively and know for an absolute fact that the stack works far better on the anabolic diet than on a regular carb-based diet. First we know from the reference above, that carbs can negate the effect of caffeine, but on the anabolic diet we have an inherent need for free fatty acids for energy, and caffeine will increase these levels in the blood and thus will improve both workload capacity, fat burning capabilities, and spare muscle, but only on the anabolic diet will the effects of the caffeine in the stack be realized to its full potential. This is not to say that if you are on a carb-based diet and use the stack that it won't work, because it will. What I am saying is that to get the most bang for your buck you have got to be on the anabolic diet -- period. heart condition, high blood pressure, etc. this is not going to be something to play around with so don't On the other hand, it works VERY WELL, and if you can take it, and want an overall more intense...

What does the research have to say

Research has shown Omega-3 fatty acids added to the diets of animals such as rats, mice, and pigs, results in fat loss. Many in vitro (test tube) studies also have been very clear as to the effects of flax oil (and other oils high in Omega-3 fatty acids) on fat loss and other health related issues. There have been human studies, that suggest flax oil can help with weight loss but there are no smoking gun type studies to convince the hard core skeptic. I wish I could show people the huge pile of research I have gathered over the years that demonstrate just how interesting and effective flax oil-and other oils high in Omega-3 fatty acids-can be for weight loss, health, and over all well being. Not all the research agrees (and it never does) but the vast majority of studies strongly suggest the Omega-3 fatty acids from Flax seed oil, fish oil, etc., are very effective for weight loss. In my experience flax oil is quite effective for fat loss and providing other health benefits. In my...

What about starvation

So let's say you stop eating anything and look at what happens (a much more detailed examination of this and many other topics can be found in my first book The Ketogenic Diet). Over the first few hours of starvation, blood glucose and insulin levels both drop. This signals the body to break down glycogen (stored carbohydrate) in the liver to release it into the bloodstream. As well, the body starts mobilizing fat from fat cells to use for fuel. After 12-18 hours or so (faster if you exercise), liver glycogen is emptied. At this point blood glucose will drop to low-normal levels and stay there. Blood fatty acids have increased significantly.

The Combustion Engine Principle

Any action you perform chronically may turn off your biological engine. Chronic activation of one cellular factor chronically deactivates its opposing factor. As noted, most current diets chronically deactivate cAMP while chronically inducing cGMP. That is why undereating, with its cAMP-related activation, is so critical for initially charging your metabolism. cAMP stimulates growth and induces maximum fat burning.

Your New Food Cycling Program

It is this cycling of nutrients and calories that will enable your metabolism to attain its peak fat-burning level. While on this program, drink a minimum of twelve glasses of pure water each day. (I realize that this goes slightly against what I said earlier about consuming one glass for every 20 pounds of body weight, but for the time being, consuming the amount of water I'm suggesting here will help your body to shed fat faster.)

Three Overlooked Ways to Lose Fat With Added Muscle

Adding muscle to your frame changes the metabolism of sugar which impacts body fat levels. Recall, there are receptors for insulin on both muscle and fat cells and these receptors act in a see-saw fashion. If the receptors on muscle tissue are more sensitive, they tend to dominate over those located on fat cells. Adding muscle makes muscle cells more insulin sensitive which translates into a decrease in insulin output by the pancreas. When insulin levels are on the lower side, as opposed to chronically elevated, the body is more apt to burn fat as fuel and to store glucose from carbohydrate foods as muscle glycogen. When glucose is being deposited as muscle glycogen, it is less likely to effect fat storage.

Why is it so hard Part 2 Partitioning

At a very fundamental level, the problem natural bodybuilders and athletes have is one of partitioning. At its simplest, partitioning refers to where the calories go (into muscle or fat cells) when you eat more of them or come from (from muscle or fat cells) when you eat less of them. In an ideal universe, every calorie you ate would go to muscle tissue, with none going into fat cells you'd gain 100 muscle and no fat. In that same ideal universe, every calorie used during dieting would come from fat stores you'd lose 100 fat and no muscle. Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal universe. As I mentioned early in this book, some hapless individuals will lose as much as one pound of muscle for every 2-3 pounds of fat that they lose when they diet. Typically, those same individuals will put on about the same amount of fat and muscle when they gain weight. Thus is the balance of the universe maintained. More genetically advantaged individuals tend to put more calories into muscle...

Section 4 Fat and the SKD

Fats are an organic compound, more accurately referred to as a triglyceride (TG), which is composed of a glycerol molecule with three free fatty acid (FFA) chains attached. Depending on the type of FFA chains, fats will vary in their types and effects on the human body. Generally, TG is subdivided into unsaturated fats, which occur in vegetable oils, and saturated fats, which occur in animal fats such as butter fat. A third type of TG, called a partially hydrogenated or trans-fat, is a man-made fat produced by bubbling hydrogen through vegetable oil to make a semi-solid fat, such as margarine. Regardless of type, all TG is digested the same way ultimately being broken down into glycerol and FFA. Depending on a variety of factors, the FFA can be burned for energy by the muscles or heart, resynthesized back to TG in fat cells, or converted to ketones in the liver. The glycerol portion of TG can be converted to glucose as discussed in chapter 5. Unsaturated fats Typically speaking,...

Leptin the short course

Leptin is a protein released primarily from fat cells although other tissues such as muscle also contribute slightly. Leptin levels primarily correlate with bodyfat percentage, the more fat you have the more leptin you tend to have (note different depots of fat, visceral versus subcutaneous, show different relationships with leptin). At any given bodyfat percentage, women typically produce 2-3 times as much leptin as men. In addition to being related to the amount of bodyfat you have, leptin levels are also related to how much you're eating. For example, in response to dieting, leptin levels may drop by 50 within a week (or less) although you obviously haven't lost 50 of your bodyfat. After that initial rapid drop, there is a slower decrease in leptin related to the loss of bodyfat that is occurring. In response to overfeeding, leptin tends to rebound equally quickly (much faster than you're gaining bodyfat). In contrast to what you might think, it looks like leptin production by fat...

Sleeping Less and Increasing the Quality of Your Sleep

I have a 6 pack myself, but is it because I trained hard for 2 years to get it No, actually it took me only about 7 weeks. I learned that the only way for your abs to become visible is to decrease your body fat percentage below a certain point, about 7 for men and 12 for women. This is only achieved by following a specific diet and working out ALL the muscles of your body, not just one. This way you're working out every single muscle, and your body fat decreases all over your body, instead of following the spot reducing method, where you work out only one part of your body and expect the muscles to become visible through all your fat. This is the only way to get a 6 pack of abs.

Aerobic Exercise The Basis

Strengthens your heart, increases your ability to use oxygen, releases stress, and burns fat and calories. The more often you exercise aerobically, the more benefit to your body (within reason, of course pushing yourself too much can result in overtraining, a phenomenon discussed later in this book).

Bottomline Bodybuilding

Every bodybuilder should make sure to get his or her protein also from a variety of sources -- meat, eggs, fish, turkey and chicken prepared in every conceivable manner. You may still need to boost the daily ratio with some supplemental sources. Get both simple and complex carbs of all kinds, be it grains or fruit or potatoes. And both saturated and non-saturated fat have their benefits. I also recommend supplemental Omega 3's since it's difficult to obtain them solely from food sources. In The Bodybuilding Truth, I explained how genetics and metabolism will have the last word when it comes to how well the body will process nitrogen in order to build muscle and how well it will burn fat. What wasn't addressed in depth is that when it comes to metabolism, the dictating factor comes down to one thing the thyroid. The more efficiently that baby works, the more fat your body will be able to burn.

Shouldnt I be avoiding all fats

Saturated fat and unsaturated fats. You hear a lot about essential fatty acids, which come from the unsaturated fats. The main rule you want to stick by is to keep the saturated fats low. You want to get more of the good fats from sources like fish, nuts and some oils. Eliminating all fats is actually unhealthy. A zero fat diet is not recommended. One health nutritional professional once said that clients who came to him boasting that they only ate 10-15 g of fat per day. But they were in the office because they were not losing any weight. A diet void of all fats is not good. You should not avoid all fats. You should avoid trans-fats as much as possible. And you should moderate saturated fats (a nice steak is okay every so often). But avoid them entirely No.

Timing and running sensibly

If you have the constraints of full-time employment (as most people still have) or shift-work, you can only run when you can spare the time. However it makes very little difference at what time you run. It is a fallacy that running early in the morning will burn fat faster due to the lack of carbohydrate tests have proved this to be false1. Try to eat a bowl of cereal before running it is usually easy to digest for most people and will give you enough energy for your 20-30 minute run . Running in the early evening before your meal makes sound sense.Your limbs are nicely warmed up by this time of day unlike your early-bird counterpart, who may still feel a little stiff after rising. Evening running in summer also means avoidingthe midday sun and becoming overheated.

Strategy 2 Exercise to Reduce Stress

People who live with high levels of stress will be amazed at how effectively exercise combats stress. Stress is a killer because it undermines almost every system in the body, from the cardiovascular system to the immune system. Since I work with so many professionals whose jobs come with an unavoidable stress component, I am always gratified to see how greatly my Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Exercise Plan improves their ability to handle stress. The two forms of exercise offered in the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Exercise Plan are specifically designed to deal with stress. If you must navigate a series of several stressful events daily, then the steady-state exercises on days 1,3, and 5 will help to create greater emotional homeostasis so that you can cope better. If you are experiencing continuous stress, such as having to be the caregiver for someone in the family who is seriously ill, the core and interval exercises on days 2,4, and 6 will enable you to achieve greater...

Sample calculations for Monday and Tuesday workouts

To see how much weight training is necessary to achieve the above goals, let us look at a lifter who has just completed a carb-loading phase of 36 hours, achieving 150 mmol kg of glycogen in all major muscle groups. In the first 2 workouts, this individual needs to lower glycogen to approximately 70 mmol kg to maximize fat burning.

Oxygen Your Old Friend

Did you know that oxygen burns fat No Well now you do. We all assume that it's the exercise alone that causes us to burn fat. What happens when we exercise We breathe heavier and deeper. This in turn delivers more than our usual amount of oxygen throughout our body's cells. This seems to be one of the world's best kept secrets. Yet it isn't. Numerous books have been written about the benefit of deep breathing. The less oxygen you provide for your body, the more fat you'll end up storing inside of it. The more oxygen you provide, the more energy you'll release. It's the release of this energy that burns fat. Have you ever felt tired No energy That's because your body isn't releasing as much energy as you need.

A certain area by spot reducing

You need to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Certain people and genders keep fat stored in areas. For example, the majority of males store most of their body fat in the abdominal region. There are no methods of reducing the fat there. You must reduce overall body fat in order to reduce the fat in certain areas. However, in the last few years there have been gels that claim to burn fat. We already know this hype. But an interesting company called Avant Labs has developed a line of products that are not your typical fat burning creams. They are gels, that when applied to certain areas, help to stimulate the release of fat in conjunction with a calorie restrictive diet. What this means is that the gel isn't some fat burning miracle cream. But more of a troubled area aid in stimulating the release of fat. While you work on your diet and exercise to lower your overall body fat, these particular products help to stimulate the loss of fat in particular areas.

Whats The First Thing You Must Do Before Starting Any Bodybuilding Nutrition Program

It's very easy to find out how much lean muscle you have on your body. You just need to get a skin caliper, which measures your body fat percentage. Once you have your lean muscle mass and body fat percentage you can go to the next step which is to find out how many calories you will need to eat on a daily basis in order to maximize muscle mass.

When Fat around the Middle Is a Health Risk

Having excess fat around your waistline can be hazardous to your health. Why Abdominal fat cells are quite adept at accommodating fat if you eat more calories than you burn off. As more fat is stored in your belly, your waist widens inch by inch. Most of this fat is packed away in the deep fat layers of your abdomen. Unlike a lot of fat tissue, deep abdominal fat is metabolically active, meaning that it easily disperses fatty acids into the bloodstream. These fatty acids head directly to the liver and into your circulation. With a glut of fat.

Five Key Reasons for Following This Nutritional Plan

The Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Nutritional Plan meets all of the criteria above, plus it is designed to support and work in tandem with the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Exercise Plan to help you lose the maximum amount of fat. The duration and intensity of each exercise module in chapter 13 has been carefully planned to work in synergy with the balanced energy (caloric) deficit of my meal plans. The timing of when you eat and when you exercise is also very important. Exercising before a meal increases metabolism, elevating your fat-burning capacity even hours after the exercise is over. This is known as the thermic effect of food. For example, a recent article in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows how resistive exercise enhances the body's ability to metabolize foods, especially carbohydrates. Cardiovascular exercise, when done at the proper intensity for the proper amount of time, has the same effect. See chapter 12 for a thorough...

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